Which MBTI type makes the best troll?

Troll: “When it comes to the internet, a troll refers to someone’s whose sole goal is to argue with others for their own enjoyment.
I remember once seeing a topic on an MBTI forum that I visit, and it posed the question “Which MBTI type makes the best troll?” After seeing a few replies, I (using my intuition) noticed a pattern was emerging. Almost everybody suggested the same thing- that NT’s make better trolls than SF’s. This much was pretty obvious, as intuitive people are more likely to rebel against rules by thinking out of the box- doing something that sensors wouldn’t dare of. They are also good at thinking of ideas of how to do something on the internet that hasn’t been done, which is often where trolls emerge from. Thinkers are also most likely to be trolls as they are less feeling orientated; they care less about harmony and they can cause a little chaos without feeling guilty. However, what surprised me is there was no definite answer as to the other two letters. So I made a post, where I created a theory as to which troll was the best:

The troll picture

Most are often even unaware this type is a troll… until… This troll will often do one or two things that they plan out with their Ni, which completely shocks everyone. They will troll only once or twice, but the mark they leave is bigger than other types…
ENTJ- CONTROLLING TROLLS. This troll will completely disregard the rules and not worry at all about others. They are serious when they are trolling, and will often troll for their own benefit. This type is most likely to troll on a forum that they don’t agree with in the aim of making others feel inferior to them and for their own benefit.
ENTP- CRAZY TROLL. This troll is the troll that will spam every threat, make a joke in every comment and just troll as much as possible to get satisfaction and enjoyment from trolling. They want to be heard. They are the opposite to INTJ’s. Whilst INTJ’s troll once or twice thoroughly planning it out, ENTP’s will troll everywhere possible to become the worst troll possible, in a more spontaneous matter.
INTP- UNPREDICTABLE TROLL. I find this troll the funniest to be honest. Mainly because you don’t expect this person to be a troll. They don’t post a lot of comments, and they don’t plan out their trolling. They just talk when they feel like it, and shock the others with their completely oblivious comments.
So really, I think it depends. If you want the troll that causes the most impact, it really depends on the troll. An INTJ could come up with something that could completely change everything, where as an ENTP will be more likely to be persistent until they receive the trolling attention they deserve.

Which MBTI type do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!!


About tatl33

Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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21 Responses to Which MBTI type makes the best troll?

  1. Father Tan says:

    Hahahahahahahaahahahaahahahahaah I love this post 😉

  2. acerbusvenator says:

    Every type can be a troll, we just do it in different ways.
    I’m INFJ and I’ve trolled A LOT of people.
    I use Ni and Fe to sense where and when to strike and it can cause quite the reaction.
    Being a troll has to do with more than what you stated.

    “In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.”

    • tatl33 says:

      That’s a good point- I am also an INFJ! INFJ trolls are often the best 😉
      You must remember it is hard to generalize what makes somebody a troll, so it was not difficult to narrow down the NT types- so I left out INFJ with a regretful mind… good point, though.

  3. An ISTJ says:

    I agree with acerbusvenator. Personally, I enjoy slowly getting things off-topic and trying to provoke laughter when I feel like “trolling”. It’s just a bit of harmless fun.

    • tatl33 says:

      Yeah, I agree that any type can be a troll too- it’s hard to generalize these things- sometimes that’s half the fun though! I like your point that it’s harmless fun- in many ways it’s whoever wants to mess with people the most 😛

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  5. Jonas Myers says:

    INFJ’s are weak trolls as their secondary Fe almost certainly will cause a feeling of guilt within the INFJ, and as a result the trolls usually aren’t cruel enough. INTP’s are great trolls as long as they keep their inferior Fe away.

  6. Emma says:

    Eh, Trolls don’t really deserve an mbti typing. Most trolls are just people who are bored with their lives so they annoy others. Troll are usually real life losers.

    • tatl33 says:

      Some are famous on Youtube for pranks. Some have a good idea and just troll once or twice and are generally funny. Others, like you said, are the ones that just ruin the idea of trolling and are real life losers

  7. Adelle says:

    This article is HILARIOUS!!!!

  8. Dudesowin says:

    A troll doesn’t disrupt it censors like an old crone or hee hawing jackass. It is also not an honorary title but a sign of inferiority. Disruption and general animated thought provoking discussion are not trolling. The ancient form of trolling was known as hypocrisy.

  9. lovely_spark says:

    I thought ENTJ won’t have any time or energy for trolling, LOL xD. They’re busy setting up their own business and maybe will have their worker to do it for them xD.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I think I qualify for all of them . Then i back off anf dont say anything for a few days, but I also do other things to. That are not seen. Write to lawmakerboxs, and can also think out of the box.

  11. Kaliegh says:

    i know many esfps that love to goof around and troll people to the point where they are in rage. is this common esfp behavior when they want to be all goofy and find many, many things hilarious?

  12. Tali Deals says:

    Yes true. I think I just met an ENTP troll. I have INTJ friends and they are pretty good. INTP is more controlled than an ENTP in commentary. ENTP’s are totally out of touch with decorum.

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