Which MBTI type is most likely to lie/best at lying?

This two part blog entry will investigate which MBTI type is most likely to lie and which MBTI type is best at lying.


Extroverts are more likely to lie than introverts. They do not think about consequences as much before speaking, so they are more likely to get in situations before it is too late. For example, an extrovert may say a joke that gets taken out of context, and hence they have to start lying…

Sensors are also more likely to lie than intuitive types. They are more likely to act in the moment without thinking about the future consequences of this action.

Perceivers are also more likely to lie as they don’t think about the future consequences of this action, living in the moment as Se types. This relates to the psychopath blog entry: perhaps because Se types are more likely to live in the moment without considering the consequences, the fatal flaw of Se which may ruin what is already great about them!

Feeling types are more likely to lie because they want to impress other people; unlike the blunt thinking types, feeling types will be more likely to compliment others without meaning it or cover up a white lie to prevent hurt feelings. ESFP’s are therefore most likely to lie.

On the other hand, it could be argued that thinking types are better at lying. This could be argued for three reasons:

1. People know that thinking types are blunt. They will believe them when they are telling a lie because they won’t lie about certain things.

2. They give away less with their emotions. Thinking types are more calm and collected.

3. Thinking types aren’t as concerned with feelings, hence they will be able to hide guilt better!

Perceivers are better at lying because they can adapt to the situation and reply with witty in the moment comments that will get them out of situations. They often have practice when they forget to do their homework in primary school and need an excuse to get out of it 😉

Introverts are also more reserved, and many seem to trust people when they are calm, neutral and non expressive. Extroverts show more when they speak, so we know what they are thinking. Introverts will simply say something and leave it at that. We believe it, whether it be true or not.

Sensors are generally better at lying than intuitive types because they behave the correct way in the environment they are in and Se types are natural performers, allowing them to get every detail right to appear like they are telling the truth. This makes ISTP’s better at lying.

Do you believe that the ESTP is most likely to lie or is it another type? Which type do you believe is best at lying? Leave your comments below!!


About tatl33

Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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17 Responses to Which MBTI type is most likely to lie/best at lying?

  1. christa says:

    most lying: dominant F. They know about their priority for relationship, they are aware of the importance of relationship in their life, they manipulate more than others having their focus on relationship and on covering their needs by being liked and accepted. Knowing how to manipulate to have the ambience they need and prefer, they are willing to lie easily. An ESP who lives fast and does not think so much about the consequences may not do what he said he would do, but it is less lies than going with the flow, it is casual lying without purpose and manipulation. Happy to get an answer irritating my experience….

    • tatl33 says:

      Absolutely true- feeling types lie more because they see the importance of relationships, great point. Thinking types don’t focus on relationships as much which is bitter sweet for them.
      What is your MBTI type?

  2. ENTP says:

    ESTP on the spot. However ENTP would create the best web of lies around his schemes hands down. ENTP + ESTP pair would be a great pair.

    • tatl33 says:

      Absolutely! I like your thinking, because you are dead on. I’ve researched a few criminal duos and many times they are ENTP + ESTP pair- what chances are there that the two would combine to commit crime out of all the possible types? A huge chance, surprisingly.
      Read the book In Cold Blood by Truman Capote if you are interested in this. Perry is an ENXP and Dick is an ESTP, and by themselves they are nothing but together they are cold hearted killers.

    • Deanna says:

      I just ran across this site and as an ESTP – T, I just have to say that I hate lying and liars the most. If my children lied, they would get in double trouble because I always felt being lied to was like walking through an area with quicksand – you never know when the ground is solid, or going to fall out from beneath you. I also have to say – I don’t party (I am a homeschool mom), don’t cheat, I hate risky behavior (especially if injuries could be involved), etc…My type of risks would involve eating exotic foods, visiting new places, or trying unconventional herbal treatments. I feel like out of all the personalities on the Myers-Briggs, ESTP’s are the most misunderstood, and hardest to “pin down” because each of us has our own way of expressing “wildness.”

  3. Anastasia says:

    I’m surprised about the extrovert rather than introvert part. It seems to me that (1) extroverts do less thinking before speaking, so they’re less likely to feel the need to smooth over the truth with a lie, (2) introverts may “have more to hide” not in the sense that there’s more skeletons in the closest, but just by nature of being shier and perhaps less prone to admit details about their private lives and (3) introverts seem more likely to have social anxiety, therefore feeling a greater need to lie to manage others’ impression of them. But I suppose I can’t argue with research that suggests ENTP/ESTP hits the jackpot. And perhaps I’m approaching this from too much of an angle of lying to make others think well of me (which is what all my lies are about) without giving adequate consideration to lying for the purpose of conning others (which I don’t have experience with). I’m an INFJ.

    • tatl33 says:

      That’s a good point because there are various types of lying. The introverts I believe would more likely lie over something on purpose, because they think longer on the answer. Extroverts act quickly, hence they may lie more often without thinking about it until afterwards. But generally it depends- introverts would lie on private issues more/to be nice to someone whereas extroverts might blurt it out. Extroverts would lie by accident, for fun, or for something important, whereas introverts would realize the consequences in a big decision. IMO

  4. MRI fp says:

    Extroverted sensing needs tangible results, introverted thinking needs things done as simply or quickly as possible- both functions arent concerned with people, and both is PRESENT based, FE is a people pleaser function, not authenticity based like FI, NI being last indicates a lack of long term thinking, put it all together u get someone who seeks everything their senses desires(SE) and they find a effortless quick PERSONALISED logical way of achieving it a with a manipulatively fake smile,fake compliments I.e manipulative cover FE, and no sense of the big picture NI, Estp! Or Ne ideas, Ti as a quick,effortless manner of selling the idea, FE used as manipulation, and a lack of SI indicating a lack of heeding lessons from the past,people’s stories, and not being concerned with being SOCIATIELY correct.

  5. Gemma says:

    I’m an INFJ, and I think we’re one of the best types at lying, but at the same time one of the least likely types to lie.

  6. David E says:

    Gemma, I agree. I am a male INFJ, and it seems that I have a very good control of my senses and emotions, if I set my mind to a goal, I usually reach it, but I am also much less interested in lying.

    It needs practice to be really clever in lying, it is difficult to do wrong thing all the time, make it hang together needs a iNution. -NTJ may be more able to do that, but they need a rational reason, often by work or personal life, maybe to fulfill a goal, I feel that F has a easier reasoning to actually create a big lie. I am not sure about the difference between P and J, but J will do all after his/hers higher personal goal, while the F can better handle the obstacles (both externally and internally) here and now, poking peoples in right directions. Introverted may be better then Extroverted since they usually are more sensetive and careful about small things, as the devils lies in small details; to careful build up a lie, to be prepared for new obstacles, really needs a determined introverted person who walks silenty in the background.
    The big irony that these are usually much less interested into that mess… 🙂

    I think that the best lie is to create a big personal lie and work outward from it’s perspective, don’t talk about it, don’t say at all about it, and peoples will have easier to accept it’s truthfullness. My friend flatly (INTJ) confessed something to his ex, and she didn’t believe him, he had no need to lie, but together with me, she had difficulties to accept the situation. She had lied, thinked and manipulated so much that her own lies distorted her and he didn’t know that it’s not always wise to answer right away, sometimes it’s better to let the question hang in the air and work out from it. 🙂

    In a way my lie impacts my friend (he knows about it. I think, it’s very subtle) and it’s interesting to see it spiral outward or downward depending at the situation, and I feel/experience more control in my life. My goal is just to be happy, and to fulfill my dreams, and that beautiful lie is a good beginning to make a truthful life to myself.

    I experienced few times that ESFJ/ESFP lies easily but I think that one have to accept it, it’s often small lies at the present moment to protect themselves, I see it as a one of the personality quirk few will enjoy and understand, so learn to respect their ego, don’t push too much, then I think that they’ll enjoy you more when they experience that they don’t have to lie so much with you.

  7. yes ISTP lies all the time but they are probably not the best at lying

  8. M M says:

    ISTJs in my estimation (and I think I read ti somewhere) are most apt to be sociopaths.

  9. einzinger says:

    My istp and estp friends have about 50% that comes out of their mouth are lies….esfps on the other hand,well…all of those types actually,have a hard time keeping promises

  10. Firass Ali says:

    I’m an ISTP, I find myself good at lying ” don’t know why ” but I tend not to do so, since I was a kid I know if I did something wrong and I can lie about it, I choose not to do so I choose to handle my actions consequences, and I say ” what’s the point if I lied about it ? Nothing ” then I tell the truth
    But there is another thing, I find myself so damn good as “lie detector” and I have no idea how or why, I can tell if there is someone is lying to me or not

  11. Maria says:

    My friend is an ESFP and has a happy-go-lucky adittude. She lies often when she is depressed bc she doesn’t want me to be sad so she just lies about that.. Me on the other hand ( I’m an ESTP) lie most of the time to get what I want, but we both lie very often

  12. Honest2afault says:

    You are so biased it’s unbelievable.

    My fault being that I wasted time cause compulsion to tell you, no, stop spreading bad info.

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