Which MBTI type was Joseph Stalin?

In the last article written, Adolf Hitler was analyzed.

Another man who played a huge role in World War 2 was Joseph Stalin, leader of the military force of Russia. Stalin is an extroverted thinking type primarily. This is evident as he is a strategic fighter. He cared about getting the highest amount of military force possible and he was extremely organized with his army. His extroverted thinking was evident in his cold hearted attitude towards people. To him, everyone who was fighting for him was just another piece of his army who he was to command. This clearly shows how much of a thinker he was.


His secondary function is introverted sensing. Many people remarked on Stalin’s fine attention to detail. He could recall every other enemies military numbers, weapons, etc. This was one of the main reasons he was an excellent military leader. He was also very objective and a perfectionist, striving to gain power, evident by his introverted sensing attitude.
Due to this information, it is clear that Joseph Stalin is primarily an extroverted thinking type, due to his ability to command soldiers and think logically when making decisions, always thinking about future consequences. His secondary function is introverted sensing, due to his fine attention to detail and his ability to gather all information before making decisions. This makes Joseph Stalin an ESTJ, the commanding type.

Which MBTI type do you think Joseph Stalin was? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!!


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Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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18 Responses to Which MBTI type was Joseph Stalin?

  1. Steve says:

    Stalin was an introvert, he was very quiet and was in conversation a great listener. He also spent days hiding out at his home alone. His great strategies and ruthlessness point towards TJ. This is true that he had a incredible memory for detail, that would point towards ISTJ who are the most detail orientated out of all personality types.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Much too forceful to be an ESTJ, ESTJ are usually middle management enforcer types. Stalin fits all the ENTJ stereotypes, Ni can be detailed where it comes to the big picture just not day to day stuff like Si.

    • tatl33 says:

      I definitely can see him as an ENTJ
      I really found it hard to split up the S/N, because he really could be either, and looking back on this article you are probably right! I’ve seen many sources cite him as both intuition and sensor, so it really comes down to opinion I guess!

  3. Alex-Scandelari says:

    Stalin was intuitive not sensorial. Read his biographies…He carefully planed how to achieve power for years, before becoming the secretary-general of the Soviet Union’s Politburo. He was also Introverted, not extroverted. He was a dissimulator who seemed to be one thing but wasn’t.
    “Stalin’s greatness as a dissimulator was an integral part of his greatness as a statesman.”

  4. Anonymous says:

    I honestly think the was an INFJ.

    Just as someone said before, he was very introverted. He preferred to operate in the background.

    He was also very intuitive. In fact, his paranoia may have very well been him relying on his intuition too much.

    He definitely had a large feeling side (just look at his feud with Trotsky. He called him a yokel and Stalin permanently hated him so much that he altered his political decisions if Trotsky thought they were good ideas.)

    As for judging, I don’t know how to relate this to him, but I just can’t see Stalin as a percieving figure,

  5. uncle sam says:

    Stalin is an introvert. All he did all day is work in his office. Most of you associate detail oriented with introverted sensing, getting all this bullshit from stupid websites and peple who have no understanding of MBTI. It dependes in WHAT are you detail oriented. He has an ISTP vibe, you can read on his face that he does not give a fuck. A trully smart and developed ISTP. Being a sensor doesn’t mean your intuition is not developed, it means that your sensing function is more developed. Or he can be an INFJ, since they have the same functions as ISTP. OH, and gathering information before making a decision is a very Ti thing,not Si. People with si and te\fe are confortable making decisions based on objective things and they don’t have patience gathering infromation, and they don’t care as much for things to make sense. Just do what works.

  6. StarTiger says:

    Personally think Hitler was likely an S. His art doesn’t look “N” at all, or F for that matter. Think more likely something like ISTP; ISTP’s can be *intensely* philosophical and have hair trigger tempers. They like to “fix” things/ tweak things; they are “mechanics”. If they somehow got mad at society I could imagine they could take a whack at fixing it…. and then, lacking the N to successfully understand what’s hurting them …add a dash of immorality or crazy and… well, yeah. Watch out world.

  7. Baron says:

    Some guys above getting the whole thing wrong. Intro/extroversion has nothing to do with someone’s social skill or behaviour. It’s about one’s mental and thinking process. Stalin’s ambition to apply communism as wide as possible and to make sure his reign is unmatchable are clear signs of extroversion. An introvert thinker wouldn’t be so ambitious about the external world, he’ll be all about his ideas, motives and goals while Stalin was extroverted enough to even execute so many people for their own nature. Introverts can be as cruel too but they might just trying to erase the opposite ideology/views than execute the people so cruelly and will only apply such an execution when it’s necessary to defend their ideology. Stalin executed too much people for the execution to be considered as necessary. So his first letter is E.

    About S/N, let’s not forget that Stalin was actually once tried to be a priest in Christian(or catholic)ortodhox school. He didn’t continue that because his revolutionary mind wasn’t accepted by the religious community. If he was an S, he wouldn’t sacrifice his theological knowledge and religion for his rational ideas and instead will do anything to hold his religious beliefs because he would sense that it works as it have been worked and would just prefer to defend it than fighting upon for his revolutionary views which was unsure whether it would work or it would not. A sensory-thinker thinks in a more linear way even if his N have been developed but in the end he would base his acts and point of view in his sensory-thinking logic. So it’s more likely that Stalin is an intuitive-thinker with a very well developed S which would make sense considering the circumstances in his life that would naturally help to develop his sensing ability. But everything he’d ever done in general is very intuitive. He’s basically an N.

    About T/F and J/P, i think it’s been explained well enough already.

    Stalin is a classic example of an ENTJ.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with Baron. It is not true that Stalin would “work only from his office”, or alone, as many others have said, which was the case with Lenin, who was a classic INTJ. If you read “Molotov Remembers” or other accounts from Stalin’s associates who remained loyal, Stalin had people over everyday. Regular people through high-level government members met him all day. Although he was shy in front of cameras, he gave his personal phone number to many people and told them to call him when they needed help. Moreover, Stalin loved playing practical jokes on his friends, like getting them to sit on tomatoes or pulling their chairs. Most importantly, his rise from a “secretary” position, which was not supposed to have that much power, but did because Stalin found dirt on everybody, points to extraversion.

      Your reasoning needs some refinement. First, Stalin attended a catholic college, but he never attempted to become a priest; he merely tried to hide his already existing atheist bias, but was ratted out by another student because he couldn’t hide secrets. Second, An INTJ can have just as much ambition for the outside world. Marx and Lenin were INTJ’s through and through. Third, all the types are capable of being corrupted by absolute power.

      Stalin’s need to bounce ideas off comrades, his love of meetings and sharing tea with people all night point to high extroversion. Stalin was extremely gossipy and got loud and angry at people all the time – often belittling them to vent frustration. Reading about him from people who knew him and his complete works, he sounded strikingly like Gordon Ramsey (classic ENTJ) to me, but devout to different cause – both individuals are entertaining and funny.

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  9. TL says:

    Stalin was either a sociopath or a psychopath, and therefore exists outside the MBTI.

  10. smeone says:


    • Anonymous says:

      An idiot successfully leading troops and retaining loyalty in three separate wars? I don’t think so, smeone. I dislike Stalin because I support Marxist Socialism instead of state-operated Socialism, but he was clearly brilliant.

      • Anonymous says:

        He was defiantly not an idiot, this can be seen clearly in his decision to step back from overall strategic decision making after losing literally millions of soldiers in operations he insisted on. Between 1943-45 he rarely diverted from the Stavka’s strategy. He did however take all the credit post 45.
        In regards to the loyalty of his soldiers his ‘Order 227’ ensured any retreating Soviet soldiers were gunned down by NKVD, commiserate or ‘blocking detachments and the policy of shooting all family members of Red Army deserters ensured orders were followed but if this really constitutes ‘loyalty’…? The man himself once responded to a compliment on his solders dedication and loyalty with “In the Soviet army it takes more courage to retreat than advance”.

  11. Marlo Stamps says:

    Ridiculous. The question is answered in the last sentence. If you wanted to go into detail, the article should have been entitled “Why Stalin Was An ESTJ”.

  12. Anonymous says:

    My guess, INTJ. Don’t ask how I got to this conclusion.

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