Which MBTI type are the characters from Game of Thrones?

As you well know, I am publishing many of my MBTI articles over the next few days. I have started with four of my articles, including Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, music genres and best writing type. Now, I am going to post four articles on popular TV shows: Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Pretty Little Liars. First in line: Game of Thrones.


  • Eddard Stark- ISTJ
  • Catlyn Stark- ISFJ
  • Robb Stark- ESTJ
  • Jon Snow- ESFP
  • Sansa Stark- ESFJ
  • Arya Stark- ENFP
  • Bran Stark- ESTP

Other Characters:

  • Tyrion Lannister- ENTP
  • Jamie Lannister- ESTP
  • Cersei Lannister- ENFJ
  • Tywin Lannister- INTJ
  • Joffrey- ENTJ
  • Littlefinger- INTJ
  • Stannis Baratheon- ESTJ
  • Renly Baratheon- ENFP
  • King Robert Baratheon- ESTP
  • Varys- INFJ
  • Daenarys- ENFP
  • Samwell- ISFP
  • Theon- ESFP

About tatl33

Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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33 Responses to Which MBTI type are the characters from Game of Thrones?

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  4. Davos says:

    I’m not sure about this, I’d agree on most of them but Arya strikes me as more of a thinker than a feeler I’d guess ESTP. Also Jon snow being an ESFP, where did that come from? He seems way more introverted than that. Other than that though good work.

    • tatl33 says:

      I was borderline ISFP/ESFP with Jon Snow, but he seems intune with his environment and good at adapting (aka season 3!) But Arya, I can see your point

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is some of the worst typing I’ve ever seen, especially with such developed characters as subjects.

    • Oscar says:

      most people would disagree with this comment

    • Corvo Attano says:

      I agree especially typing jon snow as something different than INFJ is dumb. I also have a problem with Varys typed as INFJ, he seems more like an INTP to me. Danarys is no extrovert. She doesnt take pleasure in social contact. She has to talk with people, but she would rather be alone or with just a few friends. Samwell is an INFP. But really you did everything wrong with Jon. Yes he seems extroverted some of the time, but really buddy do your research on the types. ESFPs are spontanous. Is Jon Snow sponatnous? No, he isnt. As an INFJ Jon is able to work good with people. He doesnt want responsibilty, but he gets it. He is a long term planer, another point against ESFP. I mean jesus christ do you even research?

  6. Tyler Babydoll says:

    Arya & Dany speak to me as an ENFP and remember people have shadow functions and act different under stress!

  7. xloq says:

    This list is good and I agree with most of it. However, is Stannis really an ESTJ and not an ISTJ? He seems to be more like an ISTJ to me.

    • tatl33 says:

      I guess I could see Stannis as an ISTJ. He is serious, concentrated and has that Fi more dominant (as evidnent in ISTJ’s)
      I also see him as ESTJ due to his prevalent Te, but I could see him as either

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  9. Charity says:

    Interesting typings! I have only a few contradictory ideas, which I’d like to discuss!

    Sometimes, I wonder if Catlyn is an ENFP, for the reasons that she has a bigger picture than her son does of what’s going on and usually instinctively knows if something bad is going to happen; she relies a lot on her feelings paired with intuition and cautions everyone not to do things, without really knowing why (she doesn’t want her husband leaving, her son to marry his wife, etc – it seems like Ne, which an ENFP has a lot more of than an ISFJ)?

    Jon Snow… I can see ISFP for him, but then again, he is leadership—material, and thinks before he acts, so you may be right about that.

    Sansa uses Fi – it’s all about her when she’s young; her wolf, her wants, her love for Joffrey. My guess – ISFP; she loves beautiful things, she can’t seem to get herself out of a bad situation like a J could.

    Joffrey – sociopath who goes totally on his own emotions and lives utterly in the moment. ESFP, like Caligula. No foresight, no rationality, all knee-jerk reactions.

    Stannis – I can see ISTJ, very rigid, very rule-abiding, lets Melassandre dictate to him.

    Daenarys I have a hard time with… her ability to adapt to cultures when she’s young, and her unwillingness to defy her brother implies Fe (others type her as INFJ all the time), but she really does develop an internal vision later, so yeah, I can see ENFP.

    Hope you don’t mind all my comments in a row. I just stumbled across your blog this morning and it’s a snowy Saturday at home, so… comments galore!

    • tatl33 says:

      That’s great! I love it when someone posts lots of interesting comments, especially in depth comments 🙂 it starts an interesting discussion!
      i definitely agree with u about stannis! joffrey is an interesting thought as esfp- rather than an irrational TJ, he could very well be a disturbed hence coldhearted fp… i see where ur coming from
      catelyn im having troubles grasping… she seems very rigid and dutiful, so i find it hard to believe enfp. at the same time, i understand exactly what u mean by her use of ne… further persuade me 😀

      • Charity says:

        I gave Catelyn more thought and you’re right — she’s Si-Ne; her treatment of John Snow as a child has everything to do with holding a past grudge against him — which isn’t even HIS grudge, but resentment for her husband’s infidelity, and her Ne kicks in through her desire to protect her kids. ESFJ.

        Glad you like conversation. So do I! I’ve monitored this blog for awhile (it comes up in searches when I’m looking for discussions on mbti for fictional characters) but finally got over my “why should I stick my nose in and give my opinions? this person has clearly thought about it and it’s rude to contradict them” phobia and am interacting! 😉

        • tatl33 says:

          Yay! I convinced you haha but you’ve convinced me on a few characters too so its mutual ideas flowing between us 😛

          It’s great that you’ve been reading the entries. There are some older enneagram ones you might like as well as some new ones I’m publishing. Any ideas for future blog entries? A few suggestions have been about superheroes, so do you have any personal preferences?

          Yeah I love that you are interacting! I am okay with being contradicted it makes things interesting! There are a few narrow minded commenters who say everything about the article is wrong, but it’s people like you who enjoy exploring MBTI that make me want to keep discussing MBTI in every blog 🙂

          • Charity says:

            What do you think about Margaery Tyrell? I’m wondering if she’s ESFJ (her plan for the future is rather vague, but she gets along really well with people – Fe, but I don’t know that I see a lot of Si in her).

            On other notes: I’m slowly working my way backward in your blog. Future ideas — offhand, I don’t know. That will take some thought. Have you discussed the differences between Ne and Ni, or Se and Si yet? (I’ve recently started up a character typing tumblr — funkymbtifiction.tumblr.com, so I’m always looking for good examples to inspire me.)

          • tatl33 says:

            I see her as an ENFJ type personally. She is great with people and also seems to have Ni- she has a vague vision most likely because:
            1. sharing her vision is hard to do in King’s Landing. You have to keep that sorta stuff to yourself in GOT
            2. the plot doesn’t wanna spoil what she’s planning next- this is George R. R Martin we are talking about! :p
            3. Ni can often mean vagueness. Whereas Si is about concrete and specific examples, Ni is often hard to understand and more easily understood in the future. In other words, her vision may be unclear of how she plans to run King’s Landing, but I think we’ll find out soon.
            So I personally think she’s ENFJ. Her dominant Fe is pretty clear, and I slightly lean to Ni over Si.

            And I’ll check out your blog. It sounds interesting 🙂

          • Charity says:

            I can buy that. I kind of identified with her, but in the past have been accused of “claiming” characters as INFJ’s too soon! ENFJ does make sense — more so than the ESFJ some are pushing.

          • tatl33 says:

            Yeah, she’s a tough character to type, that’s for sure!

  10. Anon317 says:

    U suck.. How could Renly , and Daenarys be ENFP ? The fact that they share the same personality type is a fail.. Don’t even get me started on Robert, Joffrey and Varys

    • Charity says:

      He’s right on some, wrong on others. Like you, apparently. Robert is the most ESTP that ever ESTP’d, and Varys is 100% NFJ. Introverted or Extroverted? Hard to tell.

      After multiple seasons re-watching and discussion with others, here’s my rundown so far:

      Eddard Stark- ISTJ
      Catlyn Stark- ISFJ
      Robb Stark- ESTJ
      Jon Snow- IXTJ
      Sansa Stark- XSFJ
      Arya Stark- ISFP. Everything relates to her opinions, quick to act.
      Bran Stark- ISTP – Introverted

      Other Characters:
      Tyrion Lannister- ENTP
      Jamie Lannister- ESFP – Te-user, too blunt / Fi-Te decision making at work
      Cersei Lannister- ISTJ – Te user, lots of lower Fi, can’t overcome the past
      Tywin Lannister- EXTJ, looks introverted but HIGHLY assertive / controlling
      Joffrey- ESFP like his dad, but an evil one
      Littlefinger- INTJ
      Stannis Baratheon- ESTJ… I see ISTJ, but it’s hard to tell
      Renly Baratheon- ESTP, but more balanced with his Fe than Robert
      King Robert Baratheon- ESTP, so much this it hurts – acts out with Fe
      Varys – INFJ, I think so too, MAYBE ENFJ
      Daenarys – ESFJ. Fe-ing all over the place, loves collective approval from her freed slaves, spends a ton of time information gathering and is totally about what’s going on RIGHT NOW — Si.
      Samwell – INXP. I lean INFP but could see inferior Fe, too.
      Theon – ESXP

      • Just saying says:

        I have to disagree on Tywin being extraverted. At least in the show he is not about surrounding himself with people. He has a leadership role because the most important thing to him is family and he takes that duty very seriously. Also an introvert could be controlling.

        • Charity says:

          On the surface, he doesn’t look like an extrovert, no — but his behavior through interaction with others makes him look like one. He’s the offset of Oleanna Tyrell, but plays his cards closer to his chest — even so, their interaction with one another is two heavy Te-users out-maneuvering one another. ENTJs are called the “executives” for a reason — Tywin is an executive… of his family, of his armies, of his properties. Contrast him with Littlefinger and even though both seem to be loners, you see quite a bit of difference — Littlefinger shows a lot more Fi than Tywin does.

          • tatl33 says:

            That’s a good point Charity. Could it perhaps be due to circumstances though and the emotional state the characters are in on the show?

          • Charity says:

            Eh, maybe. I doubt it though. I think Tywin has always been a controlling, non-emotional general type.

        • tatl33 says:

          I feel similar, that’s one of the only two I find hard to justify, although I can still see where Charity is coming from.

      • tatl33 says:

        Wow these are great typings Charity!
        I agree 100% with your reasoning for most of them! 🙂 There is very little to nitpick but I’ll try!
        How come you typed Arya as an ISFP as opposed to say, an ESFP?
        Tywin as an EXTJ? Couldn’t his assertive controlling attitude be due to his dominant Ni (E.g. think Hitler/mastermind villains in movies)?
        Other than that, I agree 100 per cent!

        • Charity says:

          Arya deals with stuff through Fi, before responding with Se, and I think she has more Ni than Te at this point. If she acted first, then emotionally reacted, I’d think ESFP, but she’s more careful than Jamie.

          Tywin foresees less than Littlefinger does, which makes me think Ni is his second rather than his first function. I think he’s more of a reactor / commander than content to slither behind the scenes and scheme like Littlefinger. 🙂

    • tatl33 says:

      If you read my blog on Hitler and Jesus both being an INFJ, you’ll understand how two people that may seem completely different have similar personality traits. For Hitler/Jesus it was the vision element of Ni combined with the strong values of Fe. I believe for Renly/Daenarys they have a very similar ruling style. 🙂
      What’s your issue with Robert, Joffrey and Varys?

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  12. MBTI Queen says:


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