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Which MBTI type is best for different life stages?

There is no doubt that in certain stages of life, different MBTI types have different advantages. This article shall address which MBTI type achieves maximum happiness (which assumes it is the best type) at six stages of life- primary school, … Continue reading

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Which MBTI type fits different crimes?

ISTP- Stealing ESFP- Prostitute INTP- Hacker ISFP- Drug abuse ENTP- Espionage ENFP- Public Nuisance INTJ- Criminal mastermind ESTP- Murderer ESTJ- Tax evasion ESFJ- Defamation INFJ- Propaganda ISTJ- Assassination ISFJ- Hate crime ENFJ- Political corruption/deceit INFP- Religious crimes ENTJ- War crimes … Continue reading


Which MBTI type relates to each season? (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring)

There are many factors that we must consider when determining which season is best. We may enjoy one season because it is our birthday, or we may prefer a particular temperature and weather. However, one often overlooked aspect is personality. … Continue reading

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Which MBTI type is most likely to cheat?

Hey guys! I know a lot of you have been getting pretty restless for your favourite MBTI writer’s latest blog post! Just so you all know, I’m not Tatl33, the usual writer for this website. I’m a past writer who … Continue reading

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Which MBTI type are the factions from the Divergent Trilogy? Which MBTI type are the characters from the Divergent Trilogy?

There are five factions in Divergent. Firstly, Abnegation focuses on selflessness. The Abnegation faction has been described as quiet, as not to draw attention to themselves which is considered selfless, they have been described as dutiful as they have concerns … Continue reading

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Which MBTI type is most brave?

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a good December! I’ve enjoyed my overseas Christmas vacation in America and Canada, and I’m eager to continue to share my MBTI theories with you all. Remember to follow me on Facebook and … Continue reading

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Which MBTI type is most addiction prone?

Introduction In this blog, the various types of addiction will be investigated in relation to the various MBTI types. Firstly, what is addiction? I investigated several internet articles to find out what addiction really is, and found several results: Addiction: … Continue reading

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