This website was created Friday, 17th September 2010. Created with WordPress in Australia. Which MBTI Type aims at exploring the deep psychology of personality through the Myer-Briggs type indicator. It explores certain personality traits and characteristics of each type and aims at giving you the best results from an objective, analytical and theoretical perspective. It also determines the MBTI type of celebrities and characters from TV shows and correlates MBTI types to enneagram.

Personal Note

Hello, my name is Tim and I currently live in Australia. I am really enjoying mastering the basics of the MBTI theory and enneagram theory. After a lot of experience and enthusiasm in these subjects, I have set out to create the best blog possible. I have enjoyed writing about many interesting things, but I have particularly enjoyed determining certain personality traits for each personality type and determining the MBTI types of fictional characters on television. I am an INFJ, type four, and my interests include writing, reading, playing tennis, hanging out with friends, watching TV and listening to music, typical INFJ stuff. If you ever need any assistance or have some inquiries or suggestions, please feel free to comment on this page.

Tim. 🙂

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