Which MBTI type was Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler was one of the most infamous people of the 20th century, and his name still carries out today as being somebody both hated and feared. Hitler had a major influence in creating World War 2, and it his name that is mentioned when we are talking about an evil dictator. But what is his MBTI type? Let’s find out.

Hitler was almost certainly an introverted intuitive dominant user. Hitler had a vision: and he set to achieve it. Like all powerful leaders, Hitler had a vision of becoming leader of his country and in his case he wanted not only power; but he wanted to create an exclusive race of Nazi’s that didn’t include Jews. He achieved this, but only very temporarily, showing his judging personality. A clear example of his introversion is the amount of time he takes between speaking. If you watch one of Hitler’s speeches, you notice that he has breaks that can last several minutes before he says something. Not only does this make his words more powerful, but it displays his introverted intuition is in effect. Hitler is using his introverted intuition to vision the future of Germany, and present his vision in front of others. Hitler is also a judging type- as evident by his future orientated, and judging personality (although this may be unclear as Hitler spent a lot of his time drunk.)


Finally, thinking and feeling has to be analyzed. This was extremely hard in the case of Adolf Hitler, and it is highly debated amongst professionals. Many believe Hitler is a thinking type, as he does not show any emotions towards others and is a thick skin leader. However, more signs indicate that Hitler’s attitude was due to his core inner value system. Hitler, due to his personal beliefs against certain people, hated Jews. When he was young, a few Jews gave him difficulty. Hence, Hitler felt personal hatred towards Jews and most of his type as leader was directed towards getting revenge and obtaining power. This shows Hitler was an INFJ (introverted intuition and extroverted feeling.)

Which MBTI type was Adolf Hitler? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!!

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Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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181 Responses to Which MBTI type was Adolf Hitler?

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  2. hedonist9413 says:

    Hitler should be using introverted feeling(Fi) when he felt personal hatred towards Jews, since Fi concerns with value systems held by individuals. Moreover, his attitude due to his core inner value system should also be founded on Fi. Since an INTJ uses Fi while an INFJ does not, Hitler should be an INTJ (introverted intuition and extroverted thinking).

    • Brandon says:

      INFJ here. INTjs are all talk and no action. I dont think they would have the balls to do what Hitler did. Not saying I admire what Hitler, Ayatollah, Osama bin Laden did, but their ethics are the ethics of an INFj. Mass extermination to improve the world as a whole. During 911 I thought to myself, well now maybe the states will pull its head out of its ass.

      Bin Laden: “[The American system] sacrifices soldiers and populations to achieve the interests of the major corporations.” –I happen to agree

      • Steve says:

        Brandon I’m not sure exactly where you have gotten your infomation from but clearly you haven’t done much research. INTJ’s tend to be ambitious and very goal orientated. They are determined perfectionists with high expectations that are focus on the future. They will also work hard and long to get to their goals. Most scientists, engineers and military leaders are proof of this.
        INTJ’s are also described as the most self confident of all the types so your comment about INTJ’s not having the balls to do what Hitler did is incorrect.
        Myers Briggs and Keirsey have Dwight D. Eisenhower, Rudy Giuliani, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stephen Hawking, Sir Isaac Newton and JFK as INTJ’s, as you can see all over achievers with great vision.
        It’s actually INFJ’s who tend to be all talk and have been described by some as being lazy and living in a fantasy world within their heads. Both INFP’s and INFP’s are not noted as being big achievers.
        Bin Laden along with Hitler are generally agreed by most to be INTJ’s, although I wouldn’t be surprised if Hiter was an ENFJ.
        Also Celebrity Types infomation is a bit sketchy, a lot of its typing goes against Myers Briggs, Keirsey and others. Personally I think a lot of Celebrity Types typing is incorrect.

        • Rolph from Dusseldorph says:

          There’s no way Hitler would be an INTJ; while introverted feeler makes sense (just like Rosa Parks and the Tiannaman Square tank man, he should have known how greatly his personal value system was going to clash with the rest of europe); the pragmatic thinking of INTJ would have gotten in the way.
          Hitler was simply way too idealistic and unrealistic. Also Masterminds like to have backup plans and are open minded to possible flaws and alternatives to their thinking. At some point, INTJ Hitler would have had to rethink the whole “Jews rule the world. Kill them all!” idea from an opponent’s point of view and realize how flawed it was. An INTJ would have also committed much, much much less military blunders and would have known when to quit.
          Hitler also famously surrounded himself with yes-men and hated criticism.

          Either the J is wrong or the I is wrong… Hitler is an ENFJ or an INFP – assuming he is Fi. He strikes me as an obvious Fi but I could be wrong

          • chicagopiano says:

            “At some point, INTJ Hitler would have had to rethink the whole โ€œJews rule the world. Kill them all!โ€ idea from an opponentโ€™s point of view and realize how flawed it was.”

            Well, he did. His first plan was to get them to leave, he gave them the chance to leave and some of them did. However, quite a few couldn’t leave because no other country would accept them so he devised the Madagascar Plan. This failed since Germany was not able to defeat Britain, therefore unable to use the British Fleet to transport the Jews and so the last option was to hold them in camps until they figured out another plan. I don’t think the Germans had murdered the Jews systematically, cause it would be difficult to do that AND fight a war on two fronts.

        • Hitler being an (NT) is false as his mistakes oppose rational core characteristics:

          -value technology (he rejected the first assault rifle)
          -listen to any useful advice (ignores his generals)
          -skeptical and analytical (failed coup in 1920s and invasion of Russia)
          -disregards authority wasting resources (inexperienced Goering in charge of Luftwaffe)
          -skeptical of their own ideas (see previous point)


        • Anonymous says:

          The first paragraph you typed is basically an INFJ characteristic.
          -Tend to be ambitious and very goal oriented.
          -They are determined perfectionists with high expectations that are focused on the future.
          -They will also work hard and long to get to their goals.

          I am an INFJ.

      • P says:

        As an INFJ I absolutely agree. Mass extermination is something an INFJ, who has the ultimate whole picture, could very well choose. Kill for example 6 billion people now and by doing so, give humanity and the planet a chance for a long and happy future. Do not kill 6 billion people now and soon everyone will be dead and the planet irreversibly destroyed.

        It’s the highest and most brutal form of pragmatism, of greater good.

      • Anonymous says:

        The stigmatization displayed here is very ‘Hitlerish’…. Hahaha

      • Anonymous says:

        “Intjs don’t have the balls to do what Hitler did”????? That’s because Intjs THINK before acting. They don’t follow crazy and stupid ideas like Hitler did, they’re not stupid like Hitler was. Do you really think intjs are all talk and no action? Tell Anders Breivik that killed 77 people and he’s just one, there are other intjs that had the balls to do something like this and that will fuck you if they see you. Then who do you think you are? You said “intjs don’t have the balls” and you? Do you have the balls to do what HItler did? I don’t think so. I think you said a lot of bullshit! So, please, think before speak, like intjs do and in my opinion you can learn a lot from intjs. They plan out everything then they act and win. That’s because i agree with you and i know that hitler is not an intj, because he lost the war hahahah. So if you are so proud of being an infj like Hitler, good for you. Certainly you two have something in common: you’re both a cancer! I’m an INTJ and i’m proud of it and trust me if i say that i have the balls even if i’m a woman

      • Anonymous says:

        You realize that Jews are more evolved than most people right? Stupid cunt.

    • 1234 says:

      Hitler is most likely to be an infj because his ability to convince outers and create faith the only leader at that time that was likely to be an intj was mussolini he was that or an entj.

  3. Brandon says:

    INFj, its all in the eyebrows

  4. mgm says:

    ESTJ – NO DOUBT. Used surprise attack rather then strategy, not an N type at all. Used brute force, not genius. Made many tactical mistakes (S type). Loved recognition (E type). Possibly a thinker, not a good one. Lost even given overwhelming advantage and head start on opponents.

    • fag says:

      way to cherry pick 1 piece of evidence for each…

    • Geology says:

      Hitler was definately an N type. He had no practical bone in his body. People described him as a dreamy, detatched person. You assume all Intuitve types are smart where as sensors are not. MBTI is not an intelligence test.

    • Maddie says:

      Umm… MGM, you have the whole brute force completely wrong. Have you read hustlers book Mein Campf (yes he wrote a book). It translates to My struggle, and was about how Hitler founded his beliefs as his life progressed. Most well written book I have ever read. Within the first 50 pages it was blatantly obvious that he was very rational and logical. I think he was most definitely a INTJ. He truly was a genius, and even though you can’t even try to understand his logic, you can’t call him stupid. Try realizing that only an intelligent and ambitious person could even attempt what he did. If anyone couldn’t do it, it is someone with all brawn and no brain.

      • tatl33 says:

        Agreed, he is definitely an Ni type.

      • Andy. says:

        yes I think he had brains, but also lots of ego. ego (as in the enneagram levels of development) is not covered in myers briggs but this dimension certainly helps to describe hitler. He did not listen to others as he thought he knew best.

      • Smart101 says:

        I also read Mein Kampf and see that most people posting here may have an understanding of psychology but lack knowledge about Hitler himself. Reading only the first 30 pages would provide a deeper understanding of him than all the education in history most of us receive.

  5. Louis says:

    He clearly had a vision as evident in his book, Mein Kampf, which he he made no derivation from in all of his foreign policies including the extermination of Jews and Lebensraum. He was also frequently erratic and hated to be subjected to cold and rational analysis by his staff and generals, which culminated in the routs during Operation Barbarossa. He was a brilliant orator, although he did not like socialising. Now the question is – was he a P or a J? His foreign policies were all well timed and skillfully played out, and not planned. In Barbarossa he wanted to capture Leningrad, Moscow and Ukraine which led to catastrophic defeats. Should there had been a clear battle plan with a fast thrust into Moscow, resistance would have collapsed and the USSR would have been forced to sue for peace. Such a dominant Fi function then conclusively makes him an INFP, and not an INFJ.

    • tatl33 says:

      I believe his clear vision evident in his book shows that he is primarily an Ni user, as it is shown he has a vision for the future. He hated being subjected to cold and rational analysis because he didn’t want people like himself to mess with him. He needed to eliminate other calculating people from the positions around him.

    • Dan says:

      He had to take his eye off of Moscow, because he needed oil from the Russian south for his gasoline engines, that’s why he had to not go after Moscow. I agree he was an N and a J, probably an I, but not sure about F or T. We all have to remember as any Myers Briggs professional would tell you, any person doesn’t always act from their type all the time. You always use opposite sides of your type.

    • sry to be late to the party heh.. but i just wanted to point out he might be a J, his decisiveness and stuborness is quite obvious through all the decisions he made, and not listening to his generals, he attacked russia at winter.. and even when all odds where against him and his soldier freezing and starving to death he still went on and didnt show a pinch of regret or stepping back, just something to take in mind while typing him

  6. Anonymous says:

    An introvert would never be comfortable speaking in front of large audience. Don’t post about things you don’t know. An intuitive will have a vision whether he is extroverted or introverted. And someone who is F feels too much empathy to hurt people.


    • Steve says:

      Dilettante, Being an introvert does not mean that you are quiet, it means you get more energy from thinking rather than interacting with people. Many introverts are quite loud and can be great public speakers. Anyone who knows an INTP or INTJ can attest to that.
      As for “F’s feeling too much empathy to hurt people” This is a very common misconception. F types make their decisions based upon feeling and not logic but that doesn’t mean that decision will be a “good” feeling decision. Hatred, jealousy, and anger are all feelings that can be used in the decision making process. Unbalanced NF’s tend to be the most nasty and emotionally unstable out of all the personality types and can hold grudges for a lifetime. Cult leaders are a good example of this. T types on the other hand tend to be more logical in their thinking and don’t react to criticism and aren’t as easily offended.

      • Tobey says:

        Ok, you were right about the introvert public speaking thing.

        But Hitler wasn’t an F, because he made decisions based off emotional reactions. I mean its well shown that Hitler was a logical person and made logical decisions. He was the strategist of all strategists. What man can start a war against the world and get away with it that easy? That’s far more of an INTJ thing. Also, anger is not “feelings”. Any type can get anger when their functions have been drained out.

        • Rolph from Dusseldorph says:

          Tobey: Hitler was a notoriously incompetent military leader, only rivaled in his incompetence by Stalin, who was famous for killing most of his high-ranking officers. At least Stalin let his tank generals use hit-and-run raid tactics to slow down the enemy and destroy supply lines on Russia’s vast, empty combat theater while they were in retreat, while Hitler did not when they were on the run.

          Hitler’s bad micromanagement is what won the Allies the war…

          Stop saying Hitler was a thinker. He was so obviously a feeler – a feeler’s feeler, drunk on his own morality and sense of right and wrong, seething with passionate pleas for a better world. He didn’t have a pragmatic bone in his body.

          • Andy. says:

            the problem could be in another area of personality though. he may not have listened because he thought he was superior and had superior knowledge. This prevented him from listening to others’ viewpoints and thus changing his mind. I would not judge him as being an F or type purely upon whether he made good tactical decisions. There are T types who have not developed their capacity well for one. Not every INTP is an einstein for example. To judge him as being T or F – one would need to take into account many decisions he made in his life.

          • tatl33 says:

            I agree that the decisions that he made in life are better at determining what type he is. May I take a guess at your type? You seem like an INTP type to me, but I’m just guessing ๐Ÿ˜›

          • Another says:

            ENTJ males often fall prey to being drunk on their own sense of morality (inferior F), along with always being right. Not all of them are socially skilled, but they do like to have everyone think they are special and the leader.

          • Andy says:

            Yes you are right tatl33 , INTP,

      • Teresa says:

        Steve, I used to think that empathy would automatically make anyone a better person, because anyone who is keenly aware of other people’s feelings would of course be kind to others. But I have found out that this is not necessarily so. I think that most empathetic people are very kind, but there are some who are aware of others’ pain and actually enjoy it, and who especially enjoy CAUSING pain to others. A psychopath doesn’t care one way or another about others’ pain, and if someone is preventing them from getting what they want, they would just want to get them out of the way. But a sadist (which is what Hitler was) is very aware of others’ pain and enjoys it.

        When Adolf Hitler had someone killed, especially if it was in an especially painful, gruesome way, he would record it, and would then watch that recording over and over again. A psychopath (someone not capable of empathy, who doesn’t care one way or another about someone else’s pain) wouldn’t bother doing this.

        So, as much as I hate to admit it, it seems much more likely that Adolf Hitler was actually an INFJ (the type that has the greatest capacity for empathy). It’s actually a bit painful for me to acknowledge this because I’m an INFJ myself. But I’ve also had to come to grips with the fact that I have a dark side myself, though I do try to be a good person. I think that INFJ’s do have great potential for doing good, but also great potential for doing evil. This is a very real burden that we carry.

        By the way, I’ve heard that Mother Teresa was also an INFJ. So it seems that we can go to either extreme.

    • Rolph from Dusseldorph says:

      Dilettante: that has got to be the dumbest thing I’ve read all week… next time try actually reading how Feelers are defined by Myers-Briggs, and stop relying on laughably bad stereotypes of introverts.

      • Ifigured that says:

        Thank you!!!

      • Andy. says:

        a case of a little bit of knowledge going a long way. we all can see that and laugh at it. entitled to express their opinion though. we were all new once to this. so and is this person. hopefully their ego will be such not to react but to learn. And our ego will not feel superior for knowing more.

    • Google says:

      You are wrong dear. Introverts are always better than an extravert in delivering goal oriented heart melting speeches than that of the bluffing of an extravert.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are being too stereotypical

  7. PrattLadd says:

    “although this may be unclear as Hitler spent a lot of his time drunk”
    Hitler was a strict teetotaller and never drank. I believe he got drunk perhaps once or twice in his youth and he swore off of it. This is very well documented and leads me to seriously question the legitimacy of your research on Hitler.

    I believe that Hitler weighed heavily in introversion, intuition, thinking and judging, making him a classic example of a malignant INTJ (the “mastermind’) rather than an INFJ (the “protector”) although a case of being a malignant INFJ is not entirely off of my table.

    My main concern in this post will be to make some comments as per the Extroversion vs Introversion and the Thinking vs Feeling arguments, as I think enough has been established in this thread to establish Hitler as a strong Intuitive and a strong Judge.
    It is well known that he had few very “friends” and many associates throughout his life. He lived in the world of his world of ideas, and kept those few who shared these same philosophies close to him, with a strict intolerance for those who held different values systems. Furthermore, an introvert will not be shy to speak in public if he or she is comfortable in doing so, which Hitler most definitely would have been. He spoke very passionately about his vision (intuition) as the total, “undisputed” leader of Germany, thus he spoke out of need and not so much as want. It is known that disliked small talk or social talk.

    In terms of the Thinking vs Feeling dichotomy, I tend to think of Hitler as a thinking type but I say this knowing that I am somewhat undecided as there are some good arguments here, particularly in Steve’s post. (Perhaps he was a malignant INFJ?)
    My comments on Thinking versus Feeling are as follows:
    I really do not think that Hitler actually empathized with the people of Germany so much as he did with the “idea” of German empire. This is an important distinction to make because it distinguishes the type of empathy one may have for actual people and empathy one may have for purely patriotic purposes. Hitler was not a German born individual but rather Austrian by birth. He moved to Germany in 1913 to avoid military service which was compulsory in the Austrian Habsburg Empire. Having already been denied entry into the Vienna Academy of Art, he continued to sketch and paint and drifted as though he was rudderless with no focus in life. WW1 and the idea of “nationhood” definitely gave him a very strong focus. All those who fought alongside of him during WW1 describe him as a brave, dedicated soldier.
    He was very good at getting the feel for a room or arena when he spoke. This can be observed in the short periods of silence before and during his speeches. He was also very calculating in choosing his words. He felt a room out intuitively, while choosing his words so as to elicit a very specific desired response from his audience. This marks out a preference for thinking to me.

    Also, the manner in which he hated so many other people and was so vengeful points out an underdeveloped feeling function to me. The result of WW1, with its defeat and humiliation certainly must have caused a trauma to his intuition, which had manifested in the idea of German nationhood. This vision of his (a strong undefeated Germany), had been his new found motivation up to Germany’s defeat and was now traumatized and beaten down. This probably unleashed alot of very base emotions and psychic energy which, in a thinking individual, could only be appeased when the thought of Germany’s “enemies” being driven to despair and total subjugation was brought to complete realization.
    Pretty heady stuff and somewhat Jungian in nature……but is some food for thought.


    • Anonymous says:

      I think it’s easy to analyse this stuff but are you really an expert onall this? Do you really have a freaking doctorate in MBTI typing? No, you don’t, and no one does, you know why?? Because it’s a THEORY. And since theories aren’t factual, that means your guess is not any better than the next person’s. So don’t get on your high horse thinking you’re more of an expert than the rest of us, thinking that everything you say is correct and what I say is wrong… because that would be like saying that just because you know the THEORY of evolution that means you can evolve faster. NO. That’s not how it works, and until you learn that, I’m sorry to say that more and more people will have to go through the unfortunate process of informing you of how stupid and ignorant you are. I hope you have a good day, but judging my that arrogance I’m not sure it will be so good for ya ๐Ÿ˜‰


      • tatl33 says:

        Judging by your arrogance, everybody can understand why your votes are being downrated. But you are hilarious to listen to so I’m just gonna let you keep it up! Lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry I didn’t mean to send that to you… wrong person :/

    • Rolph from Dusseldorph says:

      I don’t think his messed up views are a result of underdevelopped Feeling in the sense that Thinkers suppress their Feeling – I think it’s a sign of a mentally unhealthy / insane feeler who ended up believing in the wrong things…

      Let me put it this way: how do you feel about a law that would put convicted rapists to death?
      Would you support it? If so, does this mean you are not a Feeler because you seek to rid the world of rapists? Doesn’t that show lack of empathy towards rapists?

      But what if you have a group of people you believe in and want to protect and don’t want to see hurt…. and rapists are this group’s natural enemy? Would it not be possible for a Feeler to empathise with and love this favoured group with a passion, while also passionately hating the rapists who bring them down and work against them? What if the feeler in question isn’t the healthiest mentally? (Hitler wasn’t I hope we can all agree)… replace rapists with Jews and non-Aryans, non-Germans whom Hitler believed actively worked against Germans (given how harsh Versailles was he sort of had a point, which is what got him elected in the first place)…

    • Susan says:

      You’re right Pratt, Hitler did not drink and he was a vegetarian. There is also now empirical evidence, in the form of his doctor’s diary, that he had either Parkinsons’ disease or tertiary neurosyphilis, and a tremor in his left hand easily seen in several news reels seems to bear this out–either disease could cause that. He was also treated by his doctor with copious amounts of uppers and downers for several years, including meth, then a drug whose dangers were not known. Any of these possible factors would surely have affected his judgment, especially near the end. One entry in the diary indicates that Hitler was high on meth when he had a critical meeting with Stalin, and he ranted on for two hours–hard to imagine a reasonable outcome for that meeting! These factors might also muddy the waters when attempting to type him.

    • Anonymous says:

      INFJ’s have powerful emotions to be sure. I agree that he could have been a malignant INFJ or INTJ. Those types, when healthy, have been a force for great humanitarian good. I think a personality disorder defined by a lack of empathy and CONSCIENCE is at play rather than any particular personality type.

  8. Tobey says:

    Hitler was clearly an INTJ. First off, he is a dominant introvert, because of having been worn off during his long speeches and having an Ni-like vision for the world. INTJs are just as concerned with world values as INFJs are. It has nothing to do with Fe. Its all Ni. The world value is often taken out of context for feelers, but every cognitive function is subject to having values based on that function. Hitler was also strategic, goal-oriented and manipulative. That’s far more of a Te thing. Hitler wouldn’t have given as logical speeches if he weren’t Te-dominant. Plus, what Fe user in their right mind would kill to prove a point? Its pretty much common sense that he had Te.

  9. ano... says:

    Okay first i have to say I am not a fan from Hitler, but …
    I am an ENFJ and before i heard something from mbti i said i dont know why but i understand him.
    I know the much people say that he was p but a p never plans a city like Germania or a mass murder, how the holocaust.
    And he never was an I he often exploded and i know i do the same when i feel that i am angry and I know we ( ENFJs) are very explosive, an I says his words not with so much emotions because there are all introverted.
    so that Hitler was a feeler is “logical” because he had gives the order “to hold the front to the last men” and never a Thinker said so much anti rational words.
    He wrote mein Kampf, not as a book how he real are he wrote it that the most people think he is so reserved. But in realy he wrote it at a time where he was fairly divided. ( in the landsberg Prison after the failed putch)
    So that he is no s is a “fact” because he was an esoterics ( he planned to atack india and afghanistan in the summer of 1944. he had thinked that he is the 3. Sargon and he never accept the fact that the war is over ) and an dreamer and yes ALSO ENFJs can being idealists and i say please show a speech from hitler and from an other ENFJ how Marthin Luther King or Goebbels and you will see the parallels.
    HITLER WAS AN Absolute,incorrectly developed ENFJ.

    • Andy. says:

      I think he is an I. other things can explain why he exploded. Moments of anger are not a sign of E, I’s can have them too. E.g. he could have been a 1 on the Enneagram. Plus look at what he did after his speeches. Did he hang around and get more energy from the crowd? No, he retreated to be on his own or with a few close friends, to regain his energy. Classic introvert I feel.

    • Susan says:

      As an INTP, I can tell you that a ‘P’ would ABSOLUTELY plan a Germania and all the rest (if imbalanced). A ‘P’ would just have trouble following through. But the planning, down to the very last detail . . .aaaaaaaaaaaah. That’s where the INTP lives, to the exclusion of all else if possible, except, perhaps, talking about it to those who would be able to bring the plan to life. I don’t care what ya’ll decide which type he was, as long as you don’t lump him in with us INTPs!

  10. freddy says:

    A bit of a stretch to imagine that Hitler could be the same type as Jesus was said to be. It also seems rational that a dysfunctional, disordered INFJ would likely be a depressed and paranoid avoidant, instead of a fiery and controlling empire building megalomanic. Of course, Hitler could have been a “leader by proxy”, with somebody like Goebbels pulling the strings, making a delusional dysfunctional INFx a possibility, but this has yet to be proven.

    Occams razor = Keep It Simple. Hitlerโ€™s most famous qualities:
    Nationalist – tribalist
    Fiery speaker
    Plotting politician
    Totalitarian / authoritarian
    Malignant narcissist
    Empire builder
    Mass murderer

    Hitler was a dysfunctional ENTJ.

    • tatl33 says:

      Your saying that you don’t see Jesus and Hitler to have similarities? They both had a vision of how to change the world. Having the same personality type as someone else doesn’t mean you are equally morally good or evil as them. Just because one is evil and one is good, doesn’t mean they didn’t have similar personalities. One just had better morals.

  11. Lil says:

    I’m an infj. I am a good public speaker and enjoy the power of it, and can be very fiercely passionate about certain things but I run out of steam very quickly. I wonder how HItler could have sustained his passion/vision for that long if he really was infj.?

    • tatl33 says:

      If you’ve seen him speak, he is silent for most of the time. He only speaks for a very short period of the meeting and spends much of it just staring at the people. It is interesting and disturbing to watch this mad man manipulate millions across his country, but if you want your question adressed, go on Youtube and type in Hitler speech to learn more about his personality. You’ll be able to tell just by his facial expressions

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe amphetamines? xd

  12. Lil says:

    ….and all that glad handing and public engagement (shudder).

  13. Walter Florio says:

    I perfectly agree on Louis’ analysis, A. Hitler was most probably an INFP, an irrational idealist with limited cognitive abilities but a speaker with a powerful delivery. If you look at his eyes, you can easily notice an asymmetrical expression that sometimes is found in irrational (perceiving) types. I think this characteristic might reveal a strongly developed/trained secondary function that comes somehow into conflict with the dominant one. From my experience, I’ve often seen such a marked asymmetry in irrational (P), bipolar subjects.

  14. Miles says:

    I am an ENFP. I empathise with Hitler rather well (not the same as sympathise). I choose to study history with objectivity and dislike getting my own opinions involved as they can blur my outlook when searching for an acurate answer. (rather un- enfp’ish but is a method that has been drilled into me whilst studying).
    Dr. Fritz Redlich, a neurologist and psychiatrist wrote a complete study on him from all medical perspectives called ”Hitler: Diagnosis of a Destructive Prophet” (Oxford University Press).
    It is his opinion Hitler suffered ; paranoia, narcissism, anxiety, depression and hypochondria amongst others.
    Enfps hold powerful core values which are consitent their entire lives. When used in a positive method we have insightful and passionate inspirational skills that can empower others. When an ENFP goes “rogue” we can be vicious and clever Manipulators who can control others thoughts and emotions with amazing skill to get our own agendas or revenge.
    Hitlers Earlier life was frought with lots of hurt and resentment and Revenge was a powerful theme in many of his speeches he used to stir nations into a frenzy of fear and hate yet also Hope of deliverance of the crisis they felt was unfairly forced upon them from the oppressing triumphant nations of WW1.
    I am not an Expert and neither myself or anybody at all can be really adamant of his personality type for sure. But I see very many characteristics in myself both good and bad in the way Hitler operated when he talked to people. ENFPS don’t need to be able to be amazing organisers or battle tacticians or even plan holocausts. We can simply manipulate or inspire others to do all the practical stuff for us and use them as tools. It is not a noble ideal but if the person in questions own core values were alligned in a sinister manner, I imagine they would take the dark route of inspiring power and intricate method of how to make people react the way you want them to.
    I have read all the opinions here and done a short amount of study and my humble guess is he was an ENFP.

    • Andy. says:

      Thanks for your humble opinion. I will give mine ๐Ÿ™‚ Hitler never did his “people skills” with ease I feel. It took force and effort, you can clearly see that. He really had to get up shout out. Extroverts are more often at ease with people and can handle large crowds with ease. Hitler looked like he had to psych himself up to get over his fear of public speaking. It drained him of energy. As he rarely “hung out” after his speeches and went away on his own. The need to recharge and choice to be alone or with a few close ones most of the time is a strong I indication. Other types can manipulate people very well if they put their mind to it, not just ENFPs! Especially people with mental illness I would say, e.g. the Narcissistic personality disorder.

      • Andy. says:

        he really had to get worked up I meant! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Andy. says:

        “I am not an Expert and neither myself or anybody at all can be really adamant of his personality type for sure.” Tend to agree, but I do wonder, if you could be both expert enough and study him enough, to be sure. After all, there is quite a lot of info on him it seems. It did not happen that long ago. Problem is a lot of people on here are not experts and have not studied him that much, yet clearly many speak with confidence about their ideas! So in that sense it is hard to spot who is right. Some may confabulate facts they think are true, but are not really sure. To help make their point.

        • tatl33 says:

          I agree very much with you Andy. There are a lot of different opinions on this blog entry. I enjoy listening to them all, because some people have provided reasons to almost convince me that Hitler is an ENFP, against my original ideas. I really think he is difficult to type, and although the general consensus is INTJ, it is interesting to hear people’s unique takes on the MBTI type and Hitler and I am admiring the analytical skills of many MBTI users, such as yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. History-teacher says:

    I think when Keirsey says he was an ENFJ, then I think he is an ENFJ, when you think we are to good for that or we aren’t so good in public speeking like other NFs, then you are absolutely wrong I am german and I have heard much speechs ( only for history study ) and you can say what you want but he was to unrelaxed und radical for an ENFP he was too aggresive and he ever wanted to stand in the middle of the masses so he can not been an INFJ .The most people say this because they think “Ok INFJs are so rare, so we put all bad people of history in this category”.

    He wasn’t a strategic master, but in planning from victory parades or Nazi party-days or a new Capital city he was to good for an P. And all people who have read something about rhetorik or charisma know that ENFJs are the best in public speeking ( I don’t meet a person, who can better speak like me )
    that is nothing against other NFs, NTs, SFs, STs.
    I hope you all know, it is not good to have so bad persons, like him in his charakter typ !!!

    • tatl33 says:

      Was Jesus a bad person? He too is often described as an INFJ. Bad people aren’t described as INFJ’s; visionaries are describes as INFJ’s. This often have a big impact on the world, and unlike P’s, INFJ’s often have a less morally ambiguous persona.

      • History-teacher says:

        I hope you know the worst persons are ENFJs when they turn bad, not the INFJ !!!
        JESUS wasn’t a bad person so I don’t understand what you want to say to me ??
        Where is it written that Jesus is an INFJ !?
        This is now to all others !!
        I think no one in this post had say anything about Hitlers own History but all want to describe him, As an ENFP,INFJ,INFP,ESTJ etc…
        But I think the most persons never ,had read something about him… He never was a S type okay ?? NEVER !!! And he never was a T type, he was a person who lived in his own world (he heard Wagner and dreamed to be an artist ) and he thought that emotions ( Hate ) can help him to rise the power !!
        PS: my English isn’t good, I know that..

        • Walter Florio says:

          As for Jesus, we don’t even know whether he did really exist or is a kind of a myth. It comes without saying that we have no sufficient elements to analyse his personality. With regard to A. Hitler, I think it would be a mistake to try and desume his personality from a historical analysis, as we should (seriously) consider the possibility that his decisions were strongly influenced by people around him. On my opinion, that was actually the case. From his personal traits, I would say he was an INFP. This does not mean that INFP are bad persons. Also San Francesco was most probably an INFP. So, what do A. Hitler and San Francesco have in common? Both of them had a “highest idea”, they were good in persuading other people, they had a charisma, they were irrational idealists… You can find other similarities, if you can be objective and not biased by ideological issues.

          • tatl33 says:

            Absolutely agree, when I am talking about Jesus’ personality, I am referring to the way he is portrayed in the Bible; the accuracy of Jesus’ portrayal is obviously questionable.

            Hmm… I don’t agree. I agree San Francesco was INFP, but I don’t believe Hitler was an INFP. He was far too much of a visionary, always predicting the next best move to be made.

        • tatl33 says:

          I don’t think ENFJ’s are the worst people when they turn bad; I think anyone can become horrible when they turn bad.
          And many sources indiciate Jesus is an INFJ, Google it ๐Ÿ™‚
          I agree with you though about the NF thing; he was likely an NF as he got his fuel from his passions to lead Germany. It corrupted him though..

  16. Joan says:

    I am an INFJ and no, i definatly don’t think hitler was one. , I think he was an ESTJ. He was almost certainly an extrovert, do you see him being reluctant to say no to people, or analyzing himself, or standing off to the side of things He was really aggressive too. I think he was intuitive because he obviosly had a big picture in his mind, but in order to be that sucsessful you would need to be good at details. Just to be clear i do not support his cause at all some of the best people i know are jewish and It was a terrible and evil and twisted big picture with terrible twisted small detailsbut I think he was good at the little things in order to be good at war.He would have made desisions by thinking because he did such evil things there was no way he was taking people’s feelings into account or being sympathetic. I think he was judging because he obviosley felt it to be his right to kill or spare people as he saw fit.
    NOTE: I do NOT think all ENTJs are evil, my daddy is one and I an infj so only two letters different so obviosley I don’t want to offend anybody

    • tatl33 says:

      Could you specify what you mean when you say good with the little details? I always thought that half the reason Hitler lost the war was due to his inability to stay in touch with his sensor “reality” side, when he believed he could take down the Russian military, which evidently lost him the war. If he’d been more interested in the details and less inclined to achieve his vision he could have won the war. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case

  17. christa says:

    @JoaN. you write: “He would have made desisions by thinking because he did such evil things there was no way he was taking peopleโ€™s feelings into account or being sympathetic…”. Don Forget Jung saying that Fs may become in fact the most cruel typs – without any empathy. This is due to a strooooong value dominance, whatever values these are. And to the exorbitant self-reference. ENFPs are too much helding the overview and always think in Systems, and therefore they are not inclined to rassism. You Need to have much personal and rational reference to select in an emotional way the persons to save and the persons to murder. The fact that f.ex. one man can cry and die of sorrow, if the own son is murdered, but murder himself without any problem the sons of others, is known from Mafia. And if you read typology literature with geografic global focus. ( where do I belong to?) you may see that in countries with much F people are very alike making much difference between the own Family and the collective community. Mafia clan structure explains to me the opinion of CGJung, a F may be very cruel. Their OWN families and people of the own clans are worth more than any other family or person could be. This would be all but logical to an ENFP. So I may favorise the idea that here was an F somewhere. F is much light and also much shadow.

    • tatl33 says:

      Exactly right. As an F myself, and knowing many F’s, we will do anything for our beliefs- Hitler did everything for his beliefs, with drastic consequences.

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  19. Angelcake says:

    I’m really not a fan of Hitler but here it goes.
    I’ve looked into some of the things hitler write and said, I do think he was an INFJ. There are a lot of things that he believed that are similar to a normal INFJ but very, very twisted and blown out of proportion. Same goes with Osama bin Laden, Ayatollah Khomeini and several others. It is important to remember that he was a very disturbed individual, he had a very traumatic childhood and life. Doesn’t excuse what he did though. I know someone who read Mein Kraft and told me that he was extremely arrogant. In short, I think he’s an INFJ but one with a combination of Antisocial PD, Narcissistic PD and Paranoid PD.

    Just goes to show, when INFJs are evil – they are very evil.

    • tatl33 says:

      It’s highly possible he is an INFJ- again, it’s one of those things where many people believe he is an INFJ and many believe he is an INTJ. And yeah I agree INFJ’s are more likely to be an extreme- evil or good

    • Anonymous ESTJ says:

      Your opinions don’t show anything. Your absent facts don’t either.

  20. Anonymous says:

    How is it so he had a vision of the future? He had a memory of the past… All he wanted was returne germany its fame before world war I. He was obsessed with injustice that was made on german people after 1918 and wanted the revenge. He was inspired by great Rome, all the time he was talking about Germany becoming new great Rome. He built he ideas on this antique country. His prejudices aginst jews were based on his bad past experiences with them, and the way he thought “all the jews are bad” contradict he could see the big picture. He thought inside the box. The german nazism was created by feelings of injustice of the past and fear of the new and unknown…If this is Ni, then I throw all MBTI theory in a trash bin and close it carefully because it stinks…He clearly unhealthy used the Si function. He was something like Si+Fi which points out on unhealthy INFP.

    • Harry Boo says:

      No just no! You got his motivations completely wrong. Hitler was not motivated by his past bad experiences with Jews he just wanted to get rid of them so nazi could be pure! Also he wanted to create a new race of people so he obviously was not interested in returning the fame of Germany. So your argument can be easily dismissed and ignored

    • tatl33 says:

      He had a vision to make Germany like great Rome. If he was using Si he would be less concerned about changing the world and more concerned about stabalizing the country..Unfortunately we Ni users sometimes get carried away, not to the extent of Hitler though..

  21. MS says:

    I am MS.
    I believe Hitler was ISTP as a child.
    May be later on He developed the extraversion so on I/E scale he may be more on Introversion and little Less on Extraversion…may be 60%(I) / 40%(E).

    Hitler’s capacity to use ‘Man’ as a tool PLUS his military – political inclination, his constant hunger to solve problems, He was always suspicious that somebody is plotting against him shows me that he is XSXP.
    Now what about feeling or thinking preference ?
    anybody on earth will tell you that he was not a empathetic ruler. He was a dictator. He is sure ‘T’ type. SO in brief XSTP or may be we can say ISTP.
    I am sure you will disagree but keep in mind that SP type especially Strong STP types can be a great manipulators when they have a purpose. They can “become” what they want to become. They can seduce people. anyway enough said.
    Thanks for wonderful comments above. God Bless you all.

    • tatl33 says:

      I have a different opinion, yes. But that doesn’t mean you haven’t provided a strong argument- remember, an MBTI type can only be proven by justifying the type to others through examples and evidence as you have. I believe you’ve done that very well. Good job ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. jk says:

    In my opinion, Hitlers #1 driving force is his Fi, his values. He seems nothing like an ISFP so I’d go with INFP. INFPs can access their Te to develop plans and accomplish their goals. I can’t imagine that an INTJ would have such audacious goals and the INFJ type has Fi as a shadow function, not the driving force of their existence! Honestly I’d throw Hitler, Gandhi, Jim Jones and probably even Jesus all into this category. The Fi runs deep in INFPs! There’s nothing illogical about putting Hitler and Gandhi in the same category. One had admirable values and one had despicable ones but both were willing to move heaven and earth to bring their vision of how they felt the world should be into reality (Fi/Te interaction).

  23. Anonymous says:

    It’s will documented that Hitler rarely drank when young and didn’t drink at all as fuhrer.

  24. I loved reading this discussion. I would point out something that everyone seems to be forgetting. That is that each function is not a light switch that is either in one position or the other. It is more like a dimmer switch. It can be part on, part off. In MBTI lingo, if you’re right in the middle, you’re given the designation of “X”.

    It sounds like most people in this discussion seem to think that Hitler was an INTJ or an INFJ. Therefore, it sounds like he might be better classified as an INXJ.

    • tatl33 says:

      I so agree with you on that one!
      Quite often, I will write at the beginning of my article- remember that this isn’t black and white- MBTI cannot be used to type somebody 100% one way or another. (I usually do this on something controversial.) When I wrote this article, I forgot to write that message, and let me tell you it’s created some interesting debates because people have forgotten about the dimmer switch (good metaphor btw) ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • When I use personality in marketing, I rely on the fact that people rarely have their switches completely on or off. It is allows some leeway in which persuasion techniques will work on the person. People that have their switches toward the middle are the easiest to persuade, because they respond to more than one specific sales approach.

        • tatl33 says:

          Ah thats very interesting ๐Ÿ™‚
          When you say somewhere in between, do you mean inbetween the two techniques you use?

          • I use the temperaments (SJ, SP, NT, NF) more than the individual archetypes. So when I say in-between, it is a person that has one letter in those two-letter pairs that is more in the middle.

            For example, the person with the NT temperament is a really tough sell. They question everything, so they aren’t persuaded by any hype, like: “You gotta get one of these widgets, its the best!!!” They are persuaded by logic, and want a laundry list of reasons that the widget is better than the one sold by a competitor.

            But say that “T” score was low. Now they have some NF personality traits as well. Applying that to this sales example — one of the reasons (in the laundry list of reasons) can be about how the widget will affect the relationships of the prospect. That is a legitimate and logical reason to them and can be persuasive. It could be enough to make the sale.

            Being able to read a person’s type is crucial to this process though. Because if they are a high “T”, then talking about relationships will cause the sales presentation to be a bust. Your blog is great, because it allows me to hone my typing skills by seeing how other people would type a person.

          • tatl33 says:

            That is a really good point you make, because especially when you said the T score is low, it reminds me how so many people categorize people as 100% T or 100% F (I know my blog does that a bit as well, so I often refer to if a type as 100% T/F)

            I find it interesting how the type seems to be so crucial in sales. Could you provide any specific examples? I’d be fascinated to hear them

            And thank you very much,if you really wanna challenge yourself, you could try typing before you read the blog entry and then read my answer and compare it ๐Ÿ˜€

          • “I find it interesting how the type seems to be so crucial in sales. Could you provide any specific examples?”

            Sure. I’d be happy to give you an example.

            The first rule in sales and marketing is to know your customers. The MBTI is the best tool for this that I’ve found in 20+ years that I’ve been in business. It allows you to predict with much better accuracy what the prospect is most likely to do.

            A great example is your blog about which genre’s of movies does each type enjoy the most. For me, I commented that as an ISTJ, I enjoy war movies and other historical documentaries.

            Now say I wanted to advertise to other ISTJ types. Where should I place the advertisements so that they are most effective? Right! I should advertise when a war movie is playing. That would get the most set of eyeballs from the kind of prospects that are most likely to buy my products.

            Unfortunately, the promoters of MBTI are mostly the NF’s and the NT’s, who aren’t necessarily interested in sales and marketing. So they don’t hype this important application of the MBTI system. They hype the career-choice aspect of MBTI. So sales takes a back-seat, like an ugly sister.

          • tatl33 says:

            “Now say I wanted to advertise to other ISTJ types. Where should I place the advertisements so that they are most effective? Right! I should advertise when a war movie is playing. That would get the most set of eyeballs from the kind of prospects that are most likely to buy my products.”
            A few great points in there! It is good to see that you are making real life practical applications with MBTI.
            Yeah, a lot of promoters of the MBTI are N types so that does explain the lack of marketing/sales MBTI promotion. Do you know of any specific writings that are focused more on the marketing side of things related to MBTI rather than the career-choice?

          • Yes. Come to my web site at customerSecrets.com

          • tatl33 says:

            Will do, I’m interested in seeing it ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Psychological Type expert and Jungian psychiatrist Dr. John Beebe makes an excellent case in the book “Jungian Analysis,” 2d edition, 1995 (pg. 329-330), that Hitler’s preferences were for ISTJ. And I quote

    Hitler was originally probably an introverted sensation type, whose inferior extraverted intuition, carried by a hypomanic but inspiring anima (von Franz 1971), had led Germany in the 1930s to a miraculous economic recovery. On the verge of his starting World War II, however, encouraged by the fascination and lack of limit-setting of other world powers, Hitler’s inflated, but unstable, extraverted intuition seemed to give over to its truly demonic shadow, an undermining introverted intuition that assumed the form of a distorted religious vision. Hitler’s use of a falsified, “bedeviled” version of the old Germanic god Wotan (Burri 1978) to stir up archetypal support for his vengeful project of world domination and ethnic purification was like introducing a virus into the collective unconscious of the German people: he did succeed in producing a genuine religious disturbance, a caesura in the spiritual history of Europe, from which the West is still trying to recover (Lacoue-Labarthe 1990). Hitler’s case, as no other, illustrates the dangerousness of the demonic function, that area of primitive compensations and uncanny possessions that is in all of us, but is an especial threat, through the collapse of the inferior function, to decompensating individuals.

    • tatl33 says:

      That’s an interesting read ๐Ÿ™‚
      I can see where the guy is coming from with the dangerous demonic inferior function.. I question it though, only because it is hard to imagine an ISTJ type as somebody who has a vision like Hitler did, even with intuition as an inferior demonic function.. I’m not sure. What do you think?

      • Vicky Jo says:

        I don’t believe he had a “vision” — I believe he had a “goal.” Very different. (When I see people make that claim, it just shows me how poorly they understand the function of introverted intuition, sigh.)

  26. zelo1954 says:

    I had a friend recently write to me about a certain ENTP in her life. I soon came round to the question of comparing and contrasting Hitler with this person. I saw Hitler as someone who had a dominant Ne totally out of control, swamping an underdeveloped auxiliary Fi or Ti. He wanted to change the world as I’d expect in an Ne dom, but he deferred to others to work out the details. I therefore saw him as an ENxP. I’ve read Miles’ post above about the ENFP and I like it. I also have sympathy for those arguments that place him as an introvert but my take is that Ne overrides everything – and that would make him an ENxP by definition. He ‘delegated’ both introverted and extroverted judging to others. I’m going – very marginally – for ENTP over the generally much gentler ENFP – BUT … would we expect an out of control ENFP to be “gentle?” I’ll add my usual MBTI rider here: One can rationalise almost any position from an analysis of functions.

    • Anonymous says:

      From what I read here, sounds like he’s an infp. I haven’t studied him in the slightest so I dunno. But I assume he is an infp who consorted with an intj.

    • tatl33 says:

      Maybe your right! I find it interesting when people type people completely different to myself!
      I have the opposite opinion to you, so I think this will be a fun conversation ๐Ÿ˜€
      Don’t you think he is too methodical, too much of a planner?
      And haven’t you seen all the speeches he does with all the long pauses? They may just be a method of demonstrating power though..

  27. Jewel says:

    That moment when you’re an INFJ reading this…

  28. ENTPness says:

    Very interesting read, and very interesting comments as well. As an ENTP, I could absolutely see Hitler as being a deranged ENTP with serious psychological issues. A few things:

    1. ENTP’s are constantly trying to change/better their systems for doing things… Hitler spending hours and hours refining his speaking technique and constantly changing his approach and trying new things could account for this.

    2. ENTP’s are the most introverted of the extraverted types; I for one prefer to spend some alone time getting my thoughts in order, especially when I spend too much time around ST types (which the military and government are absolutely EXPLODING with).

    3. ENTP’s are fascinated with new technology, and we have to have our toys. Hitler wasted millions on his super tanks, massive artillery, Jet aircraft, etc. He was never satisfied with a good design; he had to have a better one.

    4. ENTP’s have a weird sense of morality. We can talk ourselves (and anyone else) into and out of almost anything, and once we have our mind made up on something, it’s difficult to change. Also, unlike feelers, we aren’t particularly aware of other people, except as an audience.

    5. ENTP’s have unbelievable grandiose ideas for things that often fall through… and ENTP’s are also excellent strategists, albeit usually for a short time. The massive cities Hitler planned that were never built, the brilliant strategy at the beginning of the war (blitzkrieg) followed by unfinished plans later (invading Russia) show he probably got distracted and couldn’t make his plans come to fruition.

    • tatl33 says:

      That’s a very insightful perspective. I’m going to reply with my opinions on each of your points!
      1. ENTP’s are always trying to change things, your right. I think that wanting to politically change things is often an N trait- they see flaws in the system. Where I think ENTP’s differentiate from INTJ’s (which is what I think Hitler is) is that ENTP’s are more likely to try lots of different ways to change the world, and looks at lots of different alternatives, where as Hitler was close minded and had a vision that he would not change- even to help him win the war. It cost him in the end. Therefore, this is the one point I’m not with you on.
      2. That’s a good point; it’s a good reminder that not showing that much expression when he speaks could be thinking/feeling associated rather than I/E.
      3. Another good point, he was willing to learn a lot of different types of military stuff, which Ne/Ti would love.
      4. 50/50 on this one- remember that Hitler had a clear sense of what he believed was right. People knew where he stood on most issues- it’s far harder to figure that out in Ne users.
      5. This a good point too

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  30. cyberboypower says:

    I think everyone here is trying to say that Hitler’s mbti is the one that they are, lol. Alright, I’m an INFP and I think Hitler is an INFP too with a very thick ESTJ mask. Why INFP? I remember the story about the battle of Dunkirk where Hitler let go 400,000 soldiers who flees into the tip of Belgium/France, I don’t really remember. But the thing is, Hitler and his tank troops would surely won that battle if he wanted to. But he just order his army to stop and let go all of those troops back to their soil, which actually put Hitler in danger when the second attack by those troops coming :/. I don’t know, but somehow I think it’s just really me, LOL. Like, seriously, when I’m angry with very evil people or someone, I may be much stronger to the point where I can actually kill my enemy easily, but I won’t. Because, I guess my enemy will be ‘good’ or just simply my ally when I let them flee. :/.
    And overall, I just don’t think Hitler is really that bad person. I’ve read all the stuff about the conspiracy behind it, and no, I’m not naive that I really believe those stuffs without any analysis or dumbly accept everything as my belief system. THERE IS A MUCH MUCH MORE DEFINITE REASON WHY HE’S ANGRY WITH JEWISH PEOPLE, RATHER THAN CHILDHOOD REVENGE. Seriously, people, don’t easily believe doctrine taught to you by the media, the government because HISTORY IS WRITTEN BY THE WINNER. There is much much more out there. And yeah, I think no one would actually know what is all behind the stage, but we still can see some footage or proofs that he’s not as bad as what the western historian makes him to be.

    • tatl33 says:

      I loved the quote at the end: “history is written by the winner.” If Hitler won the war, we would all be saying I wish I was the MBTI type of Hitler, because we would of all been taught to believe that he had done great deeds for our world. I do, however, believe Hitler is a bad person because his values contradict with what I believe defines a good person. Although that is entirely opinion, not fact.
      I find it interesting you believe he is an INFP, and I do agree with many of your reasons. But why do you think he is masked as an ESTJ?

      • cyberboypower says:

        Trust me sweetheart, Hitler is trapped by certain group of certain nationality for a certain reason. Holocaust is exaggerated and not only happened to Jewish people but also other nationalities who threaten Germany at the time. Gassing didn’t exist.
        I say he has such a thick ESTJ mask because it seems like he always use Te on almost all of his videos. When he face danger, he always think so fast of something to do, order his army for something (Te trait) and I can see that he learn from the previous lesson (Si). Well, I don’t know though, I might be wrong.

        • tatl33 says:

          First time I’ve been called a sweet heart before :p :s
          I see why you think he has a TJ mask. I definitely don’t see where you get the extroverted function from, especially since his Ni dominance is so obvious in his visionary personality. I agree with you about the TJ mask though

        • Holocaust is not to be minimized or denied. says:

          Gassing most definitely existed as agreed by both historians and witnesses including Nazi witnesses. The Holocaust is in no ways exaggerated although it is true that victims did include Romany people, gay people, political prisoners and others. I could see Hitler as an INFP because Fi is all about fighting for one’s personal cause.

          • tatl33 says:

            I see where you are coming from, although the question is whether Hitler was fighting for his personal values (Fi) or his personal vision (Ni). I believe it to be the latter, although feel free to prove me wrong =)

  31. Liz says:

    I’m an ENTP as well, and I’m in agreement with an earlier post that Hitler was an ENTP. I’m reading Ian Kershaw’s biography of him right now, and to me it’s very clear. It’s apparent from his profile as well as the functions. (I didn’t know his type when I started, but I don’t see what else he’d have been).

    Without repeating the earlier post, I can add that Hitler was clearly Ne-dom–if you read his biography (i.e., not just what the History Channel says), he was something of a dreamer, filled with one half-baked notion after the next. He was indeed innovative and actually much of what he tried to implement was first invented in his own mind. He was clever, and he prone to the endless Ne-rambling about everything and nothing. He was Si-inferior–prone to hypochondria, magnificent detail recall, and idealistic notions of the past.

    I don’t think I need to emphasize how he was on the Ti/Fe axis–the man was an adroit Fe-whore, and knew how to reach out to broad masses of people. He knew how to adapt his arguments and mannerisms, yet was curiously disconnected on a one-to-one scale. Socially awkward, withdrawn, only aware of others as an audience. (This, incidentally, is stock ENTP stuff.) Quick to find the underlying principle and exploit it.

    He also fit the profile of an ENTP very aptly, for instance:
    – Gifted debator
    – Upbeat visionary (yes, he was–he saw himself as a “cheerleader” who would lead his people to a glorious future)
    – Quick mind, knew how to talk his way into and out of things (the Third Reich, for instance)
    – His school habits were typical–“bright kid who hates school” syndrome, picked things up quickly then didn’t want to do the work so wound up failing.
    – Enjoyed trying to outwit “the system”
    – Prone to forgetting reality in pursuit of his vision, and he actually DID try lots of different, and highly innovative, ways of achieving that vision.
    – And of course, his empire collapsed under the weight of the excess of his “brilliant” plans.

    HELLO–this is why he was successful, and also why he ultimately failed.

    It’s easy to say that “Hitler had uncompromising values” and was therefore a Feeling type, but I find that a bit insulting to thinking types–Thinkers can’t have convictions? LOL, I certainly do, and I can be determined as hell when trying to realize my vision (common to Sensing-inferior types–the vision MUST be realized). There are other things in the personality that can influence this, as well.

    • Mr ENFP says:

      Ne vision stems from concrete facts and combines them in new way into a possible pattern (pattern design). Ni vision comes from inner symbolic stuff and actualities in concrete way and is very narrowly focused (pattern follower).

      I (Ne dom, ENFP I just realized I was a Fi user with clear softy values and I like to present them in Ne+Te way and still I’m a scientist) just spend time with an Ni user. His speech was very symbolic [internally] and described actions. These people are system/people movers with narrow focus. He let it all out. I tried expand but he insisted to continue with his point.

      I think Hitler was using Ne. He builds his scattered visions from facts that have very little symbolic meaning. Ask an ISTJ (Si-dom) to describe how it is done and you get a picture. ๐Ÿ™‚
      When I watch Hitler I can not see him bitching Fi+Te way. It is way more Ti+Fe.

      • Mr ENFP says:

        And by Si facts I mean internalized ones. Not outer action oriented ones.

        Damn, I can not understand Se and it shows. My sensing abilities are very painful.

        • Mr ENFP says:

          Let me continue:
          Ni +Se
          money = power, status, possibilities.

          For me
          Ne + Si
          money = coins, shops, trading, uuh there is Bitcoin, devaluation, credit cards, you could make money by melting certain coins because…, social security, I don’t really care about it, etc.

      • tatl33 says:

        Hmm that’s an interesting thought. I like how you use the Ti+Fe cognitive functions as many people have just been considering Ni/Ne. I reckon you could be right that he used Fe in some aspects- some people are suggesting that he is INFJ. What do you think about INFJ?

  32. Howdy says:

    I just can’t even image Hitler anything other than and INTJ or less probably and INFJ. And no, I’m not an INTJ, I’m an INTP (with a 90% Ni)
    For the hell of it, what could an omnipotent omnipresent all-incompassing view of the world be but Ni? Not only this, but Hitler views almost never bowed to anything, be it science (even if fraudulent), empathy, or the whole world against. He was very disciplined, never drank (both characteristics of INTJ and Te). He didn’t use deductive logic all that much but was very sure of himself (strong Ni and no Ti).
    Hitler loved Nietzsche (INTJ), and I like both (I’m Ni), and they both make sense to me, so it all makes sense that we all are Ni.

    • tatl33 says:

      That’s strange that your an INTP with 90% Ni? Could you explain that to me? ๐Ÿ˜€
      And that reasoning from where you saying “for the hell of it” to “strong Ni and no Ti” really explained better than I did as to why I think Hitler is an INTJ.

  33. Howdy says:

    And he isn’t even close to an ENTP. He is not a debater but a talker, being lost in Ni can produce magical speeches. He didn’t look from different angles or test his views from different perspectives like and Ne or and ENTP would do. He was virgin or almost, very INTJ and very not ENTP. Clearly was introverted, I’m introverted and I don’t have problem giving solid speeches, I’m frequently told I’m sure of myself at public speeches and kinda intimidating.

  34. Candace says:

    I agree – I think Hitler was an INTJ. An attempt to take over the world is not characteristic of INFJs – they almost always work behind scenes to get things changed/done and loathe confrontation, while INTjs are far more likely to put themselves forward. Also, INFJ’s primary focus is on people/emotion. From what I’ve read of Hitler so far, he had very few personal relationships, was extremely driven and had to have it his way (was very single-minded, which is a characteristic of INTJs). Also, in my experience, revenge rarely incites INFJs, since they almost always end up empathizing with their enemies and begin to question themselves and their motives – revenge definitely wouldn’t sustained him long enough to attempt to destroy a race if he was an INFJ.
    Also, if Hitler was erratic or illogical at times, recall that he was mentally unstable and drugged (NOT drunk), which could account for the inconsistencies.

    • tatl33 says:

      That’s a good point- and plus his mental inconsistencies could be explained by his messed up use of his Fi function. I’ve heard often that Fi’s will occassionally rage out of nowhere after remaining relatively calm usually (as well as Te users) and Hitler apparently did that often. Although again that could just be his mental instabilities and druggedness that played a part.

  35. Candace says:

    Also, just because NTs aren’t feeling types, it doesn’t mean they don’t feel anger/rage/very strong emotion. They do. My brother I believe is an INTJ, and while he often displays a cool surface he can be extremely volatile (even become physical) if he is pressed. He likes to be in charge of situations and doesn’t empathize well with people who disagree with him (single-minded). INFJs, on the other hand, tend to empathize with the other viewpoint, even if they don’t sympathize with it.

    • tatl33 says:

      That’s so true. You really summed up life as an INFJ for me, being one myself. ๐Ÿ™‚ That is the difference between an INFJ/INTJ- it is also often why INTJ’s are often considered more commanding leaders, compared to INFJ’s which can be more team players, although this also means they may not be as direct in a leadership positions.

    • Anonymous says:

      You got it wrong, it is feelers who tend to hold on to their values no matter what. Thinkers can be persuaded with rationale, that was not Hitler’s case. He was drunk with his own ideas, and didn’t listen to others. This might also have been because he was not mentally healthy of course.

  36. L says:

    I’m not so good at this typology stuff, but I strongly believe that he was an F rather than T. He was an art student and wanted to be an artist, and much of his personal beliefs were based on his feelings.

  37. i wish i could remember where/when i read this (it was a psych class is all i remember) but i had thought that people that had severe mental issues couldn’t be typed because of their mental structuring. my professor explained it as that’s why generally typing wouldn’t be done on a paranoid schizophrenic or someone with severe autism or mental retardation for example. i don’t think anyone can argue hitler was a mentally balanced person so i wonder if maybe trying to type him is useless. many INFJs are empaths (in my experience being INFJ-P) and i find it difficult to believe that someone as deranged as hitler to could have an ounce of the empathy that is so common amongst NF types….

    • tatl33 says:

      Hey Genevieve!
      Try and keep in mind that everybody has a natural type but that doesn’t define how they will act and whether they will live up to being a healthy version of that type. For example, an ENTJ (who are usually very strong types) could be bullied during their childhood which might make them appear like another type (maybe ISFP as they have become a more gentle, shy person). But keep in mind that if you get to know their personality it most likely will come out. It’s really 50/50 though! (I’m just arguing the perspective of an INFJ type for Hitler here, I see your point!)

  38. Brendan says:

    I am an INTJ and I don’t think that Hitler was one. I lean philosophically towards nihilism, and when I read INTJ forums it looks like a lot of other INTJs do as well. It doesn’t seem right that a dispassionate thinker with an emotional tendency towards nihilism would hysterically attempt to kill all Jews and conquer everything in sight (although in some cases it looked like Hitler may have been provoked into attacking, for instance I’ve heard that the Soviet Union was massing troops on the border and Hitler attacked them preemptively). An evil INTJ would probably view the world as pawns to be used for his benefit, so he wouldn’t do any evil stuff based on ideology. I think Putin is supposed to be an INTJ (not that he’s evil of course). Tywin Lannister from game of thrones is also supposed to be INTJ. I think most people can agree that Tywin Lannister is a different kind of evil than Hitler (although I think he’s badass).

    I had a girlfriend who was INFJ once (at least I think she was). I thought about her at the time that she was only person I had ever known who seemed to have sincere morals. She takes her feelings very seriously and works hard to imprint them on reality. I think since INFJs are in their head so much (IN) and they make judgments based on their feelings, that they come up with internally consistent moral philosophies when they are young which they stick to tenaciously for the rest of their lives. I thought Gandhi and MLK were INFJs like that. I think INFJs are born to be moral crusaders, and Hitler just ended up with a very bad moral philosophy.

    • tatl33 says:

      I definitely like your second paragraph! I think you just described exactly the best and worst thing about the INFJ types! INFJ’s are more moral, but that also means they develop bad morals too. What other examples of moral philosophers can you think of?

  39. Natlalala says:

    Hitler cannot be an INFJ. If you think of some darker people who are INFJ I would say Marilyn Manson. I can completely relate to his music and lyrics. What MM says in his message is just the opposite of the Hitler’s. INFJs are not righteous people, thriving on hate and revenge. We actually make fun of such characters.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Hitler is a 4w3 sx/so INFP, his tritype is 468

  41. Anonymous says:

    I think he is ESFP

  42. Jonathan says:

    Hitler was not an INFJ.

    I don’t say that as an INFJ- I’m sure that any type can justify war, conquest and genocide-; I say that as an INFJ with a degree in History.

    Its pretty clear that the author did not do much research on this subject. Read Albert Speer- “Inside the Third Reich”; or read Ian Kershaw’s biography. Hitler was not an Introvert- Hitler HATED being alone, even if he frequently was due to his brash, arrogant personality and crude manners (or lack thereof). Hitler surrounded himself with a carefully chosen clique and spent more time with them- and boring them with long, tedious conversations they had heard a hundred times before- than he did governing the country (it showed), whether they liked it or not. Going to restaurants hiking and hanging out took up most of his day, and nobody went home until after he went to bed.

    He didn’t have a master plan; he was the king of “make it up as you go along”. Mein Kampf was not a statement of intent- it was a “get rich quick” scheme to cash in on his popularity after the Beer Hall Putsch and his subsequent arrest and trial (and to pay off his legal debts). He hoped I would make him rich and famous, and that he could retire from politics and go down in history as a sort of prophet for the German Right (at this point, people- Hitler included- still thought the next Right-wing dictator would be ex-General Ludendorff; Hitler wasn’t thinking of being dictator back then)- it didn’t work.

    Many things he’s blamed for- the invasion of Austria and the Sudetenland, the Night of the Long Knives, the Nuremberg Laws- were actually orchestrated by Goering, Himmler and Goebbels, because Hitler was too nervous to take risks and didn’t like the tedious business of running a country; it was only after Munich – after the world backed down from Germany’s blatant land grabbing, and “coincidentally” around the time his shady doctor started proscribing his adrenaline injections- that he started thinking out grandiose plans for invading Poland and Russia and taking the stuff he wrote in Mein Kampf seriously. The Holocaust was not part of a grand scheme but an extension of the Nazi Forced Euthanasia programme as well as an act of brutal colonialism- the Polish Jews, along with many other Polish social and political groups, were purged simply to beat them down and make them easier to control. Once the Nazi’s found themselves in control of a country with a large Jewish population, and because the anti-Jewish laws meant that they could not get a job and were therefore burdens of the Nazi state- Hitler and his cronies became more concerned with the fact that these filthy Jews were costing them space and money than anything else, and it became a matter of killing them off in spurts, then in droves, THEN systematically, because it was cheaper and easier than keeping them alive, though they had use as slave labour. In many cases the initiative was taken by the Nazi’s / Germans on ground level, the soldiers (the Wehrmacht was not innocent in this) and governors of Occupied Poland, rather than something Hitler came up with. Hitler just found out the killings were still happening and decided to endorse it.

    What drove Hitler, first and foremost, was a desire for fame and fortune, with his radical and ill-defined political beliefs coming second. He got into politics because people started paying attention to him, and that’s why he took it seriously and started thinking about ideology, most of which in the end was “borrowed” from other radical Rightists past and then-present, in other words he plagiarised a lot. The idea of Hitler being a hardline fanatic on a crusade to build a great German Empire and destroy the Jews is a myth- Hitler would say or do anything to get into power or be a success, make any sort of promise, cultivate the image of a tough, strong, visionary leader that he pretended to be.

    In reality he probably saw himself as (of all things) a Cincinnatus or a George Washington- in other words, he was going to be Father of the Nation, the guy who takes power in order to bring hard discipline to the country and lays the groundwork for a great empire, but leaves the actual building of said empire- the hard work- to his successors. Hiter’s father died suddenly in his fifties, and Hitler seemed to have a morbid preoccupation with his own death as a result- he thought HE was going to die in his fifties as well, and frequently brought up the subject of his own fragile mortality. In other words what drove him was a desire to “make it” in life before that happened, and he wanted the respect of his peers. The reason he never gave up his dictorial powers and was reluctant to name a successor for a long time was because, aside from finding out that heading a country was actually kind of hard if you didn’t actually know what you were doing, the moment he surrendered his office, he would cease being important, and the respect and security and fame that came with being important mattered too much to him.

    His peers being his fellow members of the Nazi Party. Hitler didn’t have a high opinion of the unwashed masses, German or otherwise, even if Germans were better than everyone else. In practice the Nazi’s acted more like the mafia, the leaders building private and competing bureaucratic empires (so the Third Reich was horribly inefficient) and keeping the members in all the best jobs, while general living standards and wages slowly declined. Hitler confided in Speer that he thought the German people would one day rebel and they’d have to start shooting them (starting with the late 30’s often underestimated how popular he still was). His economic miracle would have eventually caused the German economy to crash, so invading Austria and the rest- reluctant at first though he was to do it- became a matter of seizing foreign resources and looting them to keep the country running, rather than any pre-planned ideology. He may have proposed such things in Mein Kampf, but up to that point he had tried to distance himself from those ideas, and was annoyed when the more radical Nazi supporters expected him to do what he said he would do.

    In other words, Hitler was driven by paranoia, bravado, selfishness and greed; he made stuff up as he went along, and let other people do the grunt work. He was a hard worker when it suited him, but his primary end goal was not the creation of a brutally efficient Fascist New World Order; rather, he worked hard for the day he would never have to work at all, and to make life easier for his followers and cronies because he liked the feeling of leading his own gang and being the respected leader of his own exclusive club. Not saying he didn’t have hardcore racist, sexist and authoritarian views on the world, but they weren’t as important to him as people imagined.

    TL; DR –

    Hitler was an ESTJ. He was Extraverted, absorbed most of his values from outside sources and plagiarised a lot of ideas, and got by on his ability to read people and figure out what they wanted (Sensor), he saw himself as a rational person first and foremost (even if much of what he believed was crude and stupid, it wasn’t the fantasies of a daydreamer- most Fascists and racists across Europe, of all stripes, believed much the same garbage) and often made insensitive comments- not out of malice but more usually out of truly not getting the problem (eg. on one occasion, when Magda Goebbels was weeping over her broken marriage and psychologically abusive husband, Hitler was confused and asked Speer why she was crying- on being told the gist of it, he laughed and chalked it up to how emotional women can get), so he was more Thinker than Feeler, even if he could sometimes fake empathy and knew how to rile up the emotions of the crowds. I’ll only give him Judging because of his commitment to his long-term goals, even if that goal was much more about wealth and legacy than the mad plans for world domination he’s often credited with.

    A frustrated, ill-educated, egomaniacal, but nonetheless driven and ambitious ESTJ; that’s what Hitler was. He fits that the best.

    • Anon says:

      Gotta disagree with you on this one. I’ve read Inside the Third Reich and can’t see Hitler as an ESTJ.

      When it came to making decisions, Hitler took the artists approach of waiting for inspiration. When there is an important decision to be made. I cannot imagine an ESTJ disappearing of to his mountain retreat to watch movies until the inspiration hit him. Hitler’s decision making depended mostly upon gut instinct (in he same way as an artist does). Once he’d made a decision, he’d cherry pick the facts that fitted his decision as justification and wouldn’t budge.

      Also, Hitler didn’t take much interest in how things were run. So long as those around him didn’t interfere with what he wanted, he didn’t really care what they got up to. Hence, Goering was able to live a life of obscene luxury and idleness for most of the war and get away with it. I cannot imagine an ESTJ tolerating his second in command doing this.

      I think Hitler’s need for people was more about him being able to verbalize his thoughts and ideas. I don’t think he really got much out of their company or what they had to contribute. Most conversations with Hitler involved doing a lot of listening whilst he did most of the talking. I recall reading that he used to lecture people at length until the small hours of the morning. That fact that most of his audience would be asleep didn’t bother him. So long as one person was awake, he’d quite happily go on talking.

      Speer commented that Hitler had the temperament of an artist and I’m inclined to agree with him. I’d put him down as an ISFP with a certain amount of Aspergers.

      • Lalala says:

        Leaving aside the topic of Hitler’s MBTI personality type, I would argue that he had suffered from Paranoid Personality Disordered. Look it up and check if it fits.

    • Anonymous says:

      Best response is this one, well thought out and well supported argument. Thank you for actually using facts.

  43. Meems&Fizz says:

    I guess INFJ does fit best because one of the strengths of that personality trait is being Altruistic. And while the cause he believed was in the extermination of a race, it was something he believed to be right and just and he followed through with that. Other strengths such as decisive, determiend, passionate, inspiring can also be said of him.
    However, Im not completely sure if this is the true representation of Hitlers diverse personality traits.
    I was under the impression that he was extrovert rather than introvert. Regardless, INFJ makes sense.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Japan & Germany both used lots of Meth — Hitler drug probly.

  45. Leandra says:

    I am an INFJ, and I don’t believe in MBTI stereotypes or myths.

    INFJs aren’t all angels and not all INTJs are monsters.

    Doing something illogical doesn’t automatically mean you’re an F.

    Being insensitive doesn’t automatically mean you’re a T.

    Typing a person is deeper than that.

    Hitler was definitely Ni-dominant.

    But he couldn’t have been an INFJ.

    Don’t mistake passion for feelings.

    If you type him as an F because of how passionate he was, then you need to relook at the MBTI typing process.

    I say he was an INTJ because while what he did was, of course, illogical and cruel, a even an unhealthy feeler couldn’t have done something that abominable.

  46. Amy says:

    Hitler was definitely an INFJ stuck in an Ni- Ti loop. He was suppressing his Fe, which normally would’ve made him feel considerate towards others.

  47. .... says:

    Uhhh… Functions, not letters! He was probably Ni Fe

  48. M M says:

    Hitler wasn’t and INFJ. I don’t know how people could think that. He was a domineering, sadistic, controlling individual who thought in stereotypes. None of which is characteristic of INFJs. It appears to me he was an ENTJ. A commandant. Ghandi is reputed to have been an INFJ, a very different kind of leader than Hitler. Where do people get the idea Hitler would be an INFJ?

  49. houston says:

    As AN INTP looking at this i am laughing at you people arguing over his personalty type. if you have ever taken the test you know it goes in percents in this case im guessing he was An INTJ with The Strategy of social engagement who also has a Strong F and T trait both being in the High 40% and low 50% this would explain his somewhat confused personality.

  50. Mr Bond Villain says:

    In Mein Kampf Hitler propose his ethos for the direction of the german people, he salutes the downtrodden, he spurs on their Imagination on an elaborate soup of passionate and artistic imagery rather than logical dissertation, in fact Mein Kampf is the least logically inclined “ism” defining books out there. When I read it I was surprised by his blatant disregard for facts and for any scientific method and by how creativily he manages to replace logic with pathos, reason with ethics.

    In his speeches he does not convey science, he does not speak of a world of facts, he speaks to the german heart, and he does so with no less prowess than Martin Luther King, Gandhi or any other Fe type.

    As an INTJ personality type I finally felt at home when i read Machiavelli, and Sun Tzu was a positive delight to race through, But Hitlers artistry in Mein Kampf is like traveling in a strange foreign country so alien that its almost as if the laws of nature have shifted.

    I propose to you that Hitlers world is a world of ethics, twisted ethics for sure, but ethics so ethical that there is hardly any room for thought, and there is certainly NO room for argument, “dangerous” thoughts pursued and designated patsies are named, chased down and ended, all done with pathos in the name of ethics of the time, Nazism.

    I’ve seen INFJ style arguments so often that their internal inconsistency is no longer surprising, they are clearly concerned with ethics and its a topic that I do not fill my pasttime with at leassure, and yet, once in a while I take that travel, down through the magic hole and find a world of judgements about people, life, death, God and anything in between that simply does not make any sense at all, and yet its strangely compelling – like a tune you never heard before, but you feel your body dance to it whimsically intense drumbeat instantly, even before your fully aware of its finely tuned appeal to your heart. That Fe drumbeat.

    I propose to you that as INTJ I know villains, at least two thirds of Bond Villains are my twisted brothers, their creativity and their unconventional mastery of the world as it is spell disaster for established systems and I can feel my twisted brothers tick as they move in the grand chess game of life. And yet. Something is a little bit off, they are as I would be if I went bad, but not as I would actually be, no. They are as I would be, seen through the eyes of a typical Fe personality type. And thats the irony of it all, that type so well suited to speak the the heart of people, spend much of their time casting my type as the villain and yet, Mrs INFJ the real seducer of a people, the master of ethics is your brother is Hitler, is Martin Luther King is Gandhi.

    My Bond Villainy does include self improvement, and for reasons of compassion, witch i recently read about in my Bond Villain self help book I encourage all INFJ types to disagree with me, your brain is not suited to this kind of open mindedness, and I’m sorry to have stressed you out so badly. if it makes you feel better (and lets be frank, it totally does) please feel free to cast me as the villain of all villains in your replies. You do not need to stay on topic, you do not need to be on point, you dont even have to be rational, no, you are the epitome of ethics, and that alone gives you card blanche to vilify any people that suits your fancy. now, play me a tune, and tug on my heartstrings.

    Sincerely, Mr Bond Villain.

    • Anonymous ESTJ says:

      You are a very eloquent writer, however your argument has one, but fatal, flaw. Ethics are moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior… MORAL is synonymous with GOOD. Therefore not INFJ since they’re all about ethics. Source: Dictionary/Thesaurus

      • Mr Bond Villain says:

        Yeah the thing is tho, for most INFJ personalities their personal convictions are good, so good that they do not need to check if their ethics have negative sideeffects, so good that anyone doubting them are bad, so good and so moral that it’s ok to lie to convince people, it’s ok to use their deep understanding of the human heart to compel them to be believers and it’s not only ok to persecute nonbelievers, it’s the moral thing to do.

  51. f&s says:

    I believe he was an INTP… just an opinion.

  52. Cathy says:

    I am going with TJ, I can’t be sure of the others. He didn’t have compassion for others and he was judgemental. I am leaning towards N rather than S.

    • Anonymous says:

      In my personal experience i have found Fe types to generally have much more compassion for the people they sympathise with and much less, if any at all, for people they don’t sympathise with than T types.

      a surprising number of people that identify themselves as compassionate are absolutely ok saying things like “nuke all arabs”, “kill the jews”, “PETA stuff is OK”, “capitalism is murder” etc etc etc etc. when talking to those guys much much more than 90% seem like Fe types to me.

  53. soul says:

    Why exactly is it hard to assume that his hatred was not based on observation he had as an adult?
    Don’t get me wrong, I condemn his actions just like any anarchist liberal socialist, but I want to know why everyone assumes his actions to be completely irrational. There is no proof of him having grudges due to childhood memories, afaik his hatred built over time.
    That could render him to be a sensor too. His cold blooded conquest points towards judging thinking.

  54. TL says:

    Hitler was a 140+ IQ, infinitely stubborn ENFP (but maybe due to his high introversion his cogntive functions sometimes flipped him into an INFJ, yes). The reason why he is so hard to type is that most of the things widely known about him and about WW2 are massive lies.

    • Steven says:

      Creator of National-Socialist system, open racist, rigid dictator, high nationalist values…..
      How, the fuck, he can be friendly, playful, cosmopolitan ENFP? Hitler was obvious a judger!
      INFJ, ENFJ or psychologically insecure INTJ. Whatever, INFJ make a great sense!

      • TL says:

        Simple. When an ENFP goes over 130-140 IQ, there can be a drastic change. All the good and bad in the world gets considered at the same time, and the path to the “greater good” is calculated this way. Sterilizing or even exterminating certain races for example can become the right thing to do for some of them.

        • TL says:

          And not removing or sterilizing or even exterminating them can become blatantly evil.
          Not destroying Bolshevism and the Russian devastation in Eastern-Europe can also become evil.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Hitler was fucking stupid! He was too impulsive. There’s no way he was an intj. He made decisions without even think about it and intjs plan out their every move. He was definitely an ENTJ, he liked to command, he liked power. Then intjs always think before acting but Hitler followed his ideas even if they were too irrealistic to become real

  56. Anonymous says:

    Great same mbti as hitler

  57. Gabriel says:

    Holy cow this is beautifully hilarious. My one true ex gf was an infj, and holy moly was she damaged and vengeful! Perfect lmao perfect.

  58. Anonymous ESTJ says:

    This is a classic example of why you shouldn’t believe most of what you read on the internet, especially from “blog” sources where average humans spit out their thoughts. Hitler was ESTJ… simple directions for this author: read the descriptions for both INFJ, then ESTJ, then hopefully then it’s obvious… if not then I cannot help you. INFJ’s at their worst would never do what Hitler did… they would rather die.

  59. Anonymous ESTJ says:

    Ethics are moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior… MORAL is synonymous with GOOD. Therefore not INFJ since they’re all about ethics. Repeat after me, thou shall not commit logical fallacies.

  60. jealous? says:

    after reading these comments, because i wanted to know hitler’s MB type, you guys just made me think of those mean girls in high school that deep down, are very jealous!

  61. Smart101 says:

    This may not be the point but the statement above indicating that Hitler hated the Jews “because a few gave him trouble when he was young” is incorrect.

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