Which MBTI type are the characters from Downton Abbey?

Upper class:

  • Mary- (Sidenote: ESTP- much research was done on Mary, she was difficult to type)
  • Sybil- ENFP
  • Edith- ISFJ
  • Robert (Mr Crawley)- ESTJ
  • Cora (Mrs Crawley)- ESFJ
  • Isobel- ENFJ
  • Violet- ISTJ
  • Matthew- INTP
  • Tom Branson- INTP
  • Rose- ESFP


  • Carson- ISTJ
  • Mrs Hughes- ISFJ
  • John Bates- ISFJ
  • Mrs O’Brien- INTJ
  • Thomas- ENTJ
  • Anna- ENFP
  • Mrs Patmore- ESFP
  • Daisy- ISFP
  • William- ENFJ
  • Gwen- INFP
  • Ethel- ESFP
  • Alfred- ESTJ 
  • Jimmy- ESTP
  • Ivy- ISFP
  • Edna- INFJ

About tatl33

Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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27 Responses to Which MBTI type are the characters from Downton Abbey?

  1. wifosaurus says:

    This just makes me that much more sad that some of these characters are gone!
    I think Branson is a feeler, though, just because he doesn’t think things through. He’s a revolutionary who is really impulsive. Doubt he would have pursued Sybil if he were a Thinker.

    I can see ESTP for Mary, but I could argue for ISTJ. She’s more introverted than Sybil, definitely, and she seems to tire of company quickly. I could go either way with J/P. She’s definitely more open to new possibilities than her father, but he’s 100% J. It is VERY important for her to follow her father’s wishes, which is another reason I lean towards ISTJ, since that is the rule-following type. She has her scandal (which could arise from her IS combination, boredom with others and need to be stimulated), but most of her choices seem to stem from following the rules. Keeping the scandal secret from her father, going along with her engagement to that awful newspaper man…

    I was wondering what type Captain America is. Characteristic ISTJ, or more complex? You should do The Avengers! Curious about whether you think Loki is a T or F, too.

    • tatl33 says:

      Agreed. Sybil was the best!
      I concur with what you are saying about Branson right now- I didn’t consider him being F since he’s so direct and says everything straight and logically without hidden meanings, but then looking at many of the scenes I am finding a new insight into him as a feeling type with his love for Sybil and emotional behaviour. Thoughts?

      Mary is definitely the most difficult to type. I can see how you type her as ISTJ- I’ve thrown out every single consideration with her. Your guess is as good as mine.

      And that’s a great idea! I’ll give you a hint- I think he’s ISTJ, Batman’s the more INTJ type imo.
      And Loki is such a tough character to type. I am 50/50… I’ll write a blog entry soon about The Avengers, get pumped for it 🙂

  2. Charity says:

    I agree with many of your typings, but here’s a few theories:

    Mary- ISTJ (first season at least, then later she starts to have more Ne/Ni)
    Edith- ISFJ (argue ISFP — Edith is more about herself – Fi – than caring about anyone else; she also wants “adventure” and is bored at home; her ability to learn new things / be good with mechanics / her taste in clothing seems to be Se rather than Si)
    Robert (Mr Crawley)- ISFJ (the man doesn’t have a rational bone in his body; he’s all feelings — feelings about his kids, feelings about his wife, feelings about his servants, feelings about the war — Fe)
    Violet- ESTJ (Violet is the only one who says exactly what she thinks at all times — E)
    Matthew- … originally, I thought INFP but I don’t know, he’s more rational than that; I’ll have to watch his seasons again to decide
    Tom Branson- again, not sure — maybe ENXP since he’s a visionary who acts on things, and doesn’t back down from people

    Thomas- ISTP (I don’t see Ni in him — he never thinks through the potential consequences of his behavior, which seems more Si or Se to me — possibly ISTP, since he’s a loner, short-sighted, and takes advantage of immediate situations, relying on Mrs. O’Brien to come up with schemes)
    Daisy- ISXX (… Daisy is very traditional, so Si-Fi? ISTJ? unsure)

    • tatl33 says:

      I think Daisy is definitely traditional, and I can kinda see her as ISFJ- because of her worries about what’s his name, it signals FE to me so u could be right.
      Matthew is definitely the toughest- he appears to be T most of the time, but almost to spice up the romance on the show he acts very Fish a lot of the time as well…
      Your Thomas argument is pretty good since he’s in the situation a lot of irl ISTP’s get into..
      I definitely can see the Mary ISTJ… as I said, I’m really not sure on her, I would honestly think of her as almost any type at some point!
      Edith as ISFP… reasoning? 🙂

      • Charity says:

        Daisy is tough — she’s very much into “right and wrong” (Si) but on the other hand, she didn’t want to lie to William to make him happy about their marriage; Mrs. Patmore had to convince her to do it. So was that her Si influencing her Fe, or was that Fi manifesting? (*I* don’t feel it’s right, so *I* don’t want to do it?)

        I love Matthew. He could be INFP — before I learned about cognitive functions, I went with that simply because he’s so open and “okay” with everyone (he doesn’t try to change anyone!). But… his reluctance to hurt what’s her name could be Fe!

        Edith: highly emotional but it’s always connected to HER feelings rather than caring about other people (she is vindictive toward Mary, she kisses another man’s husband because she feels like it, she has no problem with angst in the house, only with the angst she’s involved in; she strongly identifies with people who are outside her family’s good graces because she feels isolated – Fi); in later seasons, she breaks from tradition to do exciting things (she learns to drive tractors and cars, she becomes a socialite, she starts writing for a magazine, she signs things without reading them, and she sleeps with her married editor — all without considering the consequences — Se?). I’m not positive, in fact I was torn between ISFP/ISTP but she doesn’t seem rational enough to be an ISTP.

        • tatl33 says:

          After your explanation I definitely understand why you think Edith is an ISFP- and now that’s what I think too! Thanks for the analysis 🙂
          I can see Matthew as an INFP, there are many things that suggest him as an INTP though- as you said, the Fe with Mary, his rational though process when dealing with the estate with the head of Downton, etc.
          That’s a good point with Daisy, never considered it!

          • Charity says:

            Matthew is too concerned for other people’s feelings to be an INTP — if he were an INTP, Fe would be his least-used function. I suspect he has a ?i-Fe-Ti loop going on, with his analytical side (Ti) kicking in sometimes to overcome his Fe. But is he Ni or Si? He could very well be Ni — he seems to look at the far-reaching consequences of all their actions (how he points out to Robert that Downton will cease to exist if they continue running it like they do no), and he’s totally out of touch with the traditional way of doing things — Robert has to point out to him that the servants need employment, and he must make them feel needed. Once he understands, “aha, they need jobs and self-respect!” he’s okay with it, and pays attention to making Mosley feel needed.

            I don’t know if this is an all-encompassing INFJ thing, but … I’m really logical. I would totally do something like that — go for the solution to the problem without considering the people affected by it that I don’t know personally. My Fe only kicks in when I really stop to think about how it will impact people. Matthew could just be a really logical Ni-Ti, which makes him look more rational when he’s trying to problem-solve.

          • tatl33 says:

            That’s the good thing about INFJ- it’s one of the few types that have the ability to switch between making logical decisions (Ni) and people related decisions (Fe) it’s one of our gifts imo 🙂
            Yeah, I can relate to the Ni-Ti loop- I often have it under stress, which he probably does too. Can you relate to it?
            What type do you think Moseley is?

          • Charity says:

            I grew up in an ultra-logical home. My brother is the quintessential ISTJ. My mother is an INTJ. My dad is (I think) an ENTP. So I’m totally logical but care about people’s feelings. I feel like I’m in a constant Ni-Ti loop and it only worsens under stress. I will make the logical choice almost every time, simply because I was brought up that way.

            Moseley. I don’t know. I don’t pay much attention to him, but he could be Fi of some sort.

          • tatl33 says:

            I find Moseley’s character really interesting in season 4- I won’t spoil it if you haven’t seen it because he has a bigger role. BUT if you have seen it, what did you think of the Anna/Bates situation?

            The Ni-Ti loop for me becomes a crazy loop where I want complete solidarity and I want to analyze the crap out of everything. It gets exhausting but yeah it definitely does get worse under stress. I’ve found forcing myself to extrovert myself like an ENFJ at big events helps me get out of the loop. What do you usually do when you get in the Ni-Ti loop? And what’s it like being in the Ni-Ti loop for you?

          • Charity says:

            Yeah, I have seen season four — and it may be the reason I quit watching this show. I feel like all the characters are on a loop, as if Fellowes can’t figure out what to do with them, or how to make them grow, so he puts them through the same crappy situations over and over again. Haven’t we been through this whole Bates’ temper / suspecting him of evil / he and Anna are miserable before? Hasn’t Mary had three suitors madly in love with her, in spite of her insipid personality, before? Hasn’t Edith done stupid things before? I don’t know, as a writer it irritates me that he can’t seem to come up with anything new lately.

            My Ni-Ti loop kicks in if I’m having some sort of panic attack and/or if I’m alone too much. But I think I have a really well developed Ti anyway, because I analyze EVERYTHING. Like… all the time. I can’t just shut my brain off and enjoy a movie like most people. I have to think about it, during an afterward — how plausible it is, if the plot makes sense, etc. My Ni-Ti loop tends to make me depressed and/or totally a perfectionist. 😛

          • tatl33 says:

            So true! That pretty much describes my feelings to the show this season. It was predictable, the same as it has always been and nothing really happened that was particularly interesting like WW1 and the flu and other events that had happened in previous seasons.

            Definitely describes me too with the Ni-Ti loop they are the two things that describe the loop for me too. I wonder if that’s with all INFJ?
            I understand exactly what you mean with everything you said in that paragraph- like the having to think a lot about a plot in movie/becoming a perfectionist. I can totally relate. How do you get out of the Ni/Ti loop though when you really need to stop being analytical? Do you tend to try and get the Fe/Se functions rolling by doing fun activities with people?

          • Charity says:

            I’m also ticked off about killing off Matthew. He was my favorite character, so I resent his absence. I don’t blame the actor for wanting to leave, though, considering the plot never goes anywhere!

            How do I get out of the loop? Spend time with people, usually. If I’m obsessing/perfecting something I’m working on, I have to literally leave the house and go somewhere or do something else, in order to stop the intensely critical cycle. I’ve noticed that under stress, my Se kicks in a lot — I’ll do stupid things without thinking it through, and I’ll live only for this moment (why yes, I will eat half a cake all by myself, because I don’t care if I get fat later!).

          • tatl33 says:

            Yeah, that was really annoying. The actor of Matthew wanted to leave the show unfortunately. I was most cheesed off about Sybil leaving.
            The same thing happens with me when I’m under stress. It is like every function works other than my Fe. It’s almost a three way loop. If it’s not caused by stress, the loop doesn’t contain the Se. Do you find that too?

          • Charity says:

            Had they stuck to the plan and ended the show with three seasons, there would have been no need to kill off Sybil and Matthew. They could have had a happy ending with the new heir to Downton, and come full circle. But because people never know when to stop, the show will continue repeating plot lines and spiraling downhill until it has erased from my mind everything I ever loved about it. (Me? Bitter? HAH.)

            Under stress, I do stupid, knee-jerk, Se-like things — but never otherwise.

          • tatl33 says:

            Yeah! Downton Abbey christmas episode is coming up are you gonna watch it?
            And that happens with movies too- lots of unnecessary sequels!
            And what things do you do? 😀

          • Charity says:

            Uh… maybe. I probably will, just to finish out the season. Even so — BOO on Fellowes.

            Under stress — I delete blogs and/or tumblrs without considering the consequences. I indulge my Se-senses with experiences and rich food without thinking about my safety or my waistline. That kind of thing. 😛

          • tatl33 says:

            Oh I’ve done the exact thing with deleting a forum where I had about 50 strong members- I was stressed and just deleted it… horrible decision!!
            And yeah you have to finish off the season! It’s gonna be a hilarious ending to a hilariously bad season 😉

          • Charity says:

            I had 1,200 followers on a tumblr mbti in fiction blog, got stressed and upset that I’d mistyped so many characters, and deleted the whole thing. Now, I’m having to start over (at least my typings are accurate) and regain / recruit new followers. Stupid. Stupid. 😛

            … that’s one way to look at it. “A truly terrible ending to a truly terrible season” is another. 😀

          • tatl33 says:

            Woah that’s a lot of followers 😮 It is definitely stressful when you have a lot of followers- “with great power comes great responsibility”

            And that’s a better way to look at it! 😀

  3. Charity says:

    PS: Loki — everyone types him as an INFJ but I’ve heard a great argument for ENTJ under stress (Fi all over the place). Still not 100% convinced, though.

  4. I’m not an ENTP (at least I don’t think I am) but I just realized that there are no ENTPs on the list.

  5. Ravenclaw Book Club says:

    Kind of sad that the only INFJ is Edna 😔 Would have liked someone I like better to represent my type 😂

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