Which MBTI type is most manipulative? Which MBTI type gets manipulated?

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We see manipulation every day. Whether it be in a teacher’s reward/punishment system at school or on a more serious level, or abuse in relationships, or even a doctor’s attempt to persuade a patient to quit smoking; manipulation is evident in daily society. Psychological manipulation can be defined as a type of social influence that aims to change the perception or behavior of others through underhanded, deceptive or even abusive tactics. (Braiker, Harriet B, 2004) But how does manipulation relate to MBTI?

When related to the manipulator, there are several traits that are apparent in a manipulator. According to the Health Psychology Consultancy, there are several traits that are evident in a typical manipulator. These traits of a manipulator include:

  1. Deceitful – they mislead others in order to get their own way.
  2. Controlling – they need to have control over people and circumstances.
  3. Self-efficient – they are independent and know how to progress in life.
  4. Compelling – they are charismatic and often have a hypnotic hold over others.
  5. Self-conscious – they are often over-concerned with their appearance and how they look to others.
  6. Paranoid – they have a tendency towards anxiety and worry that others are talking about them behind their back.
  7. Emotionally numb – they have difficulty expressing deep emotions such as grief.

After reading several of these traits, it should become apparent of a typical manipulators personality. It is evident that a paranoid, self-conscious, emotionally numb, controlling type of person is often likely to be a manipulator. This describes an unhealthy type 3 on the enneagram. Additionally, the site continues to suggest that controlling types who hold grudges, need control in their life and hold grudges are likely to be manipulative. They also suggest that there is a typical advantage to this personality- such as the desire to get things done, the high level respect they usually receive, they succeed at what they work towards and they never run out of energy.

From this compilation, it is evident that an extrovert is more likely to be manipulative. This is apparent in the level of energy that a manipulative person usually has, as well as their often charismatic persona and ability to understand how to control other people. Additionally, the typical manipulator is an introverted intuitive user, as evident in their desire to succeed, control their life, and their often paranoid and self-efficient nature. These traits all suggest a highly visionary Ni user. Finally, a thinking type most strongly correlates with the manipulative type, who is able to guilt free manipulative the more emotional feeling counterparts. Therefore, it can be concluded that the ENTJ is most likely to be manipulative.

This is further supported in the comparison of the manipulator to the type 3 enneagram, as evident in the traits of self consciousness, desire to succeed, value of reputation and control over their lives. Enneagram type 3 strongly correlates with the ENTJ (the second most common type behind the ESTJ), as written about in this blog entry.

On the other hand, there are several factors that describe those who are often manipulated. These include:

  • the “disease to please”
  • addiction to earning the approval and acceptance of others
  • Emotophobia (fear of negative emotion)
  • lack of assertiveness and ability to say no
  • blurry sense of identity (with soft personal boundaries)
  • low self-reliance
  • external locus of control

(Braiker, Harriet B, 2004)

Several of these traits can be associated with the feeling type; such as the disease to please, the addiction to earning the approval of others and the fear of negative emotion. This makes sense; it is far easier for manipulative people to emotionally control another person, especially a hypersensitive person. A hypersensitive person is far more likely to be a feeling type, due to their inability to rationalize and their overreaction to emotional situations. Additionally, the low self-reliance, external locus of control and blurry sense of identity each suggest an Se type. This also makes sense, as an Se type does not desire as much control over their lives, hence it is easy for an Ni type to manipulate them and persuade them in the direction they want them to go. Finally, an introverted type is more easily manipulated, particularly with introverted feeling, due to their less assertive personality and often quite and gentle persona, which is often taken advantage of by a manipulative person. Therefore, an ISFP type is most likely to be manipulated. This type is often associated with the peacemaker enneagram type 9, which desires harmony, peace and the happiness of others, and is hence likely to give in to others due to their desire to please. This has been written about in another blog entry.

Breaking Bad provides a close case study on the manipulative/manipulated relationship. Walter White, the series villain, I have written about as an INTJ, whereas I have written Jesse Pinkman as an ESFP.

Although they are not exact matches, each contain the two cognitive types apparent in manipulators and the manipulated. This includes Ni/Te in Walter White and Se/Fi in Jesse Pinkman, both that are also apparent in the aforementioned types. Additionally, The Governor from the Walking Dead provides another example of a manipulative personality. Therefore, it can be concluded that the ENTJ type is most likely to be manipulative, and the ISFP type is most likely to get manipulated.

Do you agree with these typings? Do you believe that another type should be associated with manipulating/being manipulated? Or do you believe that manipulation can not be simplified to MBTI form? Post in the comments below, let’s get a discussion going, I’m in the mood for a debate :)


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Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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67 Responses to Which MBTI type is most manipulative? Which MBTI type gets manipulated?

  1. It is my opinion that the ESTP that is the master manipulator. And it is the INFJ that is the most likely to be manipulated.

    • jdieqzx says:

      The answer would surprise you. If I wait I am certain that everyone who posts would pick 2 different types, example ESTP and INFJ as mentioned. Or ESTJ and INTP. Or perhaps polar opposites ESTJ and INFP. But none of these are correct.

      I hate to kill the ending but the greatest manipulators on earth are also the MOST EASILY manipulated. That’s right. Being able to manipulate is no defense against being manipulated. The narcissist before manipulating anyone, always beyond any type of damage or lies he tells to others manipulates HIMSELF.

      • Jeroen says:

        I’m with you if you say that skill at manipulation does not imply skill at defense against it. You are however going as far as stating the opposite, that it implies lack of defense strength. I suggest there might be correlation yet no overwhelming similarity, due to those traits arising from distinct traits.

        • jdieqzx says:

          Love the responses as well and excellent challenge to what I wrote.. YES, I am saying there is a correlation between the ability to manipulate and the weakness of being manipulated.

          The reason why people who do NOT manipulate or like to manipulate others typically lose this battle is because they DO NOT try to manipulate back. So the strongest defense against manipulation (being grounded in fact and not expecting something for nothing, not being prideful) will almost never get up to bat to try to destroy or manipulate the manipulators!

          As such, over time, this guy/gal will lose many small battles. I still say this is the hardest person to manipulate, he just never plays OFFENSE. If he does play offense he would slice a manipulator or psychopath to bits. And it does happen. Realists do get fed up after a while and manipulators are completely unprepared to defend.

          • jdieqzx says:

            When the manipulator is caught they cry, they yell and scream, they often kill themselves, they scream unfair. That is how the phrase “a taste of your own medicine” came about. When a reality seeking person errs he/she blames himself and seeks to improve the next time around.. True manipulators are OSSIFIED. Thy can not change. They can not stop manipulating. That is a big weakness. Normal people can adapt to both situations.

      • tatl33 says:

        You’ve just spiced this conversation up a bit! Good point, the manipulator does have to manipulate themselves! Depending on whether they tell lies to manipulate!

    • tatl33 says:

      It depends a lot- I think short term an ESTP could definitely be a great manipulator- long term I think INTJ. And yeah long term INFJ’s often get manipulated, very true… So it really depends on if we are talking about the quick manipulation when making a sale or the long term manipulation of a person’s thoughts (which many say ESTP’s often don’t have the motivation for…) and it also depends on the type of manipulation

    • Charity says:

      INFJs have intuition — a built in bullshit detector that tells them when they’re dealing with manipulative people. I’ve never been suckered in person — online, where I can’t see someone, sure — but never in real life.

      • tatl33 says:

        I think INFJ’s would be easiest to be emotionally persuaded. However, when we make decisions we make very analytical decisions taking into account other people. INFJ’s can often see through manipulation due to their brilliant combination of Ni/Fe. Really, it is a challenge to manipulate us into doing something we don’t want to do. With the right technique you may be able to trick some INFJ’s easily 😛

    • Anonymous says:

      I am INFJ and I´ve realised that I attract manipulators a lot. They think I would be a good victim but it never happens, they end up surprised when they see nothing is working on me. I let them try hard and observe how far they can go. They end up destroyed realising that I never trusted them the way they thought and they couldn´t read me at all. I always spot manipulative techniques or at least I spot suspicious behaviour and I am very careful around that person then.

      • Anonymous says:

        Does this not sound manipulative on your part?

        • Hitler.exe says:

          I agree, I have never been manipulated and I have great skill in taking advantage of people for my emotional needs. INFJ maybe thirsty to help, but we know when we are being taken advantage of.

  2. Jeroen says:

    “ENTJ (the second most common type behind the ESTJ)”

    This is not correctly bound to the context it is meant to be in. As it is written now, it suggests ENTJ is the second most common type globally, which is not the case. I did a double take when reading this and checked the stats to be sure ENTJ is indeed not the second most common type, which I’d have found very surprising.

    I agree with the general outlines of this post. To discuss much further seems to require going into more detail about typical motivations, aptitudes and strategies.

    • tatl33 says:

      No, I meant ENTJ’s are the second most common type behind ESTJ’s to be manipulative! Thanks for pointing that out or I’d have a lot of angry readers!

  3. Julia says:

    I’m an INFp and I can say that I am so easily manipulated and pushed around and my best friend who is an ISFP also thinks of herself and easily manipulated, although neither of us usually see it in each other

  4. Anonymous says:

    Infj’s high intuition is rarely manipulated. they are more apt at picking up on non verbal cue’s and changes in vocal pitch, and tones. They also tend to look through people, but, this can change IF they are emotionally attached to the deceiver, but even then, they usually know without knowing. They have a tendency to feel when something is not quite right.

    • tatl33 says:

      Hmm I guess that’s true. It really depends on the person though too. I think in some ways Ne are often manipulated by cults, because there extroverted intuition opens up their mind to endless possibilites, however this might also allow them to see the possibility that the cult is corrupt. I think Ni’s, in the rare event they do get manipulated, I find they are more likely to continue to do so in regards to cults because they are less wishy washy than their Ne counterparts. That’s just a theory though 😀

  5. Pat O says:

    Id say that infj’s will be the most likely to get manipulated in day to day interactions but this doesn’t phase them unless someone ends up completely fucking them over and displaying their lack of care for the infj. However, when an infj is forced to manipulate someone they are easily the best at designing master manipulative plans. Ni provides a superior ability to plan and contrive. These Master manipulative plans exploit peoples primitive needs/wants and even they way people even perceive a situation. Resulting in manipulative plans that are conceptually just scary.

    In common day to day interactions the entp is king at manipulation. They have reversed psyches of the infj. Their personal needs always come first however their Ne gives them them a social crave and the ability to go into a mind state where they can put up a facade and easily use their charm and short term manipulation to get what they want. Imagine craving social interaction while simulataneiously strongly desiring ur needs and wants. An entp owns their immediate environment.

    enxj’s are most likely to get manipulated into big plans and cults that normally wouldn’t fit their values to begin with.

    inxp’s are most likely to get manipulated into big plans and cults that would fit their values but would realistically not benefit themselves.

    The only reason an estp could manipulate someone well is because they lack the ability to see what other people want and feel and will blindly upset people around them by naievely trying to obtain the things they want. The response or reaction of their environment, which the estp has lower consciousness of, would decide if they get it or not. Think of the estp as a dumbed down version of the entp. estp’s react to their environments consequences where as entp’s analyze and maneuver.. keep in mind estps still do have latent cognitive functions so my example might be on the extreme side however it is in the right direction.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is spot on!

    • Watchout!! says:

      i think that INFJs get manipulated only by emotional attack there’s no other way you could back on an INFJ even if u r an INTJ(I have tried ways to manipulate them but the one that sticks out the most is this emotion attack)

  6. Anonymous says:

    estp=manipulation small picture entj=manipulation big picture

    • tatl33 says:

      You summed it up pretty well! Se’s are definitely better small term, and would be better in a quick situation, whereas ENTJ types might have to plan out manipulation more. Would you agree?

  7. AppleSauce86 says:

    I’m am an ENTP and at times I honestly scare myself. I notice that I have an innate and uncanny ability to read people and persuade people. I can see straight through them, I see their weaknesses and I see their strengths within a matter of minutes of talking to them. It has become a game to me, to see how accurately I can read people. People are drawn to me because I am exciting, approachable, open,and kind and I can easily talk to anyone. I like to make people feel comfortable. I’m loyal and loving if you are nice to me but being my enemy or choosing to be my competitor is a grave mistake for I am always two steps ahead of you. Sometimes I feel like there is this other part of me that has the ability to get anyone to do anything that I want them to do. But I don’t always find it to be necessary so I don’t do it often. I’m very quick witted and I think on my toes. Most of my persuasion has worked in the workplace. When I go on interviews, I always get the jobs. I once had a coworker who was great friends with our boss. She didn’t like me and it made my relationship with my boss difficult. I evaluated the situation and realized that my boss was not really in control, she was. I knew this would be a problem so I had to devise a plan. I realized that my coworker had an inferiority complex and needed to feel validated and important. I decided to compliment her a lot and ask for her help. Even if I didn’t need help, I would pretend that I couldn’t do something just to make her feel important. As a result, she was nicer to me. I went on to create situations that would make her feel obligated to give me something in return. And she did. I pretty much got my way after that. I know it sounds awful to some, but I felt it was necessary to maintain peace. Life is like a chess game to ENTPs. We aren’t as emotionally attached to ideas, identities, and beliefs as most people are. We test boundaries and we only see details in relation to the big picture. I have emotions,I feel them and express them all of the time, however I don’t always find them to be necessary to many situations. I hate that people make us out to be psychos. We aren’t crazy and I would never harm anyone, we just understand the world and human behavior much better than the average person because we spend so much time thinking about it and after we think about it, we go out in the world to test our hypothesis by interacting with people. And because of this, we have the ability to be huge manipulators and opportunist. Most people find that to be repulsive but I call it intellect. The only reason why this ability scares me is because I know that having that type of control and advantage over people can be dangerous. This is why I rarely use it.

    • tatl33 says:

      I completely agree with you! Remember with a lot of my articles I’m writing from the unhealthy perspectives of types. In my opinion, there are many incredible ENTP’s (Schlinder from the movie Schinder’s list as the first that comes to mind). I really like what you’ve pointed out about how the ENTP mind works- I rarely hear this perspective- not enough! What people can you think of as prime examples of ENTP that are opportunistic?

    • Jeremy says:

      Wahhh why do people call ENTP’s psychos, as he posts an essay bragging about how good he is at seeing people’s weaknesses. Honestly, go fucking kill yourself buddy.

      • Holly says:

        But how does seeing somebody’s weaknesses make you a psycho? That sounds like a completely normal human trait?

        • Anonymous says:

          ENTPs are by miles, the #1 master manipulators. They have the ability to size people up very quickly and predict their next moves. They are like puppeteers for those that aren’t aware of their capabilities in this area. Their Fi is invisible, so they easily justify any wrong doing in their own minds. If you are their enemy, beware, they will try to turn the whole world against you. It’s a shame more types can’t see through their fake charm. They will only give you the time of day if they want or need something from you. They are like bees on honey with us INFJs, being inherit givers that we are.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m an ENTP too, and I was hoping someone had posted something like this. I’m the exact same way. Depending on how you look at it, I either am manipulative all the time, or I only manipulate in extreme situations. If you count using my charm to get people to want to do the things I want them to do, then I do that all the time. I think that’s just charisma though, since I’m not actively thinking about how to get my way.

      When the chips are down though, and I NEED to have something happen, I can easily hatch a plan using what I’ve gleaned about people’s motives to either rally an army in support or win over the person who is giving me trouble. Worst case scenario, I could easily bring them down, but it’s much less complicated in the long run to make them like me.

      Jeremy, did you notice how in the example he gave, the end result was simply to make this person like him? It’s not like he was trying to get her to do anything terrible or to bring her down in any way. While we may be capable of doing underhanded things, our main “weapon” in our arsenal of manipulative tricks is simply getting people to like us and want to help us. We occasionally hatch convoluted schemes to get people to like us, but I don’t think that’s bad.

      tatl33, I’m obviously not the same guy, but I’m an opportunistic ENTP as well, so I feel somewhat qualified to answer your question with my viewpoint. I’d say that your example of Oskar Schindler fits the bill quite nicely, actually. In one fell swoop, he managed to take advantage of the Holocaust by using the Jews as a cheap and dedicated workforce as well as save them from the horrors of the concentration camps. He did this while still cultivating his relationship with the very Nazis who were trying to kill his workforce.

      This resonates with me particularly well, because I’ll often take advantage of terrible situations and use them to my advantage. Usually, my goals line up with others’ while I do this, and I end up helping them out too, but often my primary motivation is my own ends. And of course, while I do that, I try to keep in favorable relations with everyone possible, especially people in positions of both social and authoritative power who are often the ones causing the problems for everyone else. I find it much easier to help others from the position of my “enemy’s” friend. And I’m not going to lie, the benefit of being largely excluded from whatever the bad situation is is pretty nice too. It sounds pretty terrible depending on how you look at it, but I often find I can do greater good while still maintaining a cushy lifestyle. I only run into problems when I have friends who expect me to hate the people they hate as much as they do, but unless they have really strong reasons for their hatred, I can usually get away with it.

      Overall, regardless of whether or not ENTP are the most manipulative, we are probably the best at getting away with it when we do choose to do it. Heck, I openly admit to all my friends that I’m a manipulative b*st*rd, and they can see it, but the worst they ever feel about it is annoyance at my ability to get whatever I want from anyone – except them of course (as far as they’re concerned at least.) The general reaction though is amusement at the fact that I can get away with some of the most outlandish things that they wouldn’t even dream of doing without any repercussion.

    • Theone says:

      Pathetic. You’re not good at manipulating people. You’re just bullshitting to compensate for your lack of social abilities and lack of gauging how people actually feel or think, so instead you convince yourself that you know what they’re thinking.

      Wah wah wah look at me we’re great manipulators and opportunists.

      Have you ever thought about why the coworker never liked you in the first place? Maybe it’s because you’re incompetent at understanding how others feel, and she thought you were an asshole like everyone else does (you clearly come off as an ass in your post).

      Sorry, you make too many social faux pas as an ENTP to be a good manipulator. You always have to speak your mind about dumb shit and as a result end up creating many enemies for yourself

      Work on yourself. You have a long way to go buddy.

    • Rudy says:

      Hilarious. I’ll bet dollars to donuts your so-called piercing insight into what motivates others dives as deep as a bird bath. You congratulate yourself for manipulating someone for your own gain, but you conveniently overlook the fact they’re getting something from you. Who is playing who?

      • Again, they mentioned that they help the greater good while in the end they still get what they want.

        It’s called being able to analyze yourself and being able to know your own strengths and weaknesses. At the moment, I can tell a weakness of yours is becoming butthurt easily.

      • Cornelia says:

        You are a TRUE feminist in the best sense of the word, Vix! Celebreting being feanee…Umfortunatlly I think the idea that a woman 'provoked' and assault is still quite common. xxx

  8. Theone says:

    ENTPs are pretty easily manipulated…. They’re so goddamn naive and certain of their abilities that they don’t see themselves getting taken advantage of. They are often the ones who first fall for the pyramid scheme or conspiracy theories (9/11 is an inside job omg1!1!1!). They listen so eagerly to others and rarely call bullshit on what appears to be logical but is actually not.

    Look at how the ENTPs brag in this website about how good of a manipulator they are to compensate for their lack of social ability. Why do they do that? Because they want others to validate them by saying “oh wow yes you are a good manipulator” when really all they are doing is making others read the post and think “wow ENTPs are dumb.” It’s embarrassing for the ENTP.

    In fact, they’re so naive to think that posting about how good of a manipulator they are is doing them any good. It doesn’t. A good manipulator never reveals that they are good at manipulating. Only someone who is weak at it does.

    Often times, ENTPs are socially awkward and don’t know how to gauge someone’s emotions or real thoughts in a conversation.

    While the ENTP thinks they are reading someone else, the other person is actually thinking “lol this guy is gullible.”

    Of course, not al ENTPs are like this, but many ENTPs are.

    I would feel sorry for ENTPs, but I can’t since they act as if they are superior to everyone else even when they are clearly inferior in some cases.

    You’re only superior to others when you actually are, not just because you say it. You’re making an ass and a fool of yourself in front of everyone else.

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha, no way man, you don’t get ENTPs if you think we are getting manipulated when we get ourselves in those situations. Sometimes our strategy is to appear as if we are being manipulated…that, in itself is a very useful tool of manipulation because no one assumes that a “fool” will come out on top. In fact, playing the fool is probably the best form of manipulation out of them all. Life is like a game or an experiment to us ENTPs. We may do something just to test a theory…even if we could possibly loose money in the situation, we will do it just to see if we can maneuver our way around the system to get a result that’s in our favor. We tend to maintain control in most situations, even when it looks like we’re loosing and our backs our against the wall. It’s all apart of the strategy sometimes. People who don’t think like this have a hard time understanding it. The average person is very black and white…they like clear results, clear paths to success and anything unknown or challenging invokes fear. Most ENTPs do not live by this standard. The unknown is intriguing to us. If a thousand people tried something and failed, and ENTP would analyze every persons strategy and devise a unique approach. We are not afraid of failure…we thrive in challenging situations. So no…you are very wrong about your assessment. Manipulator a create illusions….so even I fit looks like they themselves are being manipulated…it’s probably an illusion too 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Manipulators like to create illusions….so even when it looks like they themselves are being manipulated…it’s probably an illusion too 🙂

      • Rudy says:

        Yeah. It’s called playing dumb. Nothing new and not exclusive to self-deluding ENTPs. Geez, I have nothing against ENTPs and actually love one very much, but you guys are not making a good showing for your type. Probably not ENTPs at all. More like silly ENFPs. Besides, we all know the most manipulative type is the ENFJ. I run screaming from the mastermind ENFJ, and so should you. 😀

    • tatl33 says:

      Wow, what you said is actually something I’ve thought- I’ve met several ENTP’s who do everything you mentioned. I find there are a few smart ENTP’s who set apart from the rest who excel though- I find ENTP you are really hit or miss with a lot of this stuff, including manipulating abilities

    • sdandrew says:

      Theone….and this is why ENTPs hold so little respect for the majority of most people’s intelligence.

      I’m an ENTP and I totally agree with everything the other ENTPs have posted. I don’t like hurting people. So, in a sense, I don’t really manipulate. But I’ve done sales for years and I have a weird intuition to know when to boost the clients self-esteem, when to remain silent, when to add value to our product, when to express empathy, etc… I wish I knew how I did it. I don’t think it’s braggy or egotistical to say so, it’s just true. I think you can make an argument that ENTPs need to be aware of the ethical implications of their actions, but you can’t argue that those abilities exist. In general, people who don’t think I can convince them of something are usually the easiest people to convince.

      And that brings us to Theone, the self-proclaimed master of social skills and noble warrior in the fight against ENTPs. I’m very surprised to find that Theone can give us shockingly insightful psychological diagnosis based off three paragraph online response. But, clearly we should trust the good Dr. Theone in his assertion that ENTPs (specifically the OP) are “weak”, “dumb”, and “lack social skills.” Because all we ever do is “make an ass and a fool” out of ourselves.

      I can’t help but agree with you Theone. All ENTPs do is reign a constant stream of negativity, insults, and unsubstantiated generalizations and stereotypes against strangers they have never met while simultaneously self-righteously diagnosing others as weak, stupid, and socially retarded.

      Oh. Wait.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please, just stop Internetting, Ok?

    • Ch says:

      Hmm.. Being an ENTP myself I have to partly agree with Theone. But I will have to say that such is the behaviour of immature ENTPs.. which I once was and which I come across occasionally. And yes, I can get really disgusted by other, less mature, ENTPs behaviour.

    • Holly says:

      Honestly, your post is kind of ridiculous – and I’m not even ENTP. They excel at being charming, charismatic and likable – and if you believe otherwise, then you’ve either only ever interacted with EXTREMELY unhealthy ENTPs, or you’re simply biased.

      Tert Fe in ExTPs are, in fact, the types most likely to register as having antisocial personality disorder (psychopath), so I just don’t know what to say to this other than..

      …just… no?

  9. Andy says:

    As an INFP, I find it ridiculously easy to manipulate people. After careful observing people, I have learned pretty much all the tricks and traps. ESTJ’s were the biggest challenge for me to figure out, but I’ve done it, and it was enjoyable doing it.
    I can certainly spot when people are trying to bullshit me, from a mile away.
    I personally think INFP’s would make the perfect moles, because they appear to others as sweet deep thinking individuals who could never be anything but.

    I guess why we’re not renowned for being manipulative is because although we could do it easily, we don’t get any real pleasure out of it. At least I don’t.

    • Anonymous says:

      Same for me. I’m an INFJ and nobody would really suspect me of being capable of such things because I come off as charming and sweet. I don’t tend to manipulate people because I don’t particularly enjoy it, but if I want to, it works like a treat.
      I can tell when someone is lying to me very easily and I always spot the small details and have a great memory (untypical for an INFJ i know) but I use this to my advantage. People always seem to trust me more than I trust them which is also useful, as the more reckless of the Fe users will spill all their emotions to me and then expect me to forget. It’s pretty funny, actually.
      The only types I find hard to read in any of these respects are INTJs, and possibly ENxPs.

  10. Pipehead420 says:

    Hey, ISFP here! As always, very well written! I agree that ENTJ’s are most manipulative, but I don’t think ISFP’s are the most easily manipulated. We are, however, the least likely type to manipulate, but it’s because we ISFP’s HATE control: either controlling or being control. And really, that’s not just ISFP’s, but P’s in general. I also believe this is why J’s are more likely to be manipulated than P’s: because they care more about stuff like society and order. I agree with you on F’s being more easily manipulated, though. I think XXFJ’s are the easiest to manipulate, with maybe the exception of ESFJ’s.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the 2nd trait determines how much you care about society and order and i think S types are more concerned about the existing order of things rather than Ns Intuitives are innovators and usually trust thier judgement rather than what is deemed appropriate to society unless its aligned with thier beliefs.
      The 4th is how you live your life for example Js prefer to take a more organized approach to things and usually like to plan and envision things ahead of time and they dont do well with whats unknown. That causes them to rarely take chances unless things are analyzed 1st.
      P’s on the other hand are a little more spontaneous and do fine with change. They adapt more quickly to situations and dont get bothered as easily. But becuase they lack the Judging trait they may not be as organized or prepared they can also be messy at home and dont do well with scheduled chores. They also lose intrest alot faster in things and are quick to move on. Sometimes they can be big procrastinators that take on alot of projects and leave them unfinished. So to sum it up in two acronyms to describe both types Js-OCD and Ps-ADD hahaha

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. TheRealStev0 says:

    ENfJ are definitely good Minipulators they are smart and well Spoken intune with the audience and thier reactions. They can also detect when a person is dishonest pretty quickly, reading both thier body language and facial expressions. But the thier flaws are the fear of the unknown thats why certain introverts fustrate them for example and INTJ or INFJ can be harder for them to read and just as smart and intuitive to know if thier intentions are bad. In my Opinion and INFJ can be just as good at Minipulating they are perfectionists which means they take thier time and study the environment and people around them. They may learn more than your closes friends know about you without you knowing it. They know what bothers you and what your weaknesses are and will use them as leverage if necessary. They are also very charming and in real time ask or organize questions to extract information from you. Becuase they are also extremely introverted you may not know a single thing about them and if you do they more than likely wanted you to know. Everything careful planned out people really dont know how rotten and INFJ can become. On the contrary the INTJ may seem like a Villian but are actually just misunderstood for they lack the Feeling trait and may seem uncaring or indifferent sometimes. They are not Sensitive and dont do well with Emotional Situation it will drain thier very energy. They are the Natural enemy of the INFJ thier Kryptonite. Becuase they are Uncompromising and Stubborn the INFJ will resent that.. alot of times having a personal vendetta against the INTJ but will be Intrigued and Fascinated. In a Superhero movie its a common misconception to believe that the INTJ be the Villan and INFJ be the Hero but on the Contrary its reversed INTJ Batman being the Dedicated hero that Values order and Justice and Joker INFJ being he Minipulating mastermind with a distorted view on society with no intrest in superficial materialistic things.

    • mrbroll says:

      Well done, I think this one is right on. ENFJs are users of emotion better than any people I’ve seen in how charming they can come off. Yet they don’t reveal much of their personal lives. They can get you to believe anything they say. I find it amazing how they seem so genuine. Yet as an INTJ my warning sensor is going off, because I start to notice small details in their life where they act different than they say. ENFJs are pretty manipulative I believe.

    • Watchout!! says:

      great work done on the comparison between INFJ and INTJ
      Being an INTJ i know the emotions we posses so i stongly agree that i have an antagonist character because i like to get a control over people by explaining my false emotions to them HAHAHA (this emotion control is something i use coz earlier I was an INFJ)
      Dont get me bad on that its always bad people on whom i like to take revenge on but sometimes good people come on the way and be the easy target for no reason:<

  13. Anonymous says:

    I agree with a lot of concept in this article and the comments (though I hardly read through them), and through personal experience I believe that entj’s and estj’s are the most manipulative, with isfp’s and infp’s being the least. However said, just because entj’s and estj’s have the tendency to manipulate the most doesn’t mean they’re good at it (thought most are cunning), nor does it mean that isfp’s and infp’s can be easy manipulated themselves. I myself am an infp, and i’ve noticed that i am pushed around often, and people do try to manipulate me more so, but being an infp, i can read people easier than most, and though i’m a ditz, i’m not an idiot. I tend to avoid fighting and try to work with people on equal levels, but when time comes to argue or when being controlled, people can be surprised by my (and other infp’s) ability to diligently fight back and to supress other’s manipulation. My poor isfp friend, on the other hand, is just too nice, and is more of a target than me and my other friends, and she often finds herself tossed around and manipulated, and she just doesn’t have the will to say otherwise ( cue when me and my enfj, intp, and estp friend step in).
    Although, that’s just my experience, i’m sure others have had it differently.

  14. Rubber Ducky says:

    Funny, because both of the ISFPs I know are extremely manipulative and I (an INTP) was apparently on the slow train to that conclusion.

  15. Jimmy Cartwright says:

    Lol at anyone who thinks the standard INFJ is easily manipulated.
    The only way an INFJ is ‘easily’ manipulated is by manipulating the environment in such a way that leads them to have to act accordingly. This isn’t to say they don’t realise it is being done, it’s just that if it is the right thing to do it is the right thing to do, even if they are being forced into it.
    But if you think you are getting away with a subtle game of manipulation with one, the chances are it is you who is being manipulated. Unless you’re an ENTP, but then you are both likely to fall in love before the game of chess is over.

    • Kaylan says:

      Ch28ifour&#la17;s does everything – from invitations to rentals! They have been voted best florist in NH year after year! Chalifour’s Flowers is known for their creativity and every wedding is so unique!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m an INFJ, and I find the ENTPs lack of moral fortitude disgusting. As well as we get along (definitely riff off one another), I could never love one.

    • Watchout!! says:

      i like your way of speaking dude
      Ya know what i was earlier an INFJ and i strongly believe that they should be the best influencers (that term doesnt exist i know)..i am now an intj(the best manipulator) so definitely infjs are closer to manipulators and not the one to get manipulated.:D

  16. Melissa says:

    If time is money you’ve made me a wehiealtr woman.

  17. Watchout!! says:

    You are very right when you said that the biggest manipulators get manipulated as well coz i being an INTJ feel that i am the one who along with manipulating others and setting traps fall for it myself the most…so i feel i am the target of my manipulation i know it sounds crazy..

    • Watchout!! says:

      and would you please let me know which personality type fluctuates the most from personality to personality..coz i do that quite much(i.e. blending ur ownself into other characters as per situations and times)

  18. Indralz says:


    I happened by chance on your site (by the way, I find your site very interesting) and I read that isfp was the easiest to handle. It’s a bit sad to see so many fragile and innocent isfp stereotypes lol (although I understand why) … not all isfp are credulous.

    I think the enegram also plays a role and also the way we lived our life.

    Personally, I think that all types of mbti can be manipulated once in a lifetime, or several times. These are things that happen unfortunately …

    That was just my opinion, thank you for reading me, have a good day.

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