Which MBTI type were Carl Jung, Katharine Cook Briggs, and Isabel Briggs Myers?

He stares into your soul..

Many people love the MBTI test. So do I. One thing I often find, is we forget to give credit to those who made it for us!

Partly in remembrance to them, but more importantly because I know many people are interested in which type the founders of this magnificent system were, I have decided to analyze them. Firstly, Carl Jung.

Carl Jung has classified himself as an introverted, intuitive, rational type. In this video, he mentions “I was always characterized by thinking”, “and I have a great deal of intuition too,” “and I had definite difficulties with feeling”,  and ” my relationship with reality was not particulary brilliant.” This helps us out a lot, however is he a perceiver or a judging type?

Carl Jung, with his vast amount of theories created and extended from exiting psychology, but adding his own ideas in the process (perceiving.) This makes it clear he is an INTP.

Secondly, Katharine Cook Briggs was a visionary. Carl Jung’s was the genius scientist INTP type, who figured everything with extended research and experimenting. Katharine wanted to turn this into something that could be useful for society, and with her Ni (introverted intuition) her vision which would affect society (her second function being Fe) was to make a system that would categorize personality types. (Making her judging.) She is definitely an INFJ, and a strong contributor to this field.

Throughout her life, Isabel Briggs Myers was partnered with her mother in this process. The second half of her life was validating the research her mother put in, expressing the importance of the MBTI, and to fullfill her mother’s vision. She showed intuition in her ability to fill in the pieces (N) , ambition and determination in applying this to society (J), relating this to our cultures needs  (F) and all whilst doing this with little interruptions (solitary, I). This makes Isabel Briggs Myers an INFJ as well.

In conclusion, Jung is an INTP, and Katharine and Isabel are INFJ’s.

About tatl33

Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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20 Responses to Which MBTI type were Carl Jung, Katharine Cook Briggs, and Isabel Briggs Myers?

  1. Joan says:

    That kind of makes sense since I find that people who care alot about personality types tend to have around that personality type. I am an INFJ and I spent a week totally upsets sing over personality types, doing research, getting my friends to do the test, and months later I am still really interested. INFJs are the rarest personality type but in all my research , most of the people writing the articles or commenting were infj. I find mbti types sooooooo interesting but my ESFJ friend has no interest whatsoever. My INFP friend is also interested in it, so basically it seems like people with types simmilar to infj are more interested.

    • tatl33 says:

      Definitely- introverted and intuitive types are interested in theories and topics that require a lot of thinking- hence why many introverts and intuitives are so interested in MBTI

      • DoubleBreadCZE says:

        My type is somewhere between ESFJ and ENFJ, with half introversion and I love MBTI and things around that. I’m interested about it and I’d love to be the one who could identify somebody’s type without the test, but I can’t cope it yet.

        Thank you for the post. I heard that Isabel was an INFP, but this may not be true. Through it, I’ll think about it.

        And excuse me for my english please, I can’t speak this beautiful language very well 🙂

  2. Simon says:

    Hmmmmmm Tatl you might wanna read this comment this person seems smart

  3. tatl33 says:

    Sorry Mr Professional for ruining your day. Just remember this is a blog on MBTI types on WordPress.com
    If your expecting an 100% accurate, detailed, scientific evaluation rather than an easy to access guide that many people love to use to learn about MBTI, than you might want to buy a book or try Google Scholar.

  4. tatl33 says:

    I’m pleased that this blog has reached mass popularity that you would assume that this is no longer a fan site- rather, you think it is a professional blog- I am not a professional, I’m a student. Your arrogant comments make me laugh and smile to myself. After all, this is the first time on the site when I really don’t care for your feedback, so I’m just enjoying the free views.

    I write for the people, and the majority enjoy reading my entries. If you don’t appreciate it, that’s fine. Find another site and leave your bitter comments somewhere else (or continue to give me free comments). But I’m not gonna change what many people love because one boy is grumpy and upset. Thank you 🙂

  5. sonny says:

    fyi isabel is an ISTJ on wiki just thought you might want to know sonny INT JandP

  6. Eric says:

    FYI, in the preface to Gifts Differing Isabel Briggs Myers identifies herself as INFP and her mother as INFJ.

  7. Peter A Mann says:

    OMG Tim – will you never cease your awful misinformation?
    Read Eric mate – or Isabel Myers Book “Gifts Differing”- In fact start by reading anything on Psyche-Type ……………………………………..

  8. Carl Jung is an INFJ. After all, what INTP would say this:

    Describing an experience wherein he healed a patient of her mental disorder by convincing her to relax humming a lullaby his mother had sung to him as a child: “But it all happened outside of my reason. It was not until later that I thought about it rationally, and tried to arrive at the laws behind it…[S]he was cured by the grace of God.”

    On living a simple life: “How difficult it is to be simple…[yet] I live in modest harmony with nature.”

    • hannasdfjkl says:

      INTPs are capable of feeling you know… We just communicate/acknowledge them rarely/differently

      We can be predisposed to uncontrollable/overwhelming waves of feeling, but you would never know because its hard for us to translate them into coherent explanations…

    • hannasdfjkl says:

      INTPs are capable of feeling you know… We just communicate/acknowledge them rarely/differently

      We can be predisposed to uncontrollable/overwhelming waves of feeling, but you would never know because its hard for us to translate them into coherent explanations…

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree that Jung was INFJ. I’ve never read his Red Book, but from what I understand, only an Ni dominant type could’ve written it. The book is basically a record of the hallucinations he started experiencing towards the end of his life. He called it his “confrontation with the unconscious.”

      • Anonymous says:

        Furthermore, his hallucinations lasted over a period of 15 years, and he made it his goal to study them every night. During this time, he was still functioning as a psychiatrist and lecturer during the day, but at night he would retreat to his personal study and record his own self-induced hallucinations. It became his personal obsession.

        To induce his own hallucinations every night and record them over a period of 15 years – it sounds very J to me.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Again it would seem the misguided theorists are touted their guesses.
    Jung did in fact, in his own voice note his Psychological Type.
    Anyone who knows the science beyond the Impersonators Café fluff ‘n’ bubbles will note that Jung prefers Extraverted Thinking not Extraverted Feeling as required for him to be INFJ or INTP!

    As for Anonymous’s last supposition – dude- seriously – how does that make sense?

  10. Anonymous says:

    And since poor Tim (tatl33) doesn’t like intelligent people (or anyone who knows what they are talking about), in his wisdom, I am no longer allowed to post in this est-steamed (sic) forum.
    So my friends, apparently, I am now just another Anon y mouse – Sad, sad, sad!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Isabel was an INFP, she complained about Fe with dislike and retribution and told that she was an intense Fi user, also, the way she maniobrated with the functions with creativity and the uses of her ideas were clearly Ne senses. Fi/Ne = INFP.

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  13. Isabel self identified herself as INFP and you can even sense it from a look at her face. That warmth magnestism or peaceful somewhat tired face. Her mom is ISFJ that angelic charm shows it. Carl is INTP for sure but with strong Fi.

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