Which MBTI type is confident?

Hello! In this article we will be investigating how different types relate to confidence. Remember THIS WILL CONTAIN GENERALIZATIONS. THE CORRELATION BETWEEN MBTI TYPE AND CONFIDENCE IS LIKELY VERY SMALL. KEEP THIS IN MIND.

  • Most confident type (in general): ENTJ- with their J they are decisive and future planning, the leader type. Their Ni type means they are often confident visionaries, and their extroversion means they are good at adapting to external environmental factors, making ENTJ’s likely the most confident type.
  • Least confident type: ISFP- in contrast, ISFP’s are often the least confident type. With Fi as their dominant function, ISFP’s are all about harmony and are extremely sensitive to things, which could likely lead to self esteem and confidence issues in a mentally unhealthy ISFP.
  • Potential for most confidence: INTJ’s have a lot of potential for confidence if they come up with a revolutionary idea with their Ni. Arrogance can be found in some INTJ’s who don’t take things from different perspectives, therefore these INTJ’s, no matter how skilled, must often learn to balance their confidence!
  • Confidence- boosters: ENFJ are the confidence boosters, with their Fe they are all about helping other people to achieve their best, and their Ni allows them to have internal visions of the future for those in tough situations of the person in a more successful situation. This makes ENFJ’s the type that displays optimism, support and is confident themselves in other people, therefore giving a confident boost to other people.

I hope you enjoyed the article! Do you believe confidence is correlated with MBTI? Do you believe I have correctly identified which MBTI types relate to confidence?

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About tatl33

Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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5 Responses to Which MBTI type is confident?

  1. daum korea says:

    Which country person are you?

    I am a Korean.

  2. daum korea says:

    Appears to be the most timid type, is isfp

    • Anonymous says:

      If any type appears timid it’s INFP or ISFJ since they use Si or Ne. Se-Ni is more bold and determined and less unsure than Si or Ne.

  3. daum korea says:

    eNTp entj는 진리가 무엇인지 끊임없이 탐구하는유형이 아닌것 같아요..

    InTp intj는 생각이 많으니… 자신이 막히는게 있어야 생각이 많고 진리가 무엇인지 끊임없이 탐구하는데

    entp나 entj는 막히는게 없이 다 아는 사람이니….
    진리는 맞으나 끊임없이 탐구하진 않는것 같아요

    Entp entj truth is constantly exploring what type I think we shouldn’t …

    Intp intj a lot on his mind, we’ll … Have many myself constantly explore what truth and have a lot of ideas is to be the only one who’s done

    People think we both know without traffic jam is entj … and entp
    The truth right seem not to explore, but constantly.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The least confident is INFP since they use Ne-Si making them more unsure than an Se-Ni user like an ISFP. Also why say INFJs are the most shy and ISFPs the least confident? It makes no sense why it’s 2 different types since shyness is the antonym of confidence. Besides it’s the INFP that’s the most timid because of their Ne-Si use combined with their Dom Fi.

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