Which MBTI type are the characters from Star Wars? (Old and New Trilogy)

After the first article written about the characters from Harry Potter, and a second article being written about Lord of the Rings, an article has been written about the Star Wars triology- both the characters from the original trilogy and the prequel trilogy.Remember some characters may overlap in both series!

Original trilogy

The protagonist of the original trilogy was Luke Skywalker, who is an ESTP. He is a typical adventuring young male. Being good mechanically, a common trait of TP types, and always wanted to explore and adventure as an XSTP, Luke Skywalker always manages to find a way out of the most dangerous situations.

Han Solo is an ESTP without a doubt. He is a risk taker, as evident when he was involved in the risky business with Jabba the Hut. He is also sarcastic and good at getting out of dangerous situations, such as the asteroid situation with a very low chance, he survived!

Princess Leia is an ESTJ. She wants everything to go as planned and seems to be the one controlling a lot of the decisions that occur. She often gets stressed out and cannot easily adapt. She is often rude and condescending, but honest all the same.

R2D2 is an INTP- a type often described as a walking encylopedia, this robot fits the role. C3PO, on the otherhand, is an ESFJ, acting as the normal, social accustomed one of the two, never afraid to express how it is feeling.

Darth Vader/Annakin Skywalker is an ENTJ. The third movie of the prequel trilogy shows this side of Annakin Skywalker and his ability to be corrupted; a challenge many ENTJ’s face; morals versus power. Annakin is highly ambitious and wants respect, and when that is not given to him, he gradually becomes Darth Vader.

Yoda first appears as a crazy creature in the original trilogy that isn’t quite sure what they are doing, but it becomes evident that he is wise with many years of experience. He represents INTP’s well.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is an INFJ. Obi-Wan is wise and patient, and tries his best to help out Annakin. He is guided by his morals of following the good side of the force.

Finally, Palpatine/Darth Sidius is the main antagonist of the films, and is an INTJ. He is plotting for power, and acts as a typical powerful and manipulative INTJ.

Other characters include:

  • Chewbacca- ISFP
  • Padme Amidala- ENFJ
  • Jabba the Hut- ESTP
  • Darth Maul- INTJ
  • General Grievious- ENTJ
  • Mace Windu- ISTJ
  • Jar Jar- ESFP
  • Shmi Skywalker (Annakin’s mother)- ESFJ
  • Qui-Gon Jinn- INTJ
  • Antilles- ESTP
  • Lando Calrissian- ESTJ
  • Admirrel Piet- ENTP
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Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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17 Responses to Which MBTI type are the characters from Star Wars? (Old and New Trilogy)

  1. wifosaurus says:

    It makes me happy that you typed R2 and Yoda as an INTP. That is all.

  2. Angelcake says:

    Love Star Wars. But I think you got most of the characters totally wrong. Luke is definitely an INFx and Anakin is an ENFx. Yoda as INTP is perfect but Obi Wan is also an INTP – he’s so cool and collected.

    • tatl33 says:

      I wouldn’t say INFX type for Luke. He doesn’t ever come across as a deep thinking type, more of an explorer type fighting for his people and going along with where he is taken.

  3. Anthony says:

    These are interesting assesments. I agree with most of them and enjoyed reading them. I disagree about Luke being an ESTP. Luke and Han are not the same personality type. Luke is much more empathetic and compassionate than Han and he is more open about his feelings. Luke is also dreamier, more imaginative than Han Solo. He sees the possibilities more than Han who just sees things clearly in the here and now Han is the more grounded and pragmatic of the two. I certainly agree that Han is an ESTP I think Luke is an INFJ with the I bordering on E.

    • tatl33 says:

      You’ve actually got a really good point on that one. It is highly unlikely that Luke and Han are both ESTP’s, I never considered how different it looks when you put my types next to each other :P
      Hmm… I dunno about INFJ, the way your describing him makes him sounds Pish… seeing lots of possibilities, very dreamy and imaginative (very INFJish, but even more INFPish..)

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  5. Michael J says:

    I do disagree with some types. I like that Yoda is an INTP – it suits him well.
    Chewbacca – ISTP, can’t see much feeling
    Luke – ISFP, Luke doesn’t strick me as an extrovert at all. His personality is more reserved. He seems more of an introverted feeler.
    Han Solo – borderline ISTP, although he’s over confident at times, he strikes me more as a loner with only a few friends. ISTPs can also be strong risk takers. Not an obvious introvert.
    Leia – ENTJ, very political, I think she’s more intuitive than a ESTJ who are more traditionalistic.
    Anakin – ENFP, while Darth Vader – ISTJ, he is quite an immature one though and is strongly ruled by his internal feelings without much structure in the external world (P rather than J).
    Obi-Wan Kenobi – INTP, patient, logical and reserved. More of a curious logical type than a faith based one.
    Jar Jar – Idiot

    • tatl33 says:

      Haha love the Jar Jar one!
      I find it interesting you complete oppose Anakin and Darth Vader. I don’t think there was that much of a change personally! I agree with the Leia/Chewbacca/Luke typings, I can see where you are coming from!

  6. Sophie says:

    I like that you typed Darth Maul as an INTJ. He is commonly typed as an ISTP, which is incorrect as he is strategic and intuitive, especially in the Clone Wars show…. I see Leia as more of an ENTJ than an ESTJ due to her values that are less traditional and her more imaginative mind. Good job on these types! :)

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