Which MBTI type suits University degrees?

Different MBTI types often suit different types of University degrees. Whilst in general introverts seem more interested in academia, there is a large variety in the type of people that do different types of degrees. Please note, there are definitely exceptions to the list below (this is just a broad statement into what is a common personality type of people in each degree).

  • Arts- INFP
  • Engineering- INTP
  • Foreign language- ISFP
  • Psychology- INFJ
  • Philosophy- INTP
  • Biology-  ISTJ
  • Law- ENTP
  • IT- INTP
  • Business Management- ENTJ
  • Marketing- ENTP
  • Commerce- ESTP
  • Politics- INTJ
  • Mathematics- INTJ
  • Physics- INTP
  • Chemistry- INTJ
  • Religious Studies- ISFJ
  • Communication- ESFP
  • Journalism- ENFJ
  • Geology- ISTJ
  • History- ISFJ
  • Geography- ISTJ
  • Education- ESFJ
  • Gender studies- ENFP
  • Sociology- ENFP
  • Social work- ENFJ
  • Welding- ESTP
  • Nursing- ESFJ
  • Accounting- ISTJ

I couldn’t cover everybody unfortunately as there are a huge range of degrees available (so let’s leave that on a positive). If I’ve missed any or you have any questions, leave them in the comment section below and I’ll get around to answering it!

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Which MBTI type are the characters from Westworld?

Hello friends! It has been a while, however I am back with some new blog entries!

Firstly, we will make a post for Westworld! What an amazing new TV show it is. Let’s get started. Keep in mind that the hosts are particularly difficult to do, however I will categorise them in their original forms (before being modified).

Dolores- ISFP

William- INFP

Man in Black- INTP (changed over the years)

Logan- ESTP

Dr Ford- INTJ

Maeve- ENFP

Bernard- ISTJ

Teddy- ESTP

Ashley- ISTJ

Charlotte- ENTJ

Clementine- ESFP

Elsie- ENTP

Theresa- ISFJ

Armistice- ISTP

Hector- ISTP

I hope you enjoyed the article! How do you think the typing is for these characters? Post your opinions on my characters in the comment section below!

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Which MBTI type is confident?

Hello! In this article we will be investigating how different types relate to confidence. Remember THIS WILL CONTAIN GENERALIZATIONS. THE CORRELATION BETWEEN MBTI TYPE AND CONFIDENCE IS LIKELY VERY SMALL. KEEP THIS IN MIND.

  • Most confident type (in general): ENTJ- with their J they are decisive and future planning, the leader type. Their Ni type means they are often confident visionaries, and their extroversion means they are good at adapting to external environmental factors, making ENTJ’s likely the most confident type.
  • Least confident type: ISFP- in contrast, ISFP’s are often the least confident type. With Fi as their dominant function, ISFP’s are all about harmony and are extremely sensitive to things, which could likely lead to self esteem and confidence issues in a mentally unhealthy ISFP.
  • Potential for most confidence: INTJ’s have a lot of potential for confidence if they come up with a revolutionary idea with their Ni. Arrogance can be found in some INTJ’s who don’t take things from different perspectives, therefore these INTJ’s, no matter how skilled, must often learn to balance their confidence!
  • Confidence- boosters: ENFJ are the confidence boosters, with their Fe they are all about helping other people to achieve their best, and their Ni allows them to have internal visions of the future for those in tough situations of the person in a more successful situation. This makes ENFJ’s the type that displays optimism, support and is confident themselves in other people, therefore giving a confident boost to other people.

I hope you enjoyed the article! Do you believe confidence is correlated with MBTI? Do you believe I have correctly identified which MBTI types relate to confidence?

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Which MBTI type is found in which habitat?

Recently suggested by fan Mad Cosh, I have developed a blog entry that investigates Which MBTI type is found in different places or “habitats…”

  • INTJ- University, laboratory, library
  • ENTJ- Office, University, with other people
  • INTP- Library, own room, Anime conventions
  • ENTP- Any exciting event, laser tag, business meetings
  • INFJ- Family/friends gatherings, book stores, University
  • ENFJ- Charities, family/friends gatherings, organising events
  • INFP- Museum/art gallery, creative events, theatre
  • ENFP- Parties, exotic places, theatre, creative events
  • ISTJ- Office, sports stadium
  • ESTJ- Sport fields, beach, office
  • ISTP- Camping, garage working on something, sports stadium
  • ESTP- Sport fields, adventurous places, bar/clubbing
  • ISFJ- Church, coffee shops, book stores
  • ESFJ- Coffee shops, nice hotels, family/friend gatherings
  • ISFP- Art museums, nature, picnics
  • ESFP- Parties, dance clubs, beach

I hope you enjoyed the article! Comment below what you think- is this right? Do these MBTI types best fit in with these habitats?

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Which MBTI type is most mature?

Maturity: “the ability to respond to the environment in the appropriate matter. This is a learned rather than instinctive ability.”

Maturity means no longer relying on a carer to look after your needs. Maturity allows independent decision making and being responsible in choice of actions. Contrarily, immaturity is a time when one can not yet handle these more adult decisions; one is still learning from their carer how to function in the world.

Based on this definition, several key aspects stand out. Firstly, the SJ types seem to best suit this ideal of the mature type. Sensory types are known as practical, down to earth, realistic and detail orientated. They are also quick at picking up real world skills. From these characteristics, sensory types are likely to develop the ability to survive in the real world much more easily then the more dreamy intuitive type that is not as focused on the real world. Additionally, judging types are organised, planning types that are known for their decision making abilities. Therefore, SJ types are the most mature types.

This is where it gets tricky- the ESFJ, ESTJ, ISTJ and ISFJ “duty fulfilling” types are all equally likely to be mature. Therefore, I shall make a list of the four different maturity types:

  • ISFJ “stable type” at their peak, the ISFJ is practical and sensitive, showing great consideration for others. The Si allows them to follow known laws, customs and skills that allow them to make adulThe Four Most Mature Typest decisions, whereas the Fe helps them understand others. Their IJ nature means they never lose their cool and are therefore the most stable type of the four types.
  • ESFJ “care taking type” much like ISFJ’s, ESFJ’s at their healthiest stage understand other people much like ENFJ types due to their Fe. However, their Si allows them to provide practical knowledge and warmth that makes them the care taking type, therefore one of the most mature types of all.
  • ESTJ “protecting type” with their extroverted Te, this type is good at creating systems and orders to protect their families and society. Often parents or law enforcers, these mature types are the types many look up to for fairness and order (Te/Si combination) which makes them a mature and responsible type.
  • ISTJ “hardworking type” their Si and Te means they develop a hardworking, organised value system that ensures that they will work hard to achieve what they need. This high achieving, logical and concrete mind sight makes them an independent and responsible type.

Therefore, the ISTJ, ESTJ, ESFJ and ISFJ types are the most mature types. Remember, this isn’t to say the NP types are the most immature or that other types are immature! It varies much between different people, this is just a generalisation based on one person’s perspective on maturity! You can read about the awesome aspects of the other types on my other blog entries!

I hope you enjoyed the article! Comment below on your opinions of this article!

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