Which MBTI type is the most boring?

Boring: “When individuals are uninterested in the opportunities surrounding them.”

Now this question has not been asked much, yet I believe many people would be wanting to know the answer to this question. Many people have different opinions on which type is the most boring, however the majority have come to a conclusion that one type is less exciting than the rest. Realizing that the ENFP is the most exciting, the complete opposite is the ISTJ, which is certainly a less exciting type.

The ISTJ is anything but exciting. An ISTJ values safety and security, and takes very few risks. This is not to say that an ISTJ is not a nice person, but they certainly aren’t the fun loving sort of people.

Now let’s look at each individual letter… Introverts are far less exciting than Extroverts. Whilst extroverts spend most of their time noticing the exciting things happening and trying to get to know the people around them, introverts are often found reading a book or watching television. Next, intuitive people are far more exciting than sensors. Being intuitive makes you feel unique, and a strong intuitive person is a very interesting person. However, sensors are the opposite- they follow what everybody else does and sticks to the rules like they will be whipped if they don’t. Next, feelers are more exciting than thinkers. Feelers spend more time thinking about others and being friendly than thinkers.

Queen Elizabeth the second is boring!

Does anybody else get bored from just watching this person read?

Finally, a judger is extremely boring as they do not take risks in life and are far too safe to be fun to be around. Perceivers, who think spontaneously and are very flexible with plans, are far more exciting to be around.

From this data, it is clear that ENFP’s are the most fun and ISTJ’s are the complete opposite, boring. ISTJ’s are known to become librarians and scientists, where they can yell at students who are reading “fun” books or other employees who are “mucking around with their new experiments.” An example of an ISTJ is the current queen of England, Queen Elizabeth the second. Now I’m not sure if anybody else gets a good old christmas nap from watching this women give her annual Christmas speech, but I certainly do because she bores me to death. From this information it is clear that the ISTJ is the most boring type.

Which MBTI do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!


About tatl33

Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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44 Responses to Which MBTI type is the most boring?

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  2. Vaishali says:

    Bullshit. Try using cognitive functions like Extroverted Sensing and Introverted Intuition to judge personalities instead of making vague and dumb statements like ‘Introverts are more interesting than extroverts’. And saying things like ISTJs are opposites of ENFPs and hence they are boring.. I think MBTI is a tad more complex than that.

    • Aimee says:

      I agree with this. This article is bullshit. MBTI is more complex than saying ENFPs are fun and ISTJs are boing. Some ISTJs I know have a quirky sense of humour once you get to know them.

      I am an INTJ and people tend to think I’m boing. It’s just that I’d rather read a book, talk about theories and ethics, write stories, watch a good movie, have a meaningful conversation with someone and playing a game than go out nightclubbing and get drunk. It depends on your idea of fun. People see me as a nerd and turn away. I’d rather hang out with someone who was dependable and reliable than loud, unruly and unreliable. That would be more fun.

      I don’t think the author has got his idea of intuition right here, Being ‘unique’ isn’t really what intuition is really about and even then it can come across as eccentric rather than interesting. I come up with new ways of doing things all the time and people tend to think it is really weird.

  3. Alex says:

    Very valid points, Vaishali; breaking it down by letter without considering the different functions and character that those combinations represent is a bit unfair. That said, ISTJ’s ARE the most boring type…but thats the price they pay for their efficient, dependable qualities.

  4. hedonist9413 says:

    Points using cognitive functions:
    SJs are the most boring of the four temperaments. The strong introverted sensing(Si) makes them follow what everybody else does and sticks to the rules like they will be whipped if they don’t.
    TJs are more boring than FJs because the former’s extroverted thinking makes them pragmatic and unwilling to do seemingly unproductive things. Finally, ISJs attach greater importance to conservation and are less comfortable with changes than ESJs due to dominant Si.

    From these comparisons, ISTJs are the most boring type.

  5. Chen Jian says:

    As an ENFP, I think ISTJ’s can be quite nice and very intelligent, but they do come across as ‘boring’ in the ways mentioned above.

  6. An ISTJ says:

    It all depends on what one considers fun, risky, funny, etc. It’s all very subjective. I love a good game of Scrabble. I find wordplay, puns, parody and sometimes slapstick to be humorous and enjoyable. Sometimes my wit can be a bit dry, though. I like planning my own trips to Disneyworld and changing up the schedule as time and interest allow.
    As for the points on this article:
    (I did have a long, thought out explaination for this but I looked it over and thought about what others might think of it. What I got was “ha ha, tl;dr, boring loser, you just proved that point about you lot”. The thought of proving it right by attempting to prove it wrong annoyed me greatly, so I have decided to condense things and put them into nutshells so as to make it less dull. *sigh* Yes, I know, it still proves the thing about us liking lists but how was I supposed to present it, in a pretty picture!?)
    1) We’re not that boring once you get to know us but I doubt that the author of this article would take the time or have the patience. We’re also very knowlegable and tend to be quite loyal to our close friends.
    2) Introverts do socialize but on a smaller scale and we like to relax in small, familiar groups or on our own.
    3) Sensors aren’t that strict in following others, we just work things out based on the real and the concrete and prefer to have evidence to back up our way of doing things rather than the abstract ideas and concepts of the intutives that admittedly might work, and might work better, but have yet to be proven.
    4) Thinkers do have feelings, we just do not show it as much or base much of our decisions on it, thinking it more fair to work things out logically than trying to please everyone.
    5) Judgers like things planned, in order and like to be prepared for everything, that’s the feeling of security that comes from being able to solve whatever difficulty arises due to forethought whereas percievers prefer to be in the moment and work things out through improvisation.
    6) Librarians tell you sternly, not yell at you, to be quiet because others are trying to concentrate on their own fun books or studies, not to quash the free spirits. It’s not a personal attack on you, it’s common courtesy, so please go to one of those study rooms with your friends so you can look at and talk about those books together, or, better yet, check them out at the desk and go someplace where you can laugh or exclaim as loud as you wish, without disturbing anyone. Hopefully, you remember to return them on time so that those who also wish to check them out may do so someday.

    • Ben says:

      It’s ironic that his post was very boring.

      Sorry if my post is a tad bit dickish, I happen to be an ENTP, and ENTPs are the most likely to be sociopaths (fun fact for the day).

    • Wendy says:

      The libraries here have not been at all quiet for at least the last 15 years! They are the exact opposite: Extremely loud, including constant shouting, running, screaming and crying, with the librarians doing absolutely nothing about it. Oh, and let’s not forget the loud phone conversations now in libraries constantly.

  7. another ISTJ says:

    I agree with the poster above. These generalizations are definitely based on the EXTREME scale of ISTJ’s. Sure, I could see on their worst days a ISTJ could be perceived as dull, but not all of us work 24/7 and leave no room for play. We just prefer to separate work and play because it is more efficient for us that way. I would hope that others are given the chance to see the more balanced and interesting ISTJ(the one who surprises you with a special gift you had mentioned from a conservation long ago, the one who notice things most others would not and can contribute unique observations to a conversation, and the one who never let you down when it comes to planning a social event). Yes I like to work hard and am very predictable in this sense, but of course if you are watching me in my mode of work I am going to be boring because of my sheer ability to concentrate and get the job done. Catch me when I am with my friends after work and I am the biggest goof in the room.

  8. BRUNO says:

    i agree that extraverts are more fun than introverts. btw im an infp male, i know enfps well!
    i agree judgers are less fun than perceivers. But im not so sure on the N vs S, and F vs T, i know
    many estps, incl my lil bruv, trust me that type has and is fun!!!! A. They dont care what others think, so theyre generally more laid back, remember enfp can get dull and gloomy after someone hurts their feelings, and also they like to spend alot of time alone. I’d say that myself as an infp, i get enfp whacky like when im comfortable, and life can be soooo fun like that, but… having our own internal N world and F to accompany it, keeps as aprehensive internally, whilst estps dont give a damn! one of my fav cousins is istj, he isnt boring at all, he’s quite fun, but structured, id say from
    experience if there was a boring one it will be the isfj! id say from experience the funnest is between enfp, esfp,estp and entp. I’d say theyre all equal, esfp is more crazy and outrageous party fun, always singing and humming, jump in a swimming pool with clothes on. Enfp- unforgetably whacky sense of humour, jumping,running,front flips, facial expressions, and other Extraverted intutition type jokes etc… just watch will smith who is enfp without doubt!! in fresh prince of bel air, Entp- they are always upto something lol, some new device, some new project, and their witiness and jokes is better than anytype. Estp- just a badass,cool, calm doesnt give a damn about what u say or think do what they want kind of fun- girls,parties too(although not as much as esfp),cars,smoking,restaurant. the most boring types will then likely be between istj,intj,isfj and infj. Istj are the worst for spontaneous spur of the moment pranks,play fighting,id say enfp fun is more childlike innocent fun. intj least likely to go to party, public event,sing and humn, and unspontaneous. Infj least likely to ride a motorcycle,smoke, least likely to be promiscous. Isfj- the absolute worst type bar none for conversations of intelligence,politics and lateral thinking. I would argue on enfp, but i think its a bit more complicated then that, there r stuff ive seen enfps wouldnt and couldnt do that well, but estp can, and vice versa, same goes for esfp and entp.

    • tatl33 says:

      I agree with this :)yeah intj’s are the least likely for sure to go to those places and enfp’s definitely do have the funnest imagination which is why they are so awesome to be around. Thanks for sharing, made my day 😀

  9. Digitoxin says:

    I barely give a shit about being boring, how my social life will suffer, finding a suitable partner to procreate with, or any of that other crap. As an ISTJ, I have my own idea of fun – it just doesn’t include anyone. Only myself, my money, and whatever new endeavors I find most interesting along the way. (Hint: It isn’t always a book or a TV show. Most of television programming is rubbish, as it is.) Sometimes I lay outside and get a tan, sometimes I go and shoot pool, go fishing, stargaze, so on. Sometimes I get on my casterboard, climb the steepest hill I can find, and take it repeatedly, drunk, with no safety equipment. Try it, and see if you’re bored. People are simply a hinderance to me; without them, I don’t have to worry about choosing between what I want to do, and what they want to do.
    Lastly, I find it curious that I’ve been classified as judgmental, when there’s plenty of that going on with non-J personality types. Perhaps there’s an edge to facts over generalizations and “theories?”

    • tatl33 says:

      Perhaps your right 🙂 thanks for the feedback, I am always interested in hearing from ISTJ’s.
      What motivates you to do these things as an ISTJ btw- shooting pool, going fishing, stargaze? just curious

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m an NF and I even feel that way sometimes. Sometimes it’s nice being alone and just doing whatever the hell you want no matter what your type! lol

  10. doomkitten says:

    i disagree with this entirely the most interesting person I’ve met has been an ISTJ I see them as interesting because they have interesting stories to tell based on their passed experiences and they generally tend to be good judges of value and have a good sense of humor.The people who often bore me to tears are ESXPs who are considered to be the most ‘fun loving’ of types.

    • tatl33 says:

      My grandpa is an ISTJ and he tells lots of interesting stories and I would consider him one of the more interesting types over some ESFP’s… what it really comes down to is what society perceives as boring when I produced this article, as my definition would be different to society’s definition.

  11. holy_soldier says:

    Well, this is a bullshit, I call it. :3. Try to look at their Jung Function and you’ll know that ENFP share the same 4 dominant function as ISTJ. Just because those 4 letters are all different, it doesn’t mean that they’re completely opposite or whatever you call it. Their 4 jung functions is really the same, only swapped in the order.
    And by the way, I find thinking types much more exciting to be around than feeling types. I don’t know, it’s just much more interesting to hear nerds talk about wonderful scientific facts rather than queen of drama talks about all of her boyfriends she gets laid with. lol xD,i know im exagerrating a little bit. And well, I’m INFP :P… but i still find thinking type to be more interesting to be around xD.

    • tatl33 says:

      Haha yeah, I guess it all comes down to opinion really..
      And I like how you don’t take my articles too seriously either! They are really just to teach people MBTI/allow me to analyze stuff 🙂
      Yeah I find T’s can be more interesting too… a lot are really fun since they don’t take things too seriously/get emotional easily, which can be a drag/boring with F’s when they do that

      • Gretchen says:

        Teach people MBTI? Ha! You don’t even understand it yourself and your bias against sensors is obvious.

        • tatl33 says:

          This blog entry is a few years old. Read some of my newest articles and I hope you change your opinion. If you still believe I do not understand MBTI in my most recent articles, let me know how you think I can improve. Thanks, Tim 🙂

    • “Just because those 4 letters are all different, it doesn’t mean that they’re completely opposite or whatever you call it. Their 4 jung functions is really the same, only swapped in the order.”

      What does this mean for me (INTJ) and ESFP? Does this indicate that there is more in common between those two types than appearance suggests?

  12. Anonymous says:

    ISTJs have boring values, how fun they are varies from person to person. Also if you ask me Se>=Ne in terms of fun. I think EXXPs like myself (ESFP) are the most fun.

    • tatl33 says:

      That’s true. I think it also depends on the interpretation. This article is somewhat subjective; some people find N’s more fun, some S’s. 🙂 Which type do you think is most boring?

  13. Ben says:

    MY bother is an ISTJ.

    he’s smart and hardworking but the most fun he has is playing scrabble with the grandparents.

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  15. Emily says:

    I really disagree that introverts are “less exciting” than extroverts. This does not measure how outgoing or friendly you are. people say introverts are “shy” or don’t like people, which isn’t true. Introverts can be as exciting as extroverts but they hide all their thoughts and ideas inside and are not as expressive. Introverts and extroverts think and speech processing is different too. I don’t think specific myers briggs types are more boring than others. That is very untrue. Several hidden talents, hobbies and complex behaviors exist in every individual and their personality type is just a personality type. ISTJ is the second most common personality type I think. I know a lot of ISTJ’s and they are very knowledgeable smart people who have so many interesting hobbies that are not connected to their personality. Any personality type can be funny, blah blah blah. The ISTJ’s I know have really good senses of humor and are really friendly people.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Its not really correct at all to say that one personality or the other is either the most exiting or boring. Its all to do with a matter of personal preference. Everybody is different and unique. However, I’m sure the article is just a generalization anyway so ISTJ’s pleeeaaase don’t take it to heart, I’m sure the article was merely for entertainment and debate anyway. Personally, I’m less interested in ISFJ’s and ISTJ’s because they’re always sooooo serious around me and far too negative every time I talk to them. ( I don’t mean it in a hurtful way, its just my personal opinion.) I don’t think they mean to be like that but maybe they just feel uncomfortable around a lot of other people and cant completely be themselves. Yet I find that the one of the people I can confide in is an ISFJ, she’s done the test as well and came out ISFJ, so I’m sure she is ISFJ. But like I said, its different for everybody. I’m an INFJ by by the way.

  17. Tymplton says:

    ISTJ here, and we’re not boring as much as we’re just quieter and weird around new people.

    During a party that’s filled with mostly people I know, I’m usually pretty social and I’m often the one DJing the music haha. Probably because most strangers wouldn’t like or at least tolerate my music at a non-friends-I-already-know oriented party lol

  18. Anonymous says:

    It may be because I am ENFP, but I think y’all just have to agree with me on this one. Have you EVER met a person who is boring. I haven’t yet.

  19. Heartweaver says:

    While the logic in this article is not sound, I have to agree that ISTJs tend to be more boring compared to the other types, but the reason is that their Si (which seeks security and conformity) is high on their cognitive functions stacking (hence this applies to SJs in general). This is not to say that they have no sense of humour or don’t know how to have fun, but they are less spontaneous and tend to stick to the rules.

    People with Se high on their stacking are more likely to be exciting people (spontaneous, risk-taking, more willing to immerse themselves in new things, etc.). I wouldn’t say ENFPs are exciting people (Si is 4th on their stacking so they’re less influenced by it, but their Se is still their weakest function), nevertheless they can certainly be interesting personalities and have uncommon hobbies.

    • Heartweaver says:

      ENFP’s main function is Ne, and Ne types tend to pursue interesting hobbies like gaming, art, writing fantasy stories, photography, scientific and technological pursuits and debating. Compare that to exciting hobbies that SP types with high Se prefer to go for eg. Sports, designing, music, racing, dancing, acting, etc. I may be stereotyping a bit, I think the OP might have mistaken interesting Ne pursuits from exciting Se pursuits

  20. Cathy says:

    I think boring depends on how you perceive others. Two ISTJs might be very happy together. I am an E/INFP and I was married unhappily to an ISTJ for 5 years. I just felt so stifled by him, and he loved to criticize me and put me down. What kind of joy is in a relationship like that? I never loved him, and only married him because other men I’d been with were lying, unstable cheats, and I thought I could be happy with him. And I tried so hard to be happy with him, but I couldn’t take his critical, boring nature.

  21. Maria says:

    I don’t think there is a type that is most or less boring..everyone has his own idea of fun, but if I had to pic a type I would probably say that it’s an INTJ. My best friends cousin is an INTJ and she is bossy all the time and a bit mean and cold..Everytime I was about to do something fun she always tried to stop me from doing it because she thought it would either be dangerous or just childish! Btw I’m an ESTP ^^

  22. I think boring depends on how you perceive others. Two ISTJs might be very happy together. I am an E/INFP and I was married unhappily to an ISTJ for 5 years.

  23. To the author of this post:

    You’re just another typical example of an INFJ* snob who thinks that their type should be worshiped because it’s the rarest. In that way, you are too predictable, dissing some types and constantly promoting your own. Therefore, *gasp of irony*, maybe YOU are the most boring of them all.

    *tries hard not to say that you are some other insecure type pretending to be INFJ but fails* You don’t seem like a real INFJ anyway. Probably just a major retard who needs to restore their self-worth by putting others down.

    *Note: I’m sure not all INFJs are arrogant like you. You happen to be a… rare exception.

    With love,
    A sparkling INTJ ray of sunshine and fluffy unicorns

  24. A Real Talking Cat says:

    This whole blog is nuts, as is the author. Crazy, and no not in a fun way, just plain crazy. Its ironic really how the author loves stereotyping others, while being an stereotypical “internet INFJ” himself. Loves blowing his own horn – Check! Has an irritating and baseless superiority complex – Check! Writes like he lives in his own world totally alienated from real people and experiences – Check! Heeds his subjective personal opinion as factual truth – Check!

    MBTI must be the greatest thing that happened to you. Just some quiz (in which you can lie in) telling you that you’re special and rare and all, sad really… A person’s MBTI is really just the tip of the iceberg. You my “friend” are an example of a person who has taken this theory WAY TOO FAR. You are also an example that just because you’re “rare” doesn’t mean you’re actually anything more than a delusional self congratulatory douche-lord who gets off by mud slinging other types.

    It’s funny though how some of these “special” people can only try to convince others of their greatness by touting their MBTI types around. Maybe people would actually take you more seriously if you actually made something great with it. Instead you’re just spreading your gigantic hateful ego online. What an achievement!

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