Which MBTI type is most likely to be a psychopath? (In Fiction)

Psychopath: “Pervasive pattern of disregard for the rights of others and the rules of society.”

Due to high demand, the MBTI most likely to be a psychopath has been modified to the ESTP type.

A psychopath is a personality disorder, hence it is hard to diagnose an individual type as a psychopath. However, some types show more frequent psychopathic patterns, and research has proven that certain types are more likely to be psychopathic than others. Keeping this in mind, let the typing begin! :)

A psychopath is characterized as having disregard for other people, feeling no empathy for others. This is one of the clear signs that thinkers, who think more logically, are more likely to be psychopaths. Psychologists often comment on the fact that psychopaths are more concerned with what will logically benefit them rather than making decisions with their emotions. Hence, thinkers are more likely to be psychopaths.

When it comes to intuitives and sensors, sensors are more likely to be psychopaths than sensors. Psychopaths live in the present, adapting to new situations and focusing on experiences that will please them at the time. This means that they are good at manipulating situations to their benefit and adapting so it suits them. Se types are therefore highly likely to be psychopaths.

Perceivers, who do not think about the future consequences of their actions, are far more likely to be psychopaths. Psychopaths are adapters, they are flexible and they think in the moment. I’m sure many psychopaths, although they feel satisfaction at the time, regret many mistakes that they make after. Not because of the consequences that it has on others, but because of the consequences it has on them. Yet, they do not think about this at the time as they do not think about how breaking the rules could affect them at the time, a common perceiver trait. This makes perceivers more likely to be a psychopath.

Finally, extroverts are more likely to be psychopaths. They are good at connecting with people, get easily bored by stimuli and they see life as a a sport or game that they must win. Being Se, they are prone to boredom, often involved in criminal activity and fun at parties (but without regard for others.) Being naturally typing, ESTP’s are most likely to be psychopaths.

Judged on this information, it is clear that an ESTP is the most likely type to be a psychopath. This makes sense, as ESTP’s are primarily focused on thinking logically in the moment. They are also secondarily introverted thinking, which means they are spontaneous analyzers.

A good example of a fictional psychopath is an INTJ, Hannibal Lecter, in the Silence of the Lambs movie. It was clear throughout the movie that Hannibal Lecter was an introvert, who enjoyed deep and meaningful conversations, for a greater purpose rather than just to chat. He was also a very smart, manipulative, deeply thinking man. He had the ability to think outside the box using his intuition (such as putting another man’s face on his as a mask.) He was definitely a thinker, as he spent all the time in the movie trying to decide what would most likely benefit him.

A little warning: How do you recognize a psychopath? A psychopath’s primary goal is to win. They want to win career wise, sport wise, competitions, etc. But worst of all: they want to win when it comes to people. And how do they do that? When most people are emotionally comprehending what the other person is saying, and trying to relate to someone in a conversation, a psychopath is only concerned about winning by being more powerful than the other person. If you know someone who genuinely doesn’t care about others, societal rules, and only wants power, then you are most likely dealing with a psychopath. However, this is hard to recognize, as being observers, psychopaths are good at hiding these traits and portraying fake amounts of empathy when the time suits. But go with your gut instinct; there is a reason you do not trust someone, and if you can see through their fake persona, trust that feeling.

A psychopath can be anyone- even the life of the party…

If you are dealing with a psychopath, get out of their life quick! They are deceitful, manipulative, controlling and show no empathy whatsoever. Good luck, and hopefully I did more than just analyze an MBTI type in this article. I’m hoping I informed the world of psychopathic people and the negative affects that they can have.

Which MBTI type do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!!

About tatl33

Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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181 Responses to Which MBTI type is most likely to be a psychopath? (In Fiction)

  1. acerbusvenator says:

    uhm, psychopathy isn’t in DSM…
    thus it is not a personality disorder.
    Psychopathy is today’s vampires.
    The weak Fe function in INTP makes them compensate by being really easy to offend.
    They are also (at least younger one’s) afraid in a way that they hurt people without knowing, or intending to.

    An INTP isn’t a charmer or anything like that which is one of the “characteristics” of a “psychopath”. If anything they don’t want to charm people and they are at most just seen as funny because of that.

    • Father Tan says:

      I strongly disagree. I understand what you’re saying and I’ll explain why you’re wrong when I get some more time. For now, try and rethink what you just said because you’re quite far off base here ;)

      • acerbusvenator says:

        let me formulate it like this.

        Ti Ne Si Fe
        Ti – personal logic (alright, might get a point here because the Xi judging functions are dismissive of external ideas and Fi is too concerned with values)
        Ne – Strong Ne in INTPs have never meant anything much more than bursts of ideas since it supports Ti. (meaning no point)
        Si – Why would you think a type with a past oriented function? it’s not like the psychopath has any reason to go “you know… when I was young….” (lol)
        Fe – weak Fe seriously? inferiority complex!
        Every INTP I’ve talked to thinks that people are idiots. (you don’t get far by calling people idiots)

        If anything a psychopath would be most likely ESTP.
        Se Ti Fe Ni
        Se – Observant of the present environment and being able to notice and act on things that can help them with advantages.
        Ti – Backing up their need for experiencing things with personal logic making them quite sure about themselves.
        Fe – A third function Fe allows them to some degree understand people and yet it isn’t weak enough to cause an inferiority complex.
        NI – inferiority complex on Ni which is linear and structural. This does so they NEED stimulation since they would get an inferiority complex by routines.

        I know that INTPs really want to be considered psychopaths… but there is no basis for it since there isn’t even a psychological disorder called psychopathy.

        Also, some studies have been done which suggests that “psychopathy” might be caused by something called a “warrior gene” not a personality.

        • Felix Johnson says:

          this is a litle bit too hard to grasp for a nub like me so can u break it down in a easiest wayy possible?

          thanks and my apology broken english, im learning still :)

          • acerbusvenator says:

            it is quite much as basic as I can go,
            Every type are prone to a certain form of inferiority complex at times which revolves around their 4th function.
            like Fe in INTP.
            The complex can go in 2 ways, either being suppressed or compensated.

          • tatl33 says:

            I understand what you are saying, however I strongly believe that your typical psychopath is far more likely to be a sensor than intuitive. They see the world from a completely different angle from most humans, in a way more abstract form.

        • rpr says:

          Why the hell would INTPs really want to be considered psychopaths if they are, as you say, not psychopaths? Why would any person with a properly, fully developed brain (thereby non-psychopaths) really want to have such a disparaged condition? Guess you didn’t think that one through.

        • Pandya says:

          Why would INTPs WANT to be considered psychopaths?!

          • Viqing says:

            They don’t. They’d like to be considered Sociopaths, “tough guys”, to scare away exploitative people. And it’s not that their behavior is Sociopathic, but that they have the ability to be so if they want to. A real Sociopath would want to hurt almost anyone they feel like for their own gain (while a Psychopath would hurt absolutely anyone for fun and gain); and it’s not that they would like to be seen as that, but they’d like to be seen, I believe (because I am one myself too), as people able to be Sociopathic if they want to, but don’t really want to, because they’re intellectually/spiritually mature and recognize that real Sociopathic behavior (hurt anyone for gain) is immature, uncivilized, disordered, etc. INTPs wants to believe in human goodness, but they’re also highly skeptical about it (not always/really believing it to be true that people are good).
            So to get back to trying to directly answering your question: INTPs may want to show off that they have the capacity of power and evil (not by showing it in real action, but by hinting at it with body language or verbal statements or the-like), just to shun away evil in itself.
            Every personality has a need to protect themselves in one way or another, and ours is to show off our contempt for most/many humans.
            I guess because INTPs defense is intellectual. We defend ourselves more with words than with sticks or fists (like most other people/brutes).
            And because most people don’t take our words seriously, because we’re not evil and don’t seem evil, we have to create a persona of evil or toughness (and we might develop such a side to us too, for protection) so people will leave us alone.

          • tatl33 says:

            That’s a great point +1

        • loolitay says:

          Sorry, but your analysis of INTP is way off base. I’m not saying that to be condescending, I’m saying that because it’s true. I’ll break it down:
          Ti–it’s true that this is internal, deductive logic. And it’s true that when Ti is used unhealthily it can be dismissive of outside logic. HOWEVER, INTPs use their Si to gather evidence to feed their Ti function. Ti is useless without looking at facts. And since INTPs are all about objectivity and analysis (and as Perceivers they constantly accept new information), to disregard to new information because it contradicts current beliefs would be very unlike INTP. That’s more of a Judging thing.
          Ne–has a far more important role in INTP thought process than simply making new ideas. Ne creates connections and ideas for Ti to analyze. In addition, Ne means that INTPs can be very charming and funny if they learn to use it right. I’ve met INTPs on both sides of the spectrum.
          Si–psychopaths are prone to looking at the past, just like any other person. A lack of empathy does not indicate a lack of hindsight. I don’t think this function inherently has anything to do with psychopathy. In an INTP, this function gathers evidence to fuel Ti and Ne.
          Fe–You said that INTPs are very easy to offend. I think that weak Fe means the opposite. however, it also means that they have a harder time dealing with emotions because they don’t understand them and try to analyze them, so when an INTP *does* feel something (not that they don’t feel as much as the average human), it’s very strong. These strong feelings lead the INTP to suppress them even more. IN addition, INTPs also have a difficult time understand something that doesn’t make sense, or understanding why people would be offended by something if it’s true and wasn’t stated to hurt. That is why they can sometimes be tactless and not realize it, because in their view they are simply pointing out the truth. INTPs are all about finding the truth. To me, this does not seem like a very psychopathic thing to do. In addition, Fe means empathy, and INTPs can have very strong empathy–the Thinking trait does not *necessarily* dilute that fact, it just makes it harder to understand and deal with. I noticed that you seem to think that INTPs have an inferiority complex and are arrogant. I understand why you would come to this conclusion, because oftentimes when INTPs try to be helpful or find the truth they don’t realize that other people think they are arrogant. However, the difference between an INTP acting ‘arrogant’ and actual arrogance is that real arrogance is meant to hurt and put others down. An INTP has no interest in power games, or manipulation. INTPs are known to be one of the types least interested things like that and not as egoistic, along with INFPs. The interpretation is understandable.

          What I don’t understand is why the hell would INTPs want to be psychopaths. That’s so terrible. INTPs was to be objective and unbiased because they think that is the best moral solution for everything, and they think other kinds of decisions can be selfish and invalid. Whether this is true is a different matter. But wanting to be objective and logical has nothing to do with not wanting feelings and not caring about others. Sometimes, objectivity is a form of caring.

          Hope this analysis clears things up! (by the way I found your tidbit on the warrior gene really interesting, I’ll look that up now!)

          • Acerbusvenator says:

            I wrote a long reply that disappeared.
            Short reply is that I didn’t have the ambition to read all you wrote or what I wrote, but from what I saw then most of what you wrote is far from the truth. You should read actual sources such as the work of Carl Jung and the book from Naomi L. Quenk instead of relying on stereotypes.
            I have discussed with many ITPs btw. And they all said they have a tendency to reinvent the wheel because they didn’t trust that the other person had done it as well as they could etc.
            Ti is as subjective as Fi just that one is about logic and the other is about values.
            Fe isn’t about empathy, it is about objective values.
            Si isn’t about the past, it is about subjective perception of sensory experiences.
            It seems like all your “corrections” etc. are based on a shallow understanding of MBTI with little more than stereotypes too back you up. And for crying out loud, stop using the P vs J thing. You don’t even understand what it is really about.

            Truth is tho, I have learned MBTI inside and out to such a degree that I have nothing more to learn and I am really uninterested in this discussion. If you want me to give you better information, I will, but I don’t actually care about correcting people who won’t accept things that contradict their faulty understanding and I don’t care about this psychopathy thing because I don’t believe in what many people and books define as psychopathy.

          • Hannibal says:

            I am not going to share some of my feelings on this due to personal reasons but Viqing is quite spot on in his analysis. A INTP who has not experienced some things and are in a different enviroment and mindset will however see it very differently and will not agree. I say these things due to the fact that I have experienced both personally. Just as all have coping methods, so do INTP’s and one of them seems to split totally from what you would expect from a INTP. I see many comments on this and believe me when I say that INTP’s can adapt according to their enviroment and that you would be surprized at how different they can be from each other.

          • jdieqZX says:

            They don’t. INXX is so rare, especially in America that people think they are psychopaths. Do you think the average American knows the 10 traits or 3 key traits that point in the direction of a psychopath? Does the average person even have a thorough working definition with examples of the single trait of empathy? It would be like asking a typical American , which do you think is more likely to be accurate, regrading the conflict between general relativity and quantum mechanics?

        • jdieqZX says:

          Previously you said INTP does not like to charm and you are right. Now you are saying that INTP would want to be considered a psychopath and you are very wrong. INTP would be interested in figuring out or “fixing” psychopaths and might want to experience the mindset to be able to understand it but there is no way an INTP would want to trade places with a psychopath. The INTP would want to PET or CAT scan himself to see what is going on, very unlike a psychopath

    • Ryan says:

      Psychopathy is in the DSM, just not under that name, it’s called Antisocial Personality Disorder. Most people use the term psychopath to refer to people suffering from Antisocial Personality Disorder. Furthermore just because someone is an introvert doesn’t mean they don’t posses the skills required to be charming, it just means they prefer to keep to themselves, which would fit with a psychopath seeing as they only see other people as tools to be used and disposed of. As psychopaths are very good at mimicking people and adapting to their current situation it is not at all unreasonable to assume an INTP would be the best candidate for a psychopath.

      • acerbusvenator says:

        No, Psychopathy isn’t in DSM, ASPD is. Psychopathy and ASPD are very different in nature.
        You are right that introversion doesn’t mean that you don’t possess the skill to be charming, however charming other people isn’t something an introvert would see the use of to the same degree as an extravert.
        I also assume that you are an INTP and that you consider yourself to be a psychopath.

      • jdieqZX says:

        Psychopath is ESXX, usually ESTJ. XSTJ is vast majority of prison population as well, not necessarily psychopaths but certainly in that direction. INTP is best candidate for virtually everything but that does not mean they become those things. INTP likes to know 90% of what an expert would know in EVERY field, and so mimics almost everything at one time or another. If they REASON that it is logical to do something criminal they might do it, but usually prefer not to due to the consequences, the effort and the feeling that they were unable to figure something out without “cheating” which could harm the ego somewhat since the ego is fed almost exclusively by the ability to problem solve. INTP detaches from his/her own existence when solving a problem and that is why you think they are psychopaths. They are much more likely to become schizoid but even that would be rare, as time moves on we are finding out that they are simply more likely to be “accurate”, and disliked for it.

    • Dudesowin says:

      INTP is offended before a situation escalates into violence. They view the world with extraverted feeling however inferior it may be. They have no people oriented intentions to entice them to enter into any state of psychopathy. The majority of INTP are seen as autistic or at least highly altruisitc.

      Switch your theory to INTJ and you are spot on. They sense effects in order to seek the causality of any situation therefor ignoring every consequential basis of morality entirely. The ends justifies the means is their entire motto and they hold grudges for an eternity. Perfect Psychopath and damn do they hate INTP for what little interaction we exert near them.

      • jdieqZX says:

        I am INTX. ALL of my long-term friends are INTJ, all of them. I relate to what you are saying but data shows that INTJ is almost never incarcerated, INTP is rare as well. They do have morality but the J truncates the thinking before all of the data is taken in and so the morality is exercised but limited to what they are aware of. I can not think of any INTJ that I know that has ever initiated force against an innocent person, directly or deceptively. However, they are “success oriented” and demonstrate conventional societal thinking to a large degree, albeit at the highest intellectual levels of conventional thought. Try dealing with ESTJ or ESFJ for a sustained period of time and you will very likely prey for an INTJ to show his/her face.

    • ASPD. It is. Idiot. [no offense]

  2. Brandon says:

    Great article and website; from personal experience I have noted many INFp psychopaths, including my (ex) best friend.

    • acerbusvenator says:

      oh yes and I hate my ex ENFP friend, so she must be a psychopath!
      Please come with a better argument than “someone I don’t like anymore is XXXX so they must be psychopaths”.
      I am INFp (socionics) btw. and INFJ (MBTI).
      INFPs are said to see the world through “rose colored glasses”, so I doubt that they’re likely to be psychopaths.

    • jdieqZX says:

      Unlikely, very unlikely. I am NOT INFP but I would say that INFP is the POLAR opposite of a psychopath, which is very likely to be ESTJ.

      Your anger with your friend is biasing your Myers Briggs analysis. .

    • Anonymous says:

      Feelers being psychopaths is ass backwards and isn’t likely because psychopaths aren’t capable of “FEELING” empathy, guilt, remorse, etc. (INFP’s are the complete opposite of psychopaths… they tend to just have a really good front since they are natural actors, typically it’s a defense mechanism)… Psychopaths tend to be “thinkers” not “feelers” although introverts are known for being shy and sensitive, psychopaths are more likely to introverts, intuitive, thinking, and can be judgmental or perceptive (INTJ is by far the most common personality type of a psychopath… followed by INTP, ENTJ, and ENTP) These are the four most common

  3. I see your point, but I personally always thought of psychopaths as having inferior Fi (introverted Feeling) functions, as they are mainly characterized by a lack of empathy. From what I’ve seen, Fe deals more with social standards and values and living up to the expectations of others while Fi is more about empathy and your internal set of values. I also don’t really see any particular correlation between your information gathering preference (S vs. N) and being a psychopath. Finally, from what I’ve heard, most psychopaths are excellent at putting on facades and charming others, suggesting an Extraverted function and often being Enneatype 3’s. So, I believe the types most likely to be psychopaths are ESTJs and ENTJs. I’ve also noticed that most people of these types lack empathy to some degree.

    • tatl33 says:

      True, true but another trait of psychopaths is their ability to fake empathy and emotions- something that Fe users can do well! :)
      The extroverted function could quite well be true though!

  4. Anais says:

    Fully agree with Sam analysis if we understand Psychopaths as serial killers: most likely to be ESTJ and ENTJ… The P would never get around finishing the killing task anyways ;)

    • tatl33 says:

      Remember though, the P types can be more impulsive, and many psychopaths are very impulsive, one of the reasons they are dangerous!

    • jdieqZX says:

      YES! Finally, someone got that right. Consider ESFJ however, for the females before ENTJ.

      • tatl33 says:

        ESFJ? I don’t think a strong Fe type like the ESFJ would lack empathy that a psychopath needs.. Can you explain your reasoning?

        • jdieqzx says:

          Yes. First, I do not believe the t vs f function is that vital in evaluating a psychopath. Remember we are squeezing Myers Briggs into a box that it was not designed for. Really, it is very hard to distinguish thinking and feeling in many scenarios as I believe feeling is “experienced thinking”, Meaning, you went down this road once before and it was LOCKED into your mind for future use so you associate it with a feeling which is now much quicker then having to rethink things each time you do them.

          A strong Fe type would definitely lead to frequent chaotic situations in a lifetime which by today’s societal standards would be in the direction of borderline-disordered-psychopathic. This does NOT mean that person IS a psychopath! Every personality is in the direction of some sort of “abnormal” trait. If you have strong Fe as a primary bias what happens when that conflicts with all the the possible feelings others have in the outside world in a given situation? And as an E you are likely to tell them! Not always so good. This is a BOLD person which is indicative of a psychopathic direction. Shy people would be towards the neurotic side.

          Borderlines, Disordered types, psychopaths, narcissists have no sense of SELF. They are without character. As such they are selfless, not selfish as so many think. They are hollow inside and seek direction from external sources, they seek structure, and control. They often make the best servants. They also make the worst leaders. They assume you need the same sense of control that they need. Many have impulse control issues. That is in the Extroverted Feeling direction.

          • tatl33 says:

            I really like your analogy of feeling type being experienced thinking type- you are also relating this to behavioural psychology in many ways, in which learning from past experiences based on chemical reactions that occur in the brain…

            I agree with a lot of the borderlines/disorders/ paragraph you wrote. I think ocassionally they can make good leaders, but a different kind of leadership. I think there are several leadership positions that require that level of impulse- but your definitely right, in general they DON’T fit leadership positions.

        • jdieqzx says:

          The ESFJ psychopath would have empathy.

          But only for himself.

          That is why they project INTO another person. So they can see themselves. Extroverted, feeling for oneself viewed on the movie screen of another persons mind and body.

  5. Mnov says:

    My Fi is compassionate, and weak. “Just because people’s Fi is weak that they are going to be psychopaths”…the basis for your argument is completely off. We observe things to understand. Not to kill people! You know when you walk through the street and see the traffic light going from red to green? What do you do? You wait, for it to show you the green walking man and then you move to the other side of the street. Well, we are the people who want to understand why it goes from green to red and how is it managed or structured. When we look at the dancing leaves of the tree, we are the ones who instinctively figure out it is because of the wind and the direction of the wind. This is Intuition combined with all out other functions, to verify the intuition.. We want to understand things to place everything into a design, a pattern that we can find. Killing? that’s pattern breaking. That’s fighting nature. I mean come on, are you saying Albert Einstein was a psychopath? The man preached all his life about peace. Every INTP I know would consider killing as the ultimate sin! There is only ONE INTP, in history that has been marked black. There are many other NTs, however! Albert Speer. The one who said sorry. If you do not have the sufficient knowledge nor know your history, why would you post? Is it to show off then? isn’t that psychopathic behavior?

    • titatitatita says:

      INTPs use Fe, not Fi…?

    • Roy C. says:

      I am an INTP, and have plans to go into the military, I am in college, and do not find killing to be much of an issue. That may seem insensitive, but true. Sorry

      • jdieqzx says:

        HI ROY. I’m not disagreeing with you nor were you responding to me, just adding this in. And please name who we are responding too because It is hard to follow who stands for what and the opinions do interest me.

        A typical and experienced INTP would not find killing to be an issue for the right reasons. In the military an INTP could make a very faithful soldier or leader. But INTP’s very rarely support random killing or attack someone just because they are told to do so. The only way I could see an INTP supporting random killiing is if he has worked out some sort of system in which random killing supports a higher aim. Otherwise, I don’t see how this person could be typed as an INTP. Even then, INTP’s will usually choose not to act rather then causing harm without getting more information, if the situation allows for it.

    • Wellthen says:

      Not all Psychopaths kill people, they’re just more likely to.

  6. MICHAEL GEM says:

    ESXX IS most likely to be psychopath. Psychopaths are superficially charming. The INXX group is the least superficial. ESXX is in the moment, While psychopaths do have the ability to think they ACT impulsively without regard to long term consequences. They plan in a closed judgmental system. That is why they cause companies to go out of business. The INXX is the most careful of the types. Psychopaths usually accuse others of being psychopaths (Hitler, etc. placed blame on the victims and was very outspoken and enjoyed the limelight). That is why INXX is typically blamed, because they are the least likely to accuse and most likely to BE accused and are also small in numbers. INXX also takes responsibility often causing them to accept blame for that which they are not guilty (Neurotic behavior, the opposite of psychopathic behavior). ESXX is likely to place blame (externally motivated) and appear to be victimized. ESTJ has strong linkage to sadistic personality as well and enjoys controlling people; INFP has no such desires and is likely to BE controlled.

    • acerbusvenator says:

      I still don’t believe in psychopaths, but I’d say that they are more likely to use Fi rather than Fe.
      Psychopaths are strategic charmers (if I’m not mistaken), so we can assume that they are most likely extroverts. It’s quite obvious that they need to be extroverted.
      Since they are strategic, we must assume that they use either Ni or Si since neither put much focus on the present.
      Either we then have ESTJs or ENTJs as most likely.
      However, psychopaths can operate well in fast moving situations and take advantage of situations which would require Se.
      Thus ESTJ is eliminated as most likely and only ENTJ remains.

      • Anonymous says:

        How do you NOT BELIEVE in psychopaths? I mean… it’s not like they’re the freaking Tooth Fairy who your parents have been lying to you about your whole damn life! The fact is, there is hard and verifiable evidence to suggest that psychopaths do indeed exist, and for you to deny that is just plain ignorant and flies in the face of every psychological finding. Maybe you’re really a psychopath and are trying to disguise it. Yup – that’s probably it.


        • acerbusvenator says:

          Then you don’t know psychology.
          Psychopathy is something that is socially constructed. We have seen it in movies, books etc. and we use it to define people we dislike. Psychopathy is a shortcut to avoid digging deeper into the issue.
          That’s a bad example, but if you simply dig a bit deeper into an issue you might find that a person might not be emotionally detached, but rather emotionally disturbed.
          The Connecticut shooting is a good example of when people scream “psychopath”, when there “might” have been another underlaying issue such as a bad situation in school and a personality disorder such as ADHD or some other psychological disorder.
          But like I said, it’s easier to say that fairies exist than to accept the truth. If you want to live in ignorance then it’s your choice, I’m not stopping you.
          BTW. unlike what you said, having a skeptical eye never equals being ignorant and I am keeping a skeptical eye about this until I’ve gotten real proof.

      • jdieqZX says:

        Psychopaths do THINK and this is often confused with N. But they are incapable of handling multiple scenarios (N). Their crimes are often simple, not complex at all. Consider that these crimes are often solved and the police/DA knows who did it but they need to prove a case which changes the whole ball game. Many of them are being caught now and the criminal is usually turning out to be the person that was suspected in the first place, there simply was no case at the time. They have impulse control issues (ESJ), they want what they want when they want it. The “N” criminals are less likely to get caught. There are very few in prison.

        Don’t be fooled by fictional characters like professor Moriarity (XNTJ) or LEX Luther. This is the real world. A world of dummies. But dummies that can lie a lot, and don’t care and face very little consequence for lying and many gains for holding out as long as possible., Deception.. We all did it as children, it is not hard, it is a lower function of intellect, of the brain, but we are unprepared as adults to deal with it when it is presented to us.

        Criminals pick a weapon that is available, they harm/kill the person and lie, lie lie. Now, if an INTX PLANNED the crime or had a friend that he spoke with and said, if I were to commit this crime I would do it like such and such…it will fool you into thinking the psychopath has strong planning skills. I assure you, they do not. They COPY those skills from TV, from friends and family that have them. Evolution created a lot of copiers.

        • Acerbusvenator says:

          You are free to have your own opinion, however the only types that have a real impulse control issue tends to be Se users, but especially INJs.

          “The introverted intuitive’s chief repression falls upon the sensation of the object. His unconscious is characterized by this fact. For we find in his unconscious a compensatory extraverted sensation function of an archaic character. The unconscious personality may, therefore, best be described as an extraverted sensation-type of a rather low and primitive order. Impulsiveness and unrestraint are the characters of this sensation, combined with an extraordinary dependence upon the sense impression.”

          • Anonymous says:

            EXCELLENT REFERENCE. I gave you a thumbs up. I agree with most of what you say, it has merit. You are picking a group that has these tendencies but I do not believe INJ is the number 1 group. There are many references to the STJ group and the prison population. I can list several if you like. The reference you gave is the beginnings of Myers Briggs (which I am still reading) but it has developed since then and there is much more data now.

            I only seek the right answer and if you are correct I would change my opinion and enjoy being corrected to a better answer then the one I currently believe to be true. But the recent data and my own testing does not reveal what you say to be correct, it DOES reveal what you say to be in the direction of being correct but not quite the top answer.

            The INJ group is strongly linked to NPD which is really ALMOST a psychopath. But the ESTJ group is linked to SPD (Sadistic personality Disorder) which is the full version.

          • jdieqzx says:

            Accidentally posted as Anonymous in last post. I greatly appreciate your INJ comments as it tests as the number one group in our environment so do not think I am directly opposed to what you are saying. They are very industrious however, as well with generally high IQ’s and I just don’t see how they would fit the full blown psychopath model.

  7. Louis says:

    Heath Ledger’s Joker in the Dark Knight was clearly ENTP and perhaps one of the most extreme ENTPs. I’m an ENTP myself, and I can tell you sometimes I emphathise strongly with Heath Ledger’s joker. Granted, he was good at his role and hence possibly inspired the Colorado shootings. But as NTs, we are perhaps the most attached to our beliefs and will defend them – of course Es more so through expression than our introverted counterparts; however it does not mean they believe any less strongly. The Joker understood social behaviours extremely well and hence sought to manipulate the people of Gotham, his greatest success being the corruption of Harvey Dent himself – the White Knight of Gotham. His actions and plans were often spontaneous and in the moment, although this does not mean he cannot plan; he merely prefers to improvise. He had no clear motive throughout the entire film; his main aim only to amplify his cynicism and belief that beneath it all the human nature is dark and there is no good among humanity. It is such unpredictable behaviour along with deeply rooted beliefs that scares us – psychopaths themselves see nothing wrong with their actions and trains of thought. I wasn’t paid to do this, but if you will take a moment to watch the Dark Knight – I’m confident you will agree with me.

    • tatl33 says:

      The Dark Knight is one of my favourite movies, and one of the main ways I exemplify a psychopath to your average person! Your so right with that, and I believe that is why NTP’s can make good psychopaths! :)

  8. Jhonny says:

    Psychopaths are frequently very stupid and illogical. All the ones that I studied and heard of were stereotypical extroverts (only saw introverted psychopaths in works of fiction).

    I’d go with ENTP, ESTP and ENTJ.

    • tatl33 says:

      Good point about the fiction portraying introverted psychopaths more. It makes for better movies :)

      • Teehee says:

        Could it be that introverts are less likely to get caught? They spend more time alone, can fly under the radar, all that I stuff. Besides the obvious consequences of being caught, I imagine an introvert would hate all the attention.

        • jdieqzx says:

          HA! No, not really. Introverts are more likely to be screenwriters and not have experience with actual psychopaths. So they portray psychopaths as introverts like themselves or like other introverted friends that they know. And most psychopaths get caught quickly due to impulse control issues. You can’t make much of a movie out of a 6 second crime where the guy gets caught a few hours later. Also, movies are written to make $$$ and most psychopaths are shallow and uninteresting. They lie about stupid things, they will tell you they are a doctor when they are not or if they find out you are a teacher they will say they are also just to relate on common grounds. The only exception MIGHT be bombers. They supposedly have very high IQ’s, around 130. But there are too few of them to get an accurate test result.

    • jdieqzx says:

      “Psychopaths are frequently very stupid and illogical. All the ones that I studied and heard of were stereotypical extroverts (only saw introverted psychopaths in works of fiction”

      AGREE BIG TIME! +10

  9. Summers says:

    Well, I am an INTP. Two years ago I did the MMPI test; considered to be the worlds most comprehensive psychological assessment tool. The chart showed quite clearly that I’m regarded as a “borderline psychopath.” I’m not a full blown clinical psychopath, however I’m very, very close.

    The psychologist believed that I BECAME that way through life experience, and was not BORN that way.

    I believe that I had a very poorly developed feeling side, and through life experience, became somewhat of a people-hater. My rather pronounced lack of feeling contributed to my rather depleted empathy towards others.

    Interestingly, I have a very deep love for animals, and feel much empathy for them. However, when I was a mortician in a funeral parlor, dealing with dead bodies every day, I felt no empathy for them.

    I’ve learned a considerable amount of emotional intelligence since then. Does that mean I’ve become more of a feeler, or do I just understand emotions better to manipulate people? Only I myself will ever know…..

  10. Gemma says:

    My friend is an INTP, she’s one of the nicest people I know. I don’t think that INTPs are likely to be psychopaths. They usually come across as lovable geeks more than anything. It strickes me that ESTJ, ENTJ, ISTP, ESTPs are more likely to be psychopaths. I do believe most psychopaths are MADE and not BORN although there maybe innate tendancy. In contrast to popular opinion, most psychopaths are not that intelligent – that is a myth created by hollywood.

    • tatl33 says:

      They are intelligent at manipulating people- maybe not as intelligent as I described though. The Hollywood myth is a good point too

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice doesn’t mean good. You should be careful. They are good at hiding themselves, introvert part makes them very private.

      • tatl33 says:

        That’s a great point- being nice can be faked.

        I’m not suggesting your friend is a psychopath, but I am suggesting how nice someone appears has no correlation to how likely they are to be a psychopath.

      • jdieqzx says:

        Its not intelligence, its a willingness to harm others that the rest of us don’t have. They also manipulate for gains that would not have any value to you. What if you could figure out how to harm a good person’s cat for example. Its easy to do. Its on TV all the time. But why would you do that? Good people try to figure out how to save or help another persons cat , a MUCH more difficult task by far!

        We cant speak the language of a cockroach but does that make the cockroach brilliant? They can communicate with other roaches and you can’t. So what?

    • jdieqZX says:

      They are made and they are usually not intelligent. Possible exception are the ones that use Bombs. Most likely ISTJ’s. People are interpreting boldness and risk taking with intelligence. Psychopaths lose money in business, gambling, in virtually every way faster then others. However, they will often regain it by cheating and taking short cuts. This is not an intellectual issue, it is a moral one.

  11. Adrian says:

    Many thanks to the author of this post and the blog here! It helped me big time in escaping from the clutches of a very manipulative and soul sucking psychopath, who also happened to be my classmate and a guy with whom I worked on a school assignment. I identify many of his traits written here and it was my personal observation that he was very cold, calculative, empathyless, ruthless and utterly manipulative who will suck on your life force like it ws a candy. The guy just feeded on my sympathy and took me for granted and it was a big ordeal to break free from him. It is not all the easy too, the immediate post effects of it, because you feel that you have been manipulated greatly without your own knowledge and it pisses you off! But neverthless, it is nice to break free from the clutches!

    • tatl33 says:

      No problem Adrian, I can understand and empathize with how you were feeling at the hands of a psychopath. It is absolutely horrible to be around a manipulative person, and if there is anyway I can advice or help you with dealing with such a person, with years of study and personal experience, I can help you if you contact me further about any questions.

  12. kestrel says:

    I don’t see INTPs as psychopaths. I am one: INTP, that is, not a psychopath. I understand what acerbusvenator means by, “I know that INTPs really want to be considered psychopaths” because they would quite like to have the skills to manipulate people the way psychopaths can. INTPs use up what intelligence they have trying to appear normal and don’t have a lot in reserve for guile and mischief. They can easily work out a game plan but do not have whatever it takes to play it. They know the outcome but lack the energy and interest to take part. They fail the main psychopath test because they are spectators, never winners. They are extremely flattered by their reputation as problem solvers but I believe they do make quite good coaches. By ‘they’, of course I mean ‘we’.

    • tatl33 says:

      So true!! You have really reminded me of what an INTP is here! They are observers and impersonal, INTJ’s are more likely to get involved in winning and get attached to whatever they want to achieve. Good point!

    • Mail says:

      remember, cognitive functions are preferences from which personality develops, not personality itself. I am an INTP who is very competitive, and spends a good amount of time studying manipulative techniques (and utilizing them)and it feels very natural to me. I am very concerned with winning, dominance, and being the most powerful, aggressive, dynamically efficient player on the board. It’s literally all I care about. I actually tend to dislike most other intps for the exact reason that they have tools to be very good at all of these things yet they don’t utilize them. I really don’t know how I ended up here and they didn’t. These interests were a logical progression for me.

      Am I a psychopath? Nope

      I may however be slightly ASPD and/or narcissistic. But that is probably due to nurture, not nature. Are INTPs more likely to be psychopaths? Highly doubt it. Based on personal experience, I’d probably enjoy a person who was a psychopathic INTP, they’d be among the interesting ones.
      ENTPs do have a tendency towards narcissism and manipulation though (think Tom Sawyer, Bugs Bunny).

    • jdieqZX says:

      Excellent analysis. I am INTX and have never met an INTP. Do you really think they are never winners however? It seems like they are huge in virtually every area of new achievement. Noble prizes, philosophy, weapons, theories, writing, music. Are you a spectator all the time? Don’t you get in there and play sometimes? And if they are criminals, is it possible that they don’t get caught often? Aren’t they often the number 2 or 3 man behind the “big shot”? Aristotle to Alexander. The oracle, many of the campaign managers and strategists. How about the founders of google? Consider that they are few in number but seem to be the prime movers behind the scenes in virtually all big things.

  13. kestrel says:

    Having browsed the literature a bit further, it seems that INTJ is a much better fit.

    • tatl33 says:

      You could be right- especially fictional INTJ villains.

      • kestrel4 says:

        You could be right about the INTJ but I have been thinking…

        If there is a correlation between INTP/J personality and psychopathy, then it is hardly direct. There must be some other major factor(s) involved; and I think one may be the thrill-threshold. I do not claim to know a lot about MBTI but I believe thrill threshold is not one of its predictable parameters. I may be an INTP but I have a moderately low thrill-threshold.

        I understand that psychopaths require a heck of a large stimulus to excite their neurones. They have a low resting heartbeat, low emotional trigger point, do not easily experience fear, and are unlikely to be shy or easily embarrassed. Perhaps it is a combination of some personality-type and a high thrill threshold that is the killer combination.

        Thanks for the discussion

        • Viqing says:

          Remember to make the distinction between Psychopathy and Sociopathy.
          Psychopaths are incapable of empathy and most if not all emotions (though they probably still get rushes from adrenaline or similar), Sociopaths are capable, but burrows their emotions or tries not to think about it.
          But although I think you’re very onto something when you bring up thrill-threshold, I think there’s a need to include its counterpart as well, the repulsed-threshold.
          INTPs definitely have a lower thrill-threshold (when their emotions are burrowed – most of the time), but I don’t think their repulsed-threshold is much lower than normal people, or at least not low enough for Sociopathy (in itself).
          So even though we might be thrill-seekers in our personality (but with Ti/Ne/Si/Fe… the least harmful functions I can think of..), we never go far with it if our repulsed-threshold is normal.
          I think our INTJ siblings might actually have a lower repulsed-threshold, or they might try harder to lower it at least – and perhaps ENTJs even more, but this is pure speculation from my part – I don’t know any ENTJs, and I’ve only chatted with a few INTJs online.

          • kestrel4 says:

            My clever friend, Mike, disagrees with you. He likes to point out that Psychpaths are high on empathy and very low on sympathy. They know when others suffer (empathy): that’s why they get off on it.

          • tatl33 says:

            True… It also depends on the psychopath! Some psychopathic genius manipulating evil people are high on empathy and hence understand how to work people over. Some psychopaths don’t understand what other people are feeling at all and quickly end up in prison. Perhaps some even, as you said, are so empathetic yet they enjoy watching others suffer and end up in prison? Maybe the high empathy, low sympathy results in higher murder rates amongst psychopaths?

          • cincinnati7 says:

            Kestrel, to know someone is suffering does not necessarily mean one can feel empathy, does it? It is a mere observation because it can be seen in the face, reaction, and words or tears of the one suffering. I’m more inclined to think that psychopaths observe suffering but don’t actually empathize by feeling it. More as if observing a specimen struggle and exerting power over that specimen. Do psychopaths cry? Tears of rage or temper don’t count;-)

          • tatl33 says:

            Hmm.. good point… is the psychopath imagining how the other is feeling which gives them happy or is the psychopath thrilled by the position of power they are placed in?

        • tatl33 says:

          That is so true. Se types would definitely have a higher thrill threshold so… that probably explains why they are more likely to get involved in crazy situations. I like this theory thanks for sharing :)
          What do you think?

        • jdieqZX says:

          People are picking the INXX group because it is the most rare so they do not understand it nor care to. It is in effect “personality discrimination” of a minority. If you add the ASPD’s to the psychopaths, borderlines, narcissists and disordered’s, they would outnumber the INXX group by a wide margin. To a psychopath YOU are rare and dangerous. Consider that the scientists that created the atomic bomb, although not used on Hitler, would have ended him quickly. They were all INXX.

        • jdieqZX says:

          They absolutely do experience fear. They are more afraid then a normal person when they are aware of danger in the moment. The strong S function makes then unaware of danger. It would be like playing a game of poker and misreading your own cards and thinking you have a royal flush when you don’t. You would bet big, be bold, etc. You are not fearless. You are unaware of the risks. There are many things right now that you are not afraid of. If you were deaf would you be afraid of loud noises. But once you saw the flash of light from the bomb you would know, and you would be scared then.

  14. iHAJ says:


  15. iHAJ says:

    Also exist theories, about psychopathy is something like “hyper extroversion”.

  16. i337 says:

    Everyone’s psychopath :D

  17. hh says:

    Hannibal Lector is an obvious INTJ. -___-

  18. Walter Florio says:

    Which MBTI type is most likely to be a psychopath? I would say it depends on the environment, in general, and on the type of society and its rules, in particular. I think that many INTP became psychopaths during nazism in Germany. Convincing an INTP to acting against his/her principles (freedom, by first) is not a trivial exercise (we would rather die from starvation); then, the nazists tried and used strong persuasive means, with the final result that many of us self-burned their brains rather than submitting to nazism.
    In general, there are several different types of psychiatric disorders, which can be grouped into two major groups: personality disorders and emotional disorders. The type of psycopathology described by the Author resembles a particular type of personality disorder, which is not even frequent, and is not typical of an INTP. If any, then an ENTJ (who is typically a strong achiever, sometimes egoist and unconcerned about other people’s feelings) might be (more than others) prone to the particular type of personality disorder described by the Author. INTP, instead, are more susceptible to depression, for obvious reasons.

    • Peter Wilson says:

      Good point, especially in regards to the environment and society. I believe the same thing

    • Kagge says:

      Im an INTP and a strong nationalist. Powerful jew sionists are the reason for todays degrading society and culture into slavery btw.

      I dont think INTPs are typical psychopaths, but yes we can transform into sociopaths when needed. Inside we INTPs are logical machines without consern about even ourselves (main reason). We kind of enjoy this unbiassed relationship to life. The only thing keeping us alive, and makes our lives meaningful is that we value whats good and the beuty of nature and brainstuff. Still we have the conclusion everyone are a bit more like animals (if you are not an INTP – its like how you see your dog).

      I refer myself as a good psychopath. I can read people about all of its values in no time at all. Going in the subway i read almost everyone right away. Because im such a good guy i dont use this ability for gain. Im quiet gentleman.

  19. k says:

    Most likely, is the key word here. Is it not possible that pyscopaths may have a separate personality of their own. Trying to mix to topics together without any real evidence is nuts. One could perceive this as an EGO issue trying to suggest a certain personality is inferior, public slander or down right stupidity. Therefore i will Judge this a mere fiction or food for thought at best.

    • Walter says:

      “Most likely” is not a stupid issue, though most often it is not exaustive of the argument. Psychopaths have not a psychological type of their own, but every single person has a personality of his/her own (please see the difference between personality and psychological type). I think that judging what you don’t know is a childish attitude, rather than food for thought.

    • tatl33 says:

      I did not say that psychopaths have a seperate personality of their own. I simply believe one type can be more likely to be a psychopath than another, just as certain people can be better at running, cooking, singing..

      • Mail says:

        How about one type can be more likely to be a psychopath than another, as T types are more likely to be Aspies. If you grow up with a neurological issue odds are its going to affect your cognitive preferences.

        • tatl33 says:

          That’s true.
          You might want to read my other article where I wrote about autism and MBTI. I typed them as INFJ’s, and I’d be interested in your feedback after reading that article about why you think people with aspergers are more likely to be T types

  20. Chaos says:

    You made a littl mistake here. It would be very beneficial for a psychopath to think like an INTP but their type is less likely to desire the material goods and power related to the “success” you described – they definitely don’t gravitate toward sport.
    Think about types who need these things and will do anything to get them, yet also have the people skills to manipulate:


    My friend is ESTJ and I’ve known him for 11 years and he’s the worst compulsive liar imaginable. He lies about anything, no matter how serious, has no emotion about it and if challenged (even a hint that what he said isn’t true) he will go into a meltdown of rage, using any kind of accusation or insult to d

  21. ENTPp says:

    You made a little mistake here. It would be very beneficial for a psychopath to think like an INTP but their type is less likely to desire the material goods and power related to the “success” you described – they definitely don’t gravitate toward sport.
    Think about types who need these things and will do anything to get them, yet also have the people skills to manipulate:

    ESTJ or ESTP

    A friend of mine is ESTJ and I’ve known him for 11 years and he’s the worst compulsive liar imaginable, linking vast series of lies together and building lie upon lie. He lies about anything, no matter how serious, has no emotion about it, and if challenged (even a hint that what he said isn’t true) he will go into a meltdown of rage, using any kind of accusation or insult to distract from the lie.

    He uses superficial charm to manipulate people around him and passes information to people in exchange for promotion at work, recognition and to show his loyalty. He’s very good at this.

    Remember this type is strongly linked to the sadistic personality and the introverted feeling function is suppressed, making it difficult to put themselves in other people’s shoes (hence the lack of empathy).

    Hope this made sense.

    • Member of the 1% says:

      Curious ENTPp, why do you remain friends with someone you seem to have no respect for?

      • Mail says:

        Because they’re fun or otherwise attractive? think outside the box dude. Choosing people you interact with doesn’t have to be a moral thing. I hang around people who are interesting to hang around, period.

  22. Member of the 1% says:

    I’m not going to weigh in on who I think is the most likely to be a psychopath, because I am just a counselling student with no qualifications to make mental health diagnoses and I came looking to get an asnwer not to give one. I will note that in my research, I have discovered something that some of you seem to be either missing or disregarding for whatever reason: most serial killers are psychopaths but only some psychopaths are serial killers, they may just appear in your life as the unfriendly neighbourhood a**hole or dictatorial, powertripping boss.

    However, allow me to share something with you all that I found online and is from the US Army:

    extract from the article (but do yourself a favour & read the whole thing)…
    “Considering the characteristics discussed above, the natural killer would most likely be an ESTP (extroverted, sensory, thinking, perceiving) personality type on this test. ESTPs are outgoing, highly adaptive, deal in facts, sensory oriented, excel at sports, learn through life experience, prefer action to conversation and are tough in harsh situations.28 Matching the ESTP personality type to intelligent, caustic, later sons will help identify potential natural killers. The ESTP personality type, coupled with the other associated traits, is not an absolute determinant of a natural killer or a sociopath, but it provides a good baseline.”

    Just one more thought before I go, we are all capable of killing given a specific stimuli – whether that be a mental illness, greed, drug-induced psychosis or crime of passion type scenario. Being an INFJ myself, I’m a crime of passion girl – I think waaaaay too much about the future, consequences and effects on other people to go planning a murder. If I don’t like someone, I’ll just be passive aggressive and ignore them til they get the poops and realise they’re wasting their time annoying me. Or I’ll beat them down with logic and show them where the rules/policies/laws clearly define where they are wrong. Bullies hate that. :)

  23. iINTP says:

    Based on what I have read about psychopaths so far, I would say that ESTP fits the profile of a psychopath most well.

    E – Psychopaths have a superficial charm and often have a promiscuous love life. They are good at manipulating others.
    S – Psychopaths live in the here-and-now: they require stimulation or are easily bored. They are sometimes described as emotionally shallow as they do not feel regret or worry about the future.
    T – Psychopaths are (short-term) goal oriented and to achieve a certain goal they can think logically without being affected by feelings. They have a cold analytical understanding of emotion, but cannot feel empathy.
    P – Psychopaths seems to have little respect for rules and are often good conmen or criminals. They tend to be impulsive (I do not know if this trait fits the more successful “psychopaths in a suit”).

    As an INTP myself, I find it very hard to intentionally manipulate other people through social interaction and I feel very uncomfortable about lying. But the biggest difference I see between my own personality and common psychopathic traits is the sensing versus intuition thing; I am very rarely focused on the present. I must add that I believe having certain psychopathic traits would make my life much easier.

    • tatl33 says:

      Interesting, I’ll keep that in mind. You are very much right though, in many ways.

      • iINTP says:

        Thank you.
        P.S. I am mortified that I didn’t correct a grammatical error before posting the original comment. Then again, if I were a psychopath, I probably wouldn’t have to care.

  24. nevenera says:

    Psychopaths tend to be charming, extroverted thrill seekers. You can have criminal psychopaths or psychopaths that use their ‘powers’ to become CEOs of large companies. If you look at both kinds you have to have a strong J function. You can’t say “well I will just clean up this body tomorrow” or “darned it now where did I put that knife again” you would not last very long as a psychopathic killer.

    You would have to be a sensor, you would have to pay close attention to details and the study of both serial killers and mass killers shows that this is often the case (again if it were not they would not last very long). You also have to be aware of people and be focused on the outside world. Nobody has ever claimed that INTPs are “aware of people and focused on the outside world LOL.

    Most Psychopaths are extroverts or a at the least outgoing introverts (most INTPs don’t fall into that category).

    As for the T vs F I am not sure that is clear cut, it does not seem that the inability to feel empathy comes from an overactive T function, it seems to be more of a physiological inability to empathize. The anger that drives them is often highly emotional and very illogical (anything illogical makes INTPs itchy, we are allergic to it).

    I will agree that a motivated, pissed off, immature INTP can be a dangerous thing if they start down the wrong path, but I think they would typically be the mastermind behind a criminal organization perhaps an Osama Bin laden type, or part of a gang or duo. I can also see a naughty INTP trying something criminal, just to see if they can get away with it (as a kind of puzzle), . But I don’t really see the typical psychopath getting your hands dirty enjoying the killing aspect of it.

    It is true INTPs can get very tired sometimes of emotional and illogical people and have idle thoughts about how much better the world would be with fewer of them (especially after reading something like this), but the truth is our P function usually means that we are very unlikely to do anything more than think about doing anything criminal.

    • tatl33 says:

      I like what you said about the E/I and J/P
      I still believe that thinking types are more likely to be psychopaths, because of the empathy in F’s being more prevalent. F’s are more unstable, meaning they are more likely to go insane or have a breakdown- but being a psychopath isn’t about your actions, but about your thinking process. Unless F’s are very unstable, they will show more empathy than T’s. F’s are about solutions for people T’s are about solutions to problems

      • actua says:

        Psycopathy is all about behavior. Behaviorally, that is what the subject actually does, INTPs are absolutely predisposed against the actions of a psychopath. Thoughtwise they are predisposed the the same process of thought but not the same dive, starting point, or even conclusion. Perhaps you could think of it like the difference between bishops and rooks. Both move in straight lines, but they move along DIFFERENT straight lines d genelly, the rooks (INTPs) dont get to do very much. They just fill critical roles at key moments of inspiration.

        • tatl33 says:

          I like that analogy. Your saying INTP’s do the important moments of inspiration; you agree that INTP’s spend a lot of time experimenting for that inspiration until they find that potential in which they fulfill that critical role. Is that what your saying?

  25. This blog is just ridiculously sad misinformation.
    None of the typings seem to be correct.
    Hannibal Lecter and Hitler are both famously typed INTJ; as well as most Psychopathic Serial Killers.

    The only thing the author correctly identified was that Thinking (T) correlates with Psychopathy or non-empathy.
    T or Thinking consider logic more than whether something is merely appealing to ones emotions (emotions is a selfish analytical tool in itself; serving to make decisions based on the Id (what you want to experience at a given time; i.e. eating an animal, having sex with a rabbit — whatever the Id feels like)) – but it’s more “heart-felt”; there’s cultures around this tool, and therefor “not using it is bad” — but in some sense it’s true that Feelers are more empathic; they forgive easier, and so on — it doesn’t mean they’re any more honest; in fact they’re less intellectually honest, and thus not real future-thinkers, but they tend to appear to be more “mediator”-like than Thinkers, I guess.
    The rest of your analysis however is garbage.

    In fiction the bad guy is almost always an INTJ; they’re archetypical villains.
    In fact I’ve had chats with 2 INTJs in my life (online) – both within the last week.
    The first admitted to be racist and not really in contempt of the actions of Anders Breivik (although he had some minor issues with Brevik’s logic).
    The second one literally argued with me for over an hour that genocide and murder is a positive thing.
    INTPs in fiction are typically the “neutral professor”, working either for the bad or good guys, or both.
    A classical example in real life is Albert Einstein; he didn’t participate in war, he didn’t start war, but he did have a role to play in war; due to the fact that others stole and misapplied his work (most likely INTJs).
    Another thing is that INTPs often have an INFP on the inside – they want to be understood and like people, but as mentioned by others have an Fe inferiority complex, so they defend themselves by avoiding/supressing emotions.
    Ever seen an INTJ trying to be understood or even trying to show genuine sympathy for anyone?
    If you have, please share.

    Anyway, only Thinking and Judging is correlated to Psychopathy/Ego/Danger.
    P’s just want to enjoy life, and won’t hurt a flie unless they’re pushed into a corner by bullies (typically J’s).
    And F’s, as mentioned, have a stronger empathical element to them than T’s, so that’s a given.
    Actually, I’d say Sensors are probably more dangerous, as they’re prone to make hasty decisions. But it’s not related to Empathy – just ignorance/immaturity.
    And Introverted vs Extroverted is a personal preference – an expression of sociability with _average people_ only — because the majority are average.
    Some Introverts would have been Extroverted if people were nicer, smarter, more patient, etc (better people/of a higher more appropriate humanistic standard).
    Other Introverts would probably have been Extroverted if people were worse too (because some Introverts probably have an overall inferiority complex).
    It’s not logical to assume that this goes more in either direction – thus it’s insignificant to the issue of empathy.

    When comparing Personality Types to the DSM these are the infamous results;
    INTJs to “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”,
    INTPs to “Schizoid Personality Disorder”.
    Look them up and try figure which of them is the evil one.

    Last comment: in the end I think your worst mistake is to throw the word “Psychopath” out there seemingly without having any understanding whatsoever about what it is.
    “No empathy” is the only thing you seemed to get out there.
    The thing is that INTPs do have emotions and empathy; ask anyone about it, or Google it.
    They just don’t like to share it.
    While Psychopaths literally don’t feel a thing different at looking at pictures of a holocaust than from looking at pictures of flowers.
    Psychopaths lack the functioning to feel emotions on the inside.
    Thus all their supposed emotional displays are actually just learned facial expressions.
    Psychopaths are quite _non-human_.
    ENTJs and possibly INTJs seem to fit this category better than any else — they’re all about obtaining power by any means, and where empathy is _never_ a priority in any case — this differs from the INTP, who might/will consider empathy if absolutely necessary (and also have a strong desire to be empathical, be understood, loved, etc).

    • tatl33 says:

      Thanks for your feedback, you make solid points, particularly about the villain archetype- INTJ- and the ENTJ/INTJ categorizing at the end. I’ll keep this in mind for future articles

  26. Oh, and for the comment above (nevenera):
    Psychopaths don’t kill people out of emotions, neither do Sociopaths.
    Both of these kills because they can, because it’s logical to them; because they need to get someone out of their lives, and think they’ll get away with it.
    Narcissists are the ones that kills or attack people out of ‘illogical’ anger/rage.

    Every type can and will get angry or even rage given the right circumstances though – nothing special there.

    I like the rest of your post, though.
    Much more informative and inaccurate than this retarded blogger’s garbage x)

  27. phwoar says:

    T v F has nothing to do with emotions. One is pure logic, the other is based on rational feeling. Both types ‘feel’ emotions, just like neuro-typicals, people with an ASPD diagnosis, and people touting the Hollywood fad of psychopathy.

    Most serial killers, if you actually did any credible research, are sensors. They literally get off via the hunt/kill. (There are those who do it for simple convenience, but this has nothing to do with data processing, so we can ignore it). Most are also thinkers, although many are primary feelers too – being a moron doesn’t discriminate based on Jung’s precious pigeonholing system: anyone is capable of rationalizing insanity given enough incentive and time.

    If you weigh the averages, the most likely candidate always come up ESTP (ENTJ/ENTP/INTJ are on the narcissism bandwagon too, but hey…it’s just a word). It’s a bummer for all the NT’s sitting at their computers with delusions of grandeur (at least you share some traits though!), but if you’re looking for a badass psychiatric diagnosis, the best you’re likely to get is NPD, which is code for ‘spastic pussy with larger than life inferiority complex.’

    And Hitler was an INFJ. That F letter has some serious prejudice.

    • Viqing says:

      Hahahahaha, “rational feelings”.
      Nice troll, bro.
      Only an F would use such (self-delusional) language, and hopefully only a minor portion of them too.
      Feelings aren’t logic-based. It’s a very inferior tool for analysis outside the “merely human/animal” or interpersonal domain.
      Feelings, outside of this highly restricted and unanalytic domain, is a tool, which valuable information, if any, can only be extracted through T or Logic.
      Pure F: I hate people that don’t greet people properly! Pure T (albeit undeveloped/inexperienced, since it’s interested in basic emotions): Hmm, why is that? *insert further questioning*
      Feelings tells us something about how we work as animals on the inside.
      It’s purpose is “instinctual feedback”, so to be drawn towards our instincts when we’ve drifted off and forgotten to pay attention to them.
      There’s nothing in there to tell us about anything but how we feel and are as mere animals.
      Keep in mind that 99.9% of people aren’t 100% T and 0% F or vice versa.
      Therefor, you might be 90% F, and due to the Dunning Kruger effect you think you’re really logical too for being 10% T and noticing how much insightful “rational feelings” you have.
      People only capable of Feelings (0% T, 100% F) are rare and don’t represent the F spectrum, they represent an extreme, like a Psychopath represents the other extreme (100% T, 0% F).
      So on the one side you’ve got something like a ADHD vegetable, on the other a Psychopath.
      Again – obviously neither represent the spectrum.
      And the MBTI wasn’t designed for going to such extremes either, it was designed to evaluate the spectrum.

      NTs doesn’t stereotypically sit on their computers (because ENTs doesn’t).
      INTs does.
      Actually, INs probably stereotypically sit on their computers, and INXPs the most, but INTs are quite the stereotypical computer-people (requires a T to figure out how the computer works, y’know).

      And no, NPD doesn’t represent Psychopathy, ASPD does.
      ASPD is far worse and more damaging than NPD is.
      NPD has the most damaging elements borrowed from ASPD because these people (ASPD/Psychopaths) exist, and actually prevail in society.
      If there were no ASPDs, NPDs wouldn’t get anywhere, and their treatment would probably be far easier too (ASPD is untreatable by anything else than brainwashing/LSD etc).
      So the “bad-ass” Psychiatric diagnosis is ASPD. NPDs are the wanna-be’s.

      • Mad man says:

        F is not about emotion. Fi itself is inner morals and such where as Fe is more outside focused. Both F functions can be very twisted and so can be Te/i. I’d say that the most capable evil people are actually Fs. Ts wont bother to make soap out of starved people. I mean too little fat and such. OK, a crazy ENTP might experiment with that out of curiosity but wouldn’t go for mass production. Some twisted Fs such as Hitler wouldn’t think about the efficiency or related things. It wouldn’t be about the soap itself but rather moralistic symbolism and such.

        Twisted Fi-Te axis looks like narcissism where as twisted Fe-Ti axis leans towards sociopathic behavior.

        I make many of my decisions based on Fi. I’m not an utilitarian. F vs T is more like philosophical standpoint.

      • phwoar says:

        Hi luv,

        “So the “bad-ass” Psychiatric diagnosis is ASPD. NPDs are the wanna-be’s.”

        Thanks for the support, Always nice to have people reaffirm my opinions I guess.

        As for NPD vs psychopathy – Hare himself has refuted the mutual exclusivity of narcissism and anti social behavior. “A narcissist is a psychopath who has assimilated the emotions of the character he is playing” – Without Conscience, R Hare MD. – the only real difference is the motivation, or the lengths one will go to achieve the impetus of their character.

        There is no difference, really, except that the NPD is a chronically aggressive pussy and the basketcase uses aggression to indulge his color blind feelings. One is egoistic, one is semi devoid of ego. There is a huge range of personality in the ASPD spectrum, and it’s rare to encounter someone without self conceptualization. Ergo, they are narcissists with soft, squishy emotions.

        Funnily, I’ve seen the MBTI results of two incarcerated people who DO fit the criteria, and they were both ENTJ. But…this doesn’t change the statistics – ESTP has a pronounced proclivity towards malignant narcissism, whether it’s because we see so much of it compared to other preferences, who cares?

        And I am such a Feeler you wouldn’t even believe. I’m captain irrational, major illogic, queen quintessential. But I’m just trolllllllin’

        • Viqing says:

          Please tell me you’re kidding/trolling.

          “All Psychopaths are Narcissists, but not all Narcissists are Psychopaths”.
          Said by Robert Hare himself.

          I’m sorry, I can’t find your quote on any even slightly credible sites (that is: only found it on a couple of random blogs), can you source it?
          It actually sounds pretty ridiculous, and it’s against all understanding of NPD, other than the reversed relationship; that Psychopaths are Narcissists.

          No, not all ASPDs are NPDs, that’s a dual diagnosis that most ASPDs don’t have.
          They might have some shared traits, because they’re both Personality Disorders; in fact almost every Personality Disorder has shared traits.

          ASPDs are not with soft squishy emotions, the reverse is true: ASPDs have very few if any emotions, NPDs are very emotionally vulnerable, so they explode at every negative emotional suggestion.

          Both NTJs are famous for being malicious creatures, bordering on ASPD and NPD respectively ENTJ to ASPD, INTJ to NPD).

          Don’t be so harsh on yourself — your facts are terrible, but at least you’re trying to make sense, and it seems that you might be on that path, if you just continue getting coached by your paid NT counselor.

          • Anonymous says:

            NTJs aren’T malicious creatures, because their introvert intuition they are detach from world so they have to fake to obtain what they want…they are no bad but only too future oriented so they can t stay whit their feet in the world

          • Viqing says:

            I don’t understand [the validity of] your argument.
            Half (8x) of the MBTI types has Ni. I was criticizing 2x personality types; XNTJs.
            Ni isn’t even either XNTJs primary function.
            They both have Te-Ni though, so that might be why.

            Honestly I think your argument is pretty much void.
            I can understand if you’re critizing some supernatural elements of “evil”, because as an NT I agree that it’s unlikely that real “evil” exist and instead everything is natural, but there still is natural evil; i.e. those who care more about themselves, devour everything, etc.
            For example, in Wikipedia ENTJs are described with this Philosophy: “I make these little plans that really don’t have any importance to anyone else, and then feel compelled to carry them out.”
            You can argue about nature all you want, but this type of personality is more dangerous than most others, and has less potential for goodness or humanity (empathy, common wealth, equality, etc) than most or all of the other types, because they never care about considering any of these aspects.

            And talking about not staying with their feet in the world?
            Isn’t that all INXXs or maybe all Ns?

            Of course, I repeat; not all NTJs are bad – not at all.
            They have a place in the world, if they mature properly.
            But they don’t have natural tendencies to be likely do good (compared to other personalities) in the world.
            I don’t care what the reason is – the fact remains that they don’t, and that’s very problematic.

    • tatl33 says:

      In response to your feedback, the article has been moderated. Please let me know if you have any more questions

  28. Angelcake says:

    INTPs? Nah, I know a few INTPs and they don’t strike me as psychopaths. This article is stupid, sorry but just had to say that. Fiction or not is irrelevant. INTPs also don’t tend to be good social manipulators. At best, their inferior Fe function tends to make them social nonconformists – not emotionless evil people. People with AsPD are sensation seekers, con men and manipulative. A typical INTPs possess none of these traits. MBTI typically only covers normal psychology – psychopaths are abnormalities.

    • tatl33 says:

      Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate all your comments, they’ve all been analytical and well thought out. In appreciation, I’ve changed the type in this blog article to ESTP. I hope you keep using the site :)

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  30. E/INTP says:

    Wow! Found this blog searching Myers Briggs & serial killer. I’ve been watching a FB forum make mincemeat out of a young man whose fiance disappeared in August ’11. She was found dead in April of this year in an illegal dumping ground in the countryside just over the state line in Indiana. Very artsy girl about to graduate with her degree in graphic design. Held 2 jobs and went to school at the same time.

    Just thought I would do a little googling to see if there was some info on the most likely type to kill. Appreciate the ESTP army major analysis above! SP’s especially males come off to me as major thrill seekers. I’m guessing that Glen Rogers was an SP temperament. Any who want to make an analysis of our local case, it can be found at FB page “Katelyn Markhams disappearance considering everything.” I’ve listened to the tapes that they post saying it proves he killed her (in so many words), and scratch my head. I don’t hear it. I’m thinking maybe he is an INFP and the missing girl an XNFJ. He definitely isn’t good with words. The police chief said in April that he is not a person of interest at this time, but that doesn’t phase the forum. I’ve been called an idiot more than once for not being able to see the obvious by the forum INTP so got a laugh out of some of the comments in this string.

    I’m an ENTP or INTP they told me to pick which fits best because I’m in the middle on the E/I. From reading, pretty sure I began life as an INFP. Environmental factors and life moved me more to T, but still not strong T.

    • tatl33 says:

      Thanks for the comment E/INTP!
      It is interesting hearing your story
      What environmental factors were at play do you think that led you to become a T?

      • cincinnati7 says:

        Environmental influences in childhood were family and strong German influence from both my mother’s parents. I can recall getting my feelings hurt and running to hide under the bed at my grandparents’ house. Grandpa followed me looking under the bed and said quit that crying before I give you something to cry about. He meant it. Feelings and being ridiculous are not allowed. I’m a fast learner;-) I’ve read on the NFP though think it was Emily Dickenson writing about her passionate youth and got a big laugh because it sounded so much like me.

        Environmental influences throughout my life were 26 years with a major corporation starting out in manufacturing then moving to central support role including a stint in R&D. The people around me are hellatiously intelligent. They don’t ask how you feel, they ask what you think. Very data driven. Have to organize and be decisive (push toward J). People consider me very organized (good faker?), however if I make a list I lose it and no time of my free time is scheduled if I can help it ;-) P all the way! Comes in handy in R&D. Not so much in executing the changes in manufacturing sites:)

        • tatl33 says:

          Oh that’s very interesting, I’m particularly interested by where you talked about when you were a child and your grandpa made sure you weren’t too sensitive. Do you think he helped teach you to think this way/the business world helped or do you think you developed this Ti function as you grew older?

          • cincinnati7 says:

            Tatl33 I’m back to this forum to read some of the comments that went to my email. Grandpa started the ball rolling with his no nonsense approach followed by dad’s stroke in his early 50’s which taught me food on the table, baby. 7 younger siblings and a disabled father puts the mind to work like no other. It was really my job though that molded me. Lot’s of thinkers on the job. I needed that paycheck. My IQ was high as are most I’m guessing on this forum. You have to do what needs to be done to put food on the table. All the fancy thoughts in the world don’t mean a thing next to that. I get tickled when people ask me as they always do and did yesterday, where did you go to school? School? LOL:) School? I went to work, baby, to put food on the table. Who gives a rats ass about IQ when there is no food on the table for Vickie, cheryl, Joh, Tricia, Angela, David, and Cristy?

            Back to the original subject. Who is most likely to be a serial killer. I find the flights into fantasy world for the local INTP/ENTP to be a little fanciful. The cold hard facts are that I live with someone who had her throat slit when she was 8, her skull broken in numerous places, along with other horrendous deeds including witness of the murder of her beloved mother Betty. If you think you can kill, then let me take a ball bat to your skull before you hurt someone. Fantasy is one thing, and reality quite another. I see a lot of ego on this forum. Get over it is my advice.


          • tatl33 says:

            Slit her throat?
            That is horrible I wish her the best
            I completely agree with you about the whole ego thing on this forum. Many people are not in tune with reality when they commit horrible crimes like murder.. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how horrible that would be.
            What’s your IQ btw? Just out of curiosity :P

      • cincinnati7 says:

        The F is always there though I’m well trained to be T by being mostly surrounded by T’s. It is most useful to be this way. I’m one of those people who when an NT is speaking in the conference room then pauses fumbling for a word, can say the word for which they are searching. Yes! They repeat the word and continue on. I turn down the heat in the car and the passenger says oh I was just about to ask you to do that. I even had a major back ache in a meeting once then realized because I don’t have back pain ever that it must be the NT friend sitting next to me causing it. So I asked her after the meeting and she looked so shocked. She had been having disk problems which she had told me about, so I put my hand behind my back where it had been hurting and asked her if that is where it hurt and of course yes that is exactly where her back hurt and it had been killing her during the meeting. My back didn’t hurt anymo9re once I got away from her:) I can sense when people are deeply upset about something almost like a tangible field around them. None of that is NT I’m guessing:)

        My DISC profile is Influencer probably driven by the NF not NT. In the workgroup I went through DISC training with, I was the only Influencer. The DISC instructor was also an Influencer. In the Strengthsfinder tool, WOO is always a strength. The acronym stands for “Winning Others Over.” This is probably also related to being an NF though trained enough by T’s to come up NT on the MB tool.

        People seriously made no sense to me whatsoever until I learned of the Myer’s Briggs model and studied it in-depth. I then selected other temperaments and types for what I called “interviews” over beer and wine of course to test out if MB was a good tool. My learning was that it is an excellent tool for understanding people:)

        • tatl33 says:

          This is very interesting. Just from hearing the three or so stories you just told me, I can sense the Ne in you. As an Ni, I sometimes yearn for it :) If I had to guess, I would say you are an ENTP not INTP- but that’s just from hearing your stories. I really like how you said that you knew the exact part of the back, how you knew exactly what to say in the meeting and knew to turn the heat on in the car- all signs of finding suitable things to fix or change in the environment. This is a very rare gift that most of us don’t get, so use it well! I relate most of this to the extreme XNXP.. what can you say about your introversion/extroversion preferences?

          • cincinnati7 says:

            Yes, I do have that enthusiasm for new ideas and lack of executional drive, so ENTP may well be a better fit. I begin to wonder if the real driver behind the automatic knowing to the point of feeling my colleague’s back pain might not be intuition vs. a t/f thing. It happened again last week on the job. Mind you I’m in a Quality role now, but someone came into the room saying they were having problems on the floor during startup reaching fill weights. It was a very big deal. My mind immediately thought air pressure, and I got up to go see what was going on. By the time I reached the floor, resources on the line had determined it to be an air pressure issue.

            Those better versed in the Myers Briggs model could likely pinpoint it better than me. There have been times while training in my younger days that I literally had my meter in hand troubleshooting an issue while a trainer watched over my shoulder and gave me the answer by thinking it. He was watching my meter readings and said “Oh, I know what it is.” And instantly I did too. I turned to him and said dang it, Bob, now I know what it is! It is the relay! You should have seen the look on his face! So, I told him he could no longer watch me troubleshoot because he was giving me the answers!!! (by thinking the answer). Another day, I was standing talking to a colleague about work and suddenly knew a contractor I was waiting on to arrive from out of state was up front and waiting for me to come get him. I looked at my colleague and said I have to go because he is waiting on me to come get him. My colleague looked confused, but I headed to the front reception area. Didn’t get 20 steps away and the page came over the intercom for me to come to the front office. The back pain I couldn’t distinguish until I thought about it. It felt like my own back pain until it hit me that I don’t ever have back pain but my colleague sitting next to me did have issues with back pain.

  31. E/INTP says:

    Regarding narcissism, it seems to me that there is much more at play than personality. “Malignant Self Love” seemed to me pretty good at showing the traits of a narcissist. Lack of fear and lack of guilt and remorse remove the brakes put on most people, inability to empathize or feel emotion, other than anger. Seems to me possibly for majority of narcissists that something went awry in their youth. Particularly beating small children before they are age 6 or so must have an influence.

    • jdieqZX says:

      I don’t remember anything about lack of fear. He implied that the false self is fearless. But the true self is VERY frightened. And recoils at its own image or at someone else’s rage. Narcissists rarely attack physically intimidating people. Why? Or super-crazy people. They attack their loved ones because it is safe. Because they are afraid to attack someone who who hit back.

      • cincinnati7 says:

        Could you tell me the page where he said the true self is very frightened? I don’t recall reading that and will surely go back and read again if you can tell me where it is. I thought it a very good point where someone commented here that serial killers don’t go after big men. True enough. Obviously they either have fear or the mind to know those they can’t overpower. As to fear and serial killing, no I don’t think so. Not a true psychopath. That is why the lie detector test does not work on them. They don’t experience the same degree of guilt and fear of the norm. It does not show up as a lie what they say.

        • jdieqzx says:

          Good question…I don’t want to fill the board, this is not my blog, but see below…

          …. It is tough as nails and can absorb any amount of pain, hurt and negative emotions. By inventing it, the child develops immunity to the indifference, manipulation, sadism, smothering, or exploitation – in short: to the abuse – inflicted on him by his parents (or by other Primary Objects in his life). It is a cloak, protecting him, rendering him invisible and omnipotent at the same time.

          It is not a page, it is the ENTIRE PHILOSOPHY of a false self. To protect and shield, deflect and adapt. The whole point is to protect the destroyed true self. If the true self was fearless you would not need a false self!

        • jdieqzx says:

          They don’t lack fear, they lack remorse. And they do not have impulse control because they don’t mind hurting others. This has nothing to do with a lack of fear. If a person thought they were omnipotent they would not need to use weapons. They would not need to attack when the other person is unprepared. They would call out anyone at anytime, anywhere and go at it. They have plenty of fear. And they do fail lie detector tests.

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  34. Chris says:

    You all need to lay off and realize that people who show psychopathic traits are still only human just like you. They were born with this genetically inherent nature that they cannot control and in a lot of cases don’t even know about. Stop labeling them as devils, they are people just like you.

    • tatl33 says:

      True, true. Many psychopaths can actually do great for the community. Because of their bravery and ability to take risks, they often become soldiers, surgeons and high up in the FBI. You need some people in jobs who aren’t empathetic, it would appear

      • cincinnati7 says:

        Don’t pick on the psychopath? That is an interesting concept. This thread is about the most likely type to be a serial killer which is commonly associated with psychopathy because face it, it is believed that one does not operate with empathy and normality when one chooses to kill others often randomly. Therefore serial killers are often equated with being psychopathic.

        tatl33, you asked way up in the thread about my IQ. I only was tested once when young and it was in the upper end of the 120’s. My son who tested at 144 was shocked because he doesn’t see how it can be that low. I was diagnosed ADD in my 40’s and frankly didn’t give a rat’s butt about school or paying attention back when that test was taken. Don’t even care enough to check into it at this point to see if that might have affected the outcome:)

        • jdieqzx says:

          “Don’t pick on the psychopath? That is an interesting concept. ” Good point Cincinnati7, I found that interesting as well. But, you will find the psychopath and many in that direction get undying support from inverted narcissists. And since you read Vaknin, you know what I am referring too. I can think of 100 groups of downtrodden people I would defend before i defended a psychopath.

    • jdieqzx says:

      The people on this board were born with genetically inherent traits to label others. And as such should not be labeled as labelers. They are only human also.

  35. Charity says:

    Interesting theories. Liked the mention of Hannibal — although sometimes I wonder if he’s an ENTJ, because despite his ability to be alone, he has a lot of Se (takes in the world around him, notices small details, enjoys the best wine and the finest things). Having Fi his lowest function would also make sense. But… typing fictional characters can be hard.

    • tatl33 says:

      Yeah, the tough part about typing fictional characters is they contradict with each other depending on the plotline- like an author can never 100 percent consistently write a personalities personality in a story. But I guess in the same way, nobody can truly one hundred percent type anybody since no one is always one type… What specific times are you referring to with his use of se?

      • Charity says:

        Hannibal is totally into nice things. In the books, once out of jail, he picks the most expensive cars, the finest wines, the nicest houses. He seems to be “collecting” fine experiences. He plans, sure, but he also takes advantage of immediate possibilities — killing the guards and escaping in SotL, and spontaneously phoning Hobbes in the TV show. He visits the opera and cries over the music (then kills a musician who was slightly off-key, heh). In the television show, he is an immaculate dresser in the finest pressed suits, a gourmet cook, etc — things I can’t see a straight-up INTJ doing. My mom is one and let’s just say she’s oblivious to details and rather casual in her appearance. I think that’s the part of Hannibal that defies his functions! The creative liberty of the author, so to speak.

    • jdieqzx says:

      TRUE! I did not realize this was specific to fictional characters as I was late to the punch in posting here. But it does seem as if we have veered away from the fictional character topic in many cases, perhaps a new thread would be in order?

  36. No psycho says:

    If we look at socionics I would say NPs and SJs are least likely psychopaths. Highest ones would be SPs and NJs. It is in the Se.

  37. Saffron says:

    I have actually been diagnosed with ASPD myself. I can definitely see the logic here. But I think ENTPs are more likely to be ASPD? I can’t exactly say explain why – you’re better at that – my only reason is because I am an ENTP, and so are almost all the other sociopaths I’ve interacted with (there has also been one ISTJ and one INTP). But I’ve also only talked to these people via the internet, obviously, because sociopaths usually keep themselves masked in the real world. Just a thought! Cool website :)

    • tatl33 says:

      Thanks Saffron for your insight :) Do you have any suggestions for future blog entires?
      Also, what’s it like being an ENTP with ASPD?

  38. Dr. M says:

    I study and write about the physiology & psychology of psychopaths. Psychopathic behavior has increased dramatically in the US. Psychopaths have brain & chemical differences which thrive in a culture that values charm, dishonesty, greed, aggression, power and no consequences. Research finds that psychopaths have extroverted temperaments, high aggression, low fear, lower levels of attachment hormones, “negative” empathy, are highly impulsive, words have no meaning, no conscience and they “live to get what they want”. They are domineering, they enjoy hurting others and they love to “get over” on people. Amazingly, in studies where people meet a group of strangers, folks rate psychopaths as the most likable. My M-B guess is ESTJ’s.

  39. eightyape says:

    As someone who studies psychopathy from a more physiological perspective the real key is the lack of “normal” neurotypical empathic mirror response.
    I am not familiar enough with this typing nor convinced by my own test- close but no cigar – the questions i answered seemed to lack context but it was pretty spot on in most regards to the facets of my personality it demanded rigid answers too -but rigid as it is somewhere in this alphabet soup is an answer to this very interesting question i too am now asking.
    Having two cluster B parents i must state that they are maliciously intuitive, constant emotional scanning and arousal at more extreme emotional states being particular characteristics…
    but how a psychopath presents to me and my own personality type- that of a giver- i deliberately fed it the answers as though the questioner were a psychopath however- which is the impression i would want a psyhopath to have- they always expect forgiveness from “givers” as was the fashoined persona for survival in my home- if yopu could call it such athing.
    the psychopaths are the officious little takers who offer the moon and presnt you with turds.
    i believe they will present as any given persobnality type they can learn to mimic depending on the immediate narcissitic benefits of the situation.
    In short the answers to psychopathy lie in neuroscience as the myers brigss and jungian model assumes emotional depth on some level in everyone…otherwise you would have a “type” that fit already.
    In fact the list of personality types herein the myers briggs work is a list of the possible masks of the psychopath- mimicking an emotionally formed being is easy if all empathic creatures have a typology on the myers briggs taxonomy thing.
    Both a menu and list of disguises to them in fact.

  40. Groos says:

    I constantly spent my half an hour to read this weblog’s posts all the time along with a cup of coffee.

  41. Even a ISFJ can become a psychopath.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Aww yeah i am a natural born killer commando I never felt bad about seeing ppl die:) get ready for the nwo n think twice before conducting a hunger driven cannibalistic raid on my house you’ll be dead before you hit the ground lol jk but seriously get ready for the NWO

  43. I have two INTJ’s in my circle, my ex-husband and my adult daughter. When I was married, my husband led a double life that included stealing money from his place of work, a cross-addiction to drugs and alcohol, a fully furnished condo in another city, and God only knows what else. I had no idea! He was such a smooth and creative liar. If I caught him in a lie, he easily convinced me I was in the wrong for misunderstanding his words. He was a master manipulator. He never once appeared drunk or stoned and never used or drank in my presence. He always appeared the docile and loving father when he was at home. Long story short, he went to prison after getting caught. For many years, I saw similar tendencies in my daughter. She wasn’t as smooth at lying as he was, and I found holes in her stories, but what was the same was the ability to look me straight in the eye and lie, her lack of empathy, her ability feign just enough warmth to manipulate and get what she wants and then turn cold again. Recently, we all did the Personality test and guess what? Both my ex and my daughter are INTJ! Only 1% of the female population is INTJ. Lucky me to have one of that rarified number as my daughter. I’m glad I trusted my intuition about my daughter and actively protect myself from letting her use me. My son and I are the perfect personality types to be taken advantage of, so I have also warned him. In my will, everything will be so clearly laid out that she won’t be able to take the lion’s share from my son. I love her dearly, but having been used so badly by her father, I know better than to let it happen again.

    • ethical amoralist says:

      I wathed documentary of psychopaths. First one appeared on video was an ENTP. Second one as well. Oh dear as an ENTP I must say. I kind of saw how I could become one. Except I don’t have capacity for screwing people. I don’t have morals but my ethics seems to be at higher ground than Jesus had. For example when seeking jobs I constantly hit to ethical dilemmas when I should market myself. I’m unemployed because I just can not quarentee all the promises or maybe there is one who needs that job more than I do etc. Never been in relationship because you can not quarantee your future to significant other etc. So yeah not a psycho.

      The ENTP ones weren’t the go getter types (neither am I) which kind of does not fit in with the psychopathy.

      Self aware psychopath Sam Vaknin seems to be ENTJ.

      Reckless impulsive psychopaths propably are ESTPs.

      • tatl33 says:

        Thank you! I agree with this. There are the self aware psychopaths who are extremely intelligent which are opposed with the impulsive, more obvious ESTP psychopaths. Would you agree? What’s it like being your type? :)

  44. Hello, I see a lot of different opinions and some quarreling back and forth here, so I thought I’d add something to the pile.

    In the same sense that any brand of car can be put on fire and in this way ruined, I think that any personality type can become a foundation for psychopathy – it all depends on the person’s sense of self-confidence (and lack of self-worth) and this framework of negative emotion as foundation for the ‘psychopathic defense’ emerging as/in their behavior.

    Take i.e. an INFJ and force this individual to consistently break/undermine their core values while ‘loading’ that person full of negative emotion and trauma, then sooner or later said individual will collapse or implode and invert; the ‘fallen feeler’ will then start thinking purely without any F(i/e) support at all while trying to lock away this ‘kernel of negative/destructive emotion’ in their core. The self and personality interface within the person can then become ‘obliterated in the emotional trauma of self-loss’ and a very ill ego is usually created at some point to take the place of center/core – the resulting psychopath would most likely be the quiet, stone-faced and ‘disconnected’ ultra-effective doer. A direct inversion of INFJ (the dreamer) – ESTP (the doer) who is [Se,Ti,Fe and Ni] instead of the hitherto normal and healthy [Ni,Fe,Ti and Se]. The difference then become negative and pragmatic sensation/accuracy (Se,Ti) taking over the lead after healthy and balancing perspective/harmony (Ni, Fe) has collapsed completely or been corrupted until ‘the point of no return’. The ill ego will then start acting as a form of ‘locking mechanism’, bottling up the negative/corrupted emotional core and defending against this. (Which is the behavior ‘psychopathy’ in it’s entirety – psychological defensive escape and active dissociation from ‘the shit’ they have become at the core)

    Do the same thing to an INTJ and you get [Ni, Te, Fi and Se] inverted into [Se, Fi, Te and Ni] which is ESFP – the performer, extremely ‘in the moment’ and prefers to do most everything on a whim or an impulse – also highly (negative with this change) emotional influenced (In essence, they perhaps invert away from this ‘traitorous and backstabbing’ part of their life that lead to this negative change – Thinking (As INTJ)) . This would perhaps make for one of those nasty types who do drugs and ‘collect’ money for loan-sharks (Torpedoes) or perhaps someone who goes to fotball matches to arrange fights. (Casuals as we call them in Europe.)

    Interesting to think of it in this way, it is just my opinion though – and as such it’s nothing that is of ‘scientific value’. Feel free to comment and criticize whatever I might have overlooked, misunderstood or just plain mixed up in a fit of confusion. :)

  45. Anonymous says:

    ESTP fits more with a sociopath, spur off the moment. Psychopaths like Hanible Lecter think it all through carefully, creating the perfect crime, INTJ is the most manipulative type. I’ve seen it in action. It’s amazing but also kinda sick. INTJs like to talk to folks to set things in motion and then sit back and watch it all unfold. As an intp I don’t seek to control others actions and since we have output issues its hard to work up the energy to be a sociopath. Thinking it is fulfilling enough.

  46. kk27 says:

    I know an ENTP who is very calculating. Socially (mainly on social media/Facebook) he’s careful to show a persona of caring and empathy. But to those of us who grew up with him and know him well personally, he regularly displays just the opposite. In fact, it seems it is great sport for him to play with people, as if we’re objects for his pleasure. He can be very controlling and manipulative. Aggressive/authoritative. He will frequently say things like, “I’d rather be feared than loved”, as it REALLY gets to him when he feels he’s being disrespected. But to his friends in social media, many of the activists he wo ks with, would never think that to be true of him, I’m sure, as the image he displays to them is always one of kindness, as if he’s a man who feels great sympathy/empathy. I’ve known him over twenty years, and I don’t feel empathy, or any special interest, from him ever. He’s always laser-focused on himself, on his own circumstances, his own plans. And we’ve caught him in lie after lie. He’s faked an accident, blindness, cancer, etc. He puts us in roller-coaster rides of drama and emotion. He also loves to argue. In fact, he’s told me that there are times he’s rough on me because he wants to provoke me, wants me to stand up for myself to him, even if it’s all fabricated/trumped-up. He wants the fight, the debate.
    Mainly (and it seems to center around me), I feel like he likes to keep others unbalanced. He has peculiar behaviors, where he says one thing and then does another. Or will put two non-sensical things in one sentence. Like, in one breath he’ll say this or that person doesn’t need to pay him what they owe him (as in a debt, because he’s trying to be altruistic/the hero), but then say that even if everyone who owes him paid up, he still couldn’t pay his bills. So on one hand, he’s means he can afford to let people miss their debts, but at the same time, he can’t. Which doesn’t make any sense. But people don’t call him on these things, because he just as easily can become violently angry and defensive. And can act out all the way up to actually physically destroying things.
    The part about this article that really spoke to me the most is about the person wearing a mask for society, but then having one person (a spouse, for instance) being the one they mentally torture. That has been me with this person. I’m not married to him, nor have we ever been an official couple. But he’s treated me most of the time as such. I’ve definitely felt myself in this role in his life, as he seems to relate to me this way. But then when I want to discuss it with him, he denies it. Denies he has any of these intentions. Half the time I feel he’s courting me, and the other half he’s pushing me away (trying to keep me unbalanced). I should also add that, of everyone he knows (and he is popular, has lots of friends), I believe I’m the closest to his intellectual equal. We have many deep and stimulating conversations, we can really get cerebral. But I see this with none if the others in his life. Everyone else that he surrounds himself with are very base and simple. People that aren’t thinkers, which I just find so puzzling, as he is very intelligent, philosophical, etc. But our close friends, that have been in our circle for years, do admit that they see he treats me differently. Tries to control me. One friend has pointed out, over and over, how much it seems he’s trying to “break me”, like taming a wild animal. The only thing I can see in that is the fact that I seem to be the only person brave enough to call him out on his follies. The only person who will argue with him. And maybe it’s because I can. I’m intellectually up to it. Is that why he seems to single me out? Because he wants to control everyone, and is successful, except for me?

  47. Maxine Woolley says:

    Bullshit! “Psychopaths” are romanticized fictional characters that encourages human lust for blood. Humans in nature are violent and when faced with situations in regards to survival, we tend to kill, steal etc.
    All animals have some degree predator/prey instincts in order to survive within the food chain.
    By simply saying that “psychopaths” exist in biology is a fallacy. Thats like saying the Sun (our local star) evolved to play with human emotions.
    QUIT USING EMOTIONAL JUDGEMENTS ON OTHERS! It simply does not work and doesn’t solve the problem just segregates humans. This type of BS is what human societies has done for thousands years.

  48. M M says:

    I knew an ISTJ who was very calculating as well as cruel and amoral.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Anybody saying any personality type possessing “FEELING” as one of the traits is way off. Psychopaths are incapable of “FEELING” empathy, guilt, remorse, etc. Most (but not all) psychopaths are THINKERS, Introverts, and Intuitive. Judgemental and Perceptive are both equally common. INTJ is the number one most common personality type for a psychopath (followed by INTP, ENTJ, and ENTP). Extroverts are still capable of being psychopaths and so are sensors but feelers are practically the opposite. Feelers are typically more prone to issues with anxiety and depression which you never see in a psychopath. Don’t mix up psychotic/mental illnesses with psychopathy because they are nothing alike at all.

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