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Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)

Which MBTI type suits University degrees?

Different MBTI types often suit different types of University degrees. Whilst in general introverts seem more interested in academia, there is a large variety in the type of people that do different types of degrees. Please note, there are definitely … Continue reading

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Which MBTI type are the characters from Westworld?

Hello friends! It has been a while, however I am back with some new blog entries! Firstly, we will make a post for Westworld! What an amazing new TV show it is. Let’s get started. Keep in mind that the … Continue reading

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Which MBTI type is confident?

Hello! In this article we will be investigating how different types relate to confidence. Remember THIS WILL CONTAIN GENERALIZATIONS. THE CORRELATION BETWEEN MBTI TYPE AND CONFIDENCE IS LIKELY VERY SMALL. KEEP THIS IN MIND. Most confident type (in general): ENTJ- … Continue reading

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Which MBTI type is found in which habitat?

Recently suggested by fan Mad Cosh, I have developed a blog entry that investigates Which MBTI type is found in different places or “habitats…” INTJ- University, laboratory, library ENTJ- Office, University, with other people INTP- Library, own room, Anime conventions … Continue reading


Which MBTI type is most mature?

Maturity: “the ability to respond to the environment in the appropriate matter. This is a learned rather than instinctive ability.” Maturity means no longer relying on a carer to look after your needs. Maturity allows independent decision making and being … Continue reading

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Which MBTI type best represents drugs?

Hopefully, this blog entry will provide you guys with an abstract interpretation of, from much research, the psychological effects of various legal and illegal drugs and how this relates to MBTI personality types. If drugs had an MBTI type, what … Continue reading

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Which MBTI type is best for different life stages?

There is no doubt that in certain stages of life, different MBTI types have different advantages. This article shall address which MBTI type achieves maximum happiness (which assumes it is the best type) at six stages of life- primary school, … Continue reading

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