Which MBTI type are the characters from The Hunger Games?

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a successful series of books, the first in the series recently becoming a movie. The protagonist of the series is a girl named Katniss, who must venture into an arena and fight the other competitors to the death. This series had great character development, and was a perfect example of different character personalities conflicting with each other. With this in mind, let the typing begin!

Katniss Everdeen was hard to type. This was for a numerous reasons. Firstly, she was portrayed differently in both the book and movie. Secondly, she was often portrayed in different ways; sometimes intuitive, whilst at other times as a sensor. Her personality was never straight forward obvious, and hence it took me a little researching and analyzing before I could conclude on her type. The introversion was obvious. Katniss hated being in front of a crowd, as evident during her interview in front of the Capitol. There was also a lot more internal dialogue than talking, showing truly how much of the story went in her own world. Katniss was also extremely adaptable, flexible to dangers, quick on her feet and cool during situations where others would not be. She was also very spontaneous when making decisions, such as volunteering as tribute in Prim’s place. This shows Katniss is a perceiver. As well as this, Katniss is a concrete person, not a dreamer. Many times, Gale and Peeta have visions about defeating the Capitol- Katniss is a realist, and being a strong sensor and thinker (ST) she brings them back into reality. This makes Katniss an ISTP- (an introverted thinker- which is obvious if you read her monologue- and an extroverted sensor- which allowed her to observe her environment and survive so long.) Please keep in mind, although Katniss is an ISTP, she has many intuitive traits which is why I originally typed her as an INTJ, and there is a big debate currently happening about whether she is an ISTP or an INTP.

Peeta, on the other hand, is an ENFP. He is charming, charismatic and an individualist, each characteristics of an ENFP. He enjoys the attention he receives when he is chosen for the Hunger Games, and tries to garner his popularity by connecting with a wide audience. He is also a dreamer, believing that he can win over Katniss, and he is a feeling type, playing with his heart throughout the game. He is also very spontaneous, as he does many out of the bloom things, such as telling Katniss he loves her and giving her bread when she was dying (betraying structure to help others- very Ne/Fi.) This shows he is an ENFP, with extroverted intuition as his dominant function, and introverted thinking as his secondary function.

Finally, Gale is an ENTJ. He is primarily an extroverted thinking, as he is very structured in personality. He is described as a leading person who is future orientated, and this is evident throughout the series and the movie. He wants fairness, a common Te trait, and he has a vision of how to achieve it (Ni.) This shows that he is an ENTJ.

As well as these three characters, there are a few other main characters that will be identified in a list:

  • Rue- INFJ
  • Cinna- ENFJ
  • President Snow- ENTJ
  • Finnick Odair- ESFP
  • Haymith- ISTP
  • Primrose- ENFJ

Which MBTI type do you think the characters from The Hunger Games are? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!!


About tatl33

Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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64 Responses to Which MBTI type are the characters from The Hunger Games?

  1. Josiah says:

    I disagree about Katniss being an ISTP. I really think she portrayed an ISTJ in the film. I’m a male ISTP btw.

  2. Katie says:

    I’ve been debating this myself, but as an INFJ, I really see Katniss as INTP, not S. I really think her environment and hardships conditioned her to seem more S, and if all that were different, it would be clear she is an N. She is difficult to type, and I am not an expert. I also get the feeling she is one to play out possible scenarios in her head. For example, in the book she talks about how she would never let Prim take out any tesserae. You get the feeling that even if she never expected Prim to be chosen, it was still something she had at least once considered could happen.

    • tatl33 says:

      I think its the other way around- her environment and conditions made her have to think analytically and outside the box in order to survive in The Hunger Games. But I can see what you’re saying- she’s definitely got a lot of intuition.

    • Father Tan says:

      I think she’s very N and S – she’s strong in both areas, and balanced. E.g when she cuts down the hornets nest thing that was intuitive, but then Tatl also makes very formidable points…

      • tatl33 says:

        I agree with that. That was very intuitive, she is very balanced intuitively and sensor wise, perhaps why she is a master of the Hunger Games arenas in both the first two books.

    • I AGREE it’s deffinetly an INTP
      cause me myself i found a lots of commons between me n her 🙂

  3. elderwood says:

    I agree with your assessment of Katniss. To me, she shows good evidence of Ti and Se, and a fine-tuned Se combined with a strong Ti can appear intuitive. The difference is that intuition happens subconsciously and naturally, but her perceived intuition is based on Ti reasoning. Notice how long it took her to get a clue when when Gale was being whipped in the square in Catching Fire. Not very naturally intuitive. She has to think through details to understand what’s happening. Same thing with Haymitch’s messages via parachute gifts in The Hunger Games.

    That said, as an ISTP, she does have Ni as her 3rd function, so she has good intuitive skills there, but 3rd seems a reasonable place for it. I don’t think intuition would be in her top two. Also, the love for outdoors and skill in hunting is Se, not really an INTP forced to survive. If that were so, she would not nearly enjoy it as much as she does; Se is an INTP shadow function. It would drain her of energy. Finally, I definitely think she is Fe, and it is her weakest function. She doesn’t understand her own emotions and uses Ti to deal with them, but she cares a lot about other people and can’t stand to see people in pain.

    Also, people forget that she is not likely to be a well-balanced ISTP because of the emotional and physical hardships she has had to endure from such a young age, so it is likely she exhibits occasional atypical behavior.

    • tatl33 says:

      I think you just summed up her type very nicely. 🙂

    • Father Tan says:

      Wow thanks man that cleared things up a bit – once again it looks like Tatl’s typing was spot on!

    • Rhys Roe says:

      stole the words from my mouth that i was to lazy to say

    • Anonymous says:

      She absolutely an ISTP,and it’s like you say on her functions, the ones who read the book will see it clearly too. Ti-Se makes her a good hunter, that she was raised by her father to be, Ni-Fe shows her to be intuitive sometimes with her surroundings and the people she lives with, but most of the time she doesn’t seem to understanding when she is using it, so she plays on Ti-Se again to make those have sense to her.

  4. Mischa says:

    Just a correction, Peeta’s secondary function is not introvert thinking (Ti) it is introverted feeling. His tertiary function is (Te), which helps make him a “smooth talker” as he thinks aloud and projects his rationalizations outward. I believe Katniss is ISTP. She is definitely a sensor.. Way too skeptical and concrete, in my opinion, to be an intuitive, regardless of the intuitive moments she does have.
    For example, I’m an ENFP, but I also have a very developed (Te) which allows me to think extremely logically, though I value the feelings of other people above anything else, and even if the reasons for people being upset are not logically sound, I empathize with and give no regard to whether they are being logical or not. Katniss probably has a strongly developed intuitive side. As for the other characters, especially Peeta, I have to agree!

  5. Reyna says:

    I disagree, Katniss is an INTJ like you had suggested earlier. She has a well developed perceiving side but over all is more judging.
    I-obviously she shows a strong tendancy towards introvert, dislikeing crowds and other demanding social interactions.
    N- intuition over sensing is shone throughout the book. She uses her strong intuition to stay ahead in the game and to keep her head on when exposed to tragedies instead of losing it due to over sensing. She shows this when her father dies and over and over in the arena.
    T- thinking is a given. She spends most of the book in her head.
    J- She shows judgment by quickly assessing each situation and judging the right path to take. Also it was judgment that lead katniss to choosing peeta over gale; she chose the one she judged she could not survive without.

    Therefore Katniss is INTJ

    • tatl33 says:

      Hmmm, you could argue that her quick decision making is her fast adapting with her Se though. It really depends on how you interpret it.

      • Reyna says:

        I believe the quick decision making was only evident it times of danger, most likely brought on by adrenalin. We see however, that in times where adrenalin is not a factor, for instance, deciding to become the mocking jay, it is not a spontaneous choice but rather one made after a long while of debate.

        • tatl33 says:

          What you have to keep in mind is that judging types are consistent decision makers. For example, let’s look at deciding what movie you want to watch at the cinemas. Si types would look at the list at home and think of what experiences they had when they saw similar types of movies, previous movies in franchise, reviews, trailers etc. Might take half an hour. Ni types will make a prediction of what the movie will be like based on the information they have about the movie- from reviews and trailers. This might take half an hour as well. Se and Ne types, XXXP types in other words, would be more inconsistent with decision making. They may have a real desire for action at that time period, or are an INFP, ISFP, ESFP or ENFP type who has Fi and an internal moral reason to watch a movie. They may also be in a rush as they are late. This means they may take a very small time to decide on the movie. However, this also happens in the reverse. They may take hours to decide as they like to consider all options, and they aren’t as quick as processing all decisions as obtaining more information takes longer to process.
          In summary; J’s are consistent at making decisions. P’s aren’t- they can adapt to any situation and make decisions based on this time- they can take 4 hours if they have the time (the negative), but if they are put into an emergency situation, they’ll be fast at making decisions (the positive)

    • Rhys Roe says:

      istps can be mistaken for intjs when under stress.

    • grineryouth says:

      The thing with any IXXJ – technically they are more perceiving than judging. The type letters are very misleading with introverts. Example: INFJ – Introverted Intuition is a perceiving function.

      • tatl33 says:

        The easiest way to ensure you are not misled- look at the way they behave with their external environment. If their extroverted function is Te or Fe, they are judging. If Se or Ne, they are perceiving.

        • Well technically all types have both an extroverted judging and an extroverted perceiving function; look at which is which, which comes first, and how consistent they are with each other.

    • Kirtash says:

      I agree with you. I’m a female INTJ and my Ni and Se are very balanced…

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. She seems very INTJ to me, too. Partially because I’m an INTJ, and I felt a lot of connections to her throughout the book.

  6. Josephine says:

    Katniss is /very/ Ti with Fe as her inferior function. I think she is more sensing over intuiting but she has a strong Ni function. I always thought Rue was an ISFP.

  7. Duxbelli says:

    Johanna Mason could be an E/INTJ. She seems to have the dominating but not controlling presence that E/INTJs have. Also, she seems to slip into structure well when training in 13 begins, though she does rebel in some ways to the hyper-structure of 13. It would be redundant to give examples of her sarcasm (I am talking about Johanna, here). She enjoys a practical joke (as seen in the elevator in Catching Fire), and is very vivacious. In the Quarter Quell, you also see how she thinks as an intuitive by how she knocks out Katniss to make Brutus and Enobaria think that Katniss is dead. Also, as shown by the fact that the Capitol bothered to torture her, she was in on the plot to bring down the Capitol from the beginning, showing her to be more future oriented than a realist. Also, she just reminds me of an ENTJ in the way that she plows on ahead as if nothing had happened in Mockingjay after the rebels rescue her. But at the same time, the way that she guards her emotions until something she’s interested in comes along and she comes to life reminds me of an INTJ (though some ENTJs do do that as well).
    (If that made sense to anyone else, you do twice as well as my teachers do at understanding my incoherent arguments when they try to read my essays.)

    • tatl33 says:

      LOL I understand you, your teachers should work on their comprehension skills.:) What is your type btw?
      I agree with you in many ways- Johanna Mason is described on the HG wiki as “n her first Hunger Games, Johanna pretends to be a weakling, feigning hunger and fatigue when in reality, she is sly and cunning, described by Katniss as having a “wicked ability to murder.”
      You’ve pretty much nailed it down with your typing in my opinion. Great job! 😀

      • Duxbelli says:

        My type’s INTJ. By the way, I agree whole-heartedly with the idea that Gale is an ENTJ. He’s really the ruthless commander type.

  8. Tyler Babydoll says:

    I am and ENFP and agree with the Gale thing.

  9. Joia says:

    Just happy about the results. Totally smitten with Peeta and now I know why: I’m an INFJ, and ENFPs (along with ENTPs) are their best match!

    • Joia says:

      I also strongly believe that Thresh is an INFJ.

      Thresh is the only character in the 74th Games that doesn’t seem actively interested in survival. He declines to join the Careers: he sees their values, and cannot die inauthentic to himself. He’s extremely quiet and depressed, even though rationally he has a strong chance of winning. He isolates himself in a field because the fact of the whole situation is too emotionally and spiritually painful. And his moment of redemption occurs when he takes the District 2 pack and runs so that Cato will chase him. Katniss’ care for Rue is the first bit of humanity he’s seen in this horrible, dark situation, and he gives his life in service of that action. I read Thresh’s description and thought “This is EXACTLY how I would behave in a similar situation: I would fail to save myself because spiritually, I’d already feel dead.”. INFJs are not well-suited to battle royales, which is why it makes sense that super-well-suited Katniss is almost exactly the opposite of Thresh: ISTP.

      Which begs the question, is Rue instead an INFP? She sees the potential to maneuver where Thresh just sees the previously-decreed end.

  10. Charity says:

    I agree, I think Katniss is an ISTP. I dated one once, and it was astounding how he could LOOK like an intuitive, using his thinking-sensing-intuition functions all at once.

    Peeta… hmm, I thought he was an ESFJ but you may have a point. The difference is — does he use Fi or Fe? He’s always taking care of everyone else, which may indicate Fe, but … hmm, now I honestly don’t know.

    Gale. Originally I thought ENTJ as well, but then in Catching Fire, he rushed someone who was mistreating an older woman. He’s also quick to point out to Katniss that they can’t just leave and abandon everyone else — he’s the one who said “what about everyone else’s families?” I think he’s Fe — either ENFJ or INFJ. Maybe ENFJ since he acted to save that woman without hesitation.

  11. Ralu Pataliu says:

    I didn’t read the books, but I am almost certain that Katniss is an “F”, not a “T”… What do you say?

    • tatl33 says:

      Hmmm, I can definitely see both sides!
      A lot of types, she comes across as a feeling type, in her care for other people- aka her family, Peeta, Rue and Gale. She has strong values and often doesn’t make the most logical decisions.
      I also see her as a thinking type. She’s very cool headed in survival situations, she can keep her emotions out of situations if it is necessary, and her realism comes from her T.
      It’s really tough to say.

      • Rachel says:

        I’m married to an ISFP. They can be enormously stoic and not show their feelings (though their feelings are VERY strong.) Se can make them look tougher than they are. It’s possible she’s ISFP, but she seems more logical than an ISFP to me.

        • tatl33 says:

          What’s it like being married to an ISFP?
          And what’s your type by the way?

        • Tim says:

          I agree. She is an ISFP. In the third movie, when Gale kissed her, and asked her what she was thinking, she said “I dont know.” This is classic ISFP. An ISTP would know exactly what they are thinking. lso, all throughout the movie, she is making decisions on Fi – internal locus of values, not Ti internal locus of rational. All kinds of things she does are not rational.

  12. Greyson says:

    I believe that Peeta is more of an INFP, but I definitely agree with your assessment of his NF like traits. I’d like to add that Peeta also shows that he is an NF type when, in Catching Fire, he comforts the dying Morphling before dying by talking about beauty. These well-deveoped thoughts about beauty and the fact that he said them at all to someone are very NF-ish to me. There’s also when he states that “I just want to show them that they don’t own me. If I’m gonna die, I wanna still be me.” in The Hunger Games. This is individualistic, just like an INFP. Peeta’s empathy and caring nature emphasizes his NF temperament. Overall, nice typing!

    • tatl33 says:

      Thanks very much for your feedback Greyson!
      I agree very much that Peeta is very individualistic! I personally see him as more of an extrovert due to his ability to creatively express his Fi to a large audience- particularly if you watch the first movie.
      He seems like INFP a lot of the time too though- as you mentioned, when he talks to Morphling about beauty.

  13. Rachel says:

    I agree, Peeta is an ENFP, with a very strong Fi. ENFPs are one of the most introverted extraverts, and while you can see his focus is outward (E) he’s very independent and idealistic and able to function well on his own (Fi). I do agree that in some cases he seems to have Fe, but ENFPs can be very switched on to other’s needs if they have experienced these things themselves. whatever he is he’s NF all the way. Plus he has that perceiving quality of quick thinking and resourcefulness under pressure, and a kind of ‘hanging back passiveness’ to making decisions.
    I agree 100% Katniss is ISTP. ISTPs and ISFPs can often look like intuitives if their third function Ni is strong, though they will always seem like concrete, down to earth people first. there is NO WAY she is INTP. The idea is almost ridiculous. An INTP would be pontificating on everything, caught up in the possibilities, making a million different strategies, and distanced from the physical reality of everything that is happening. She’s action (se), not detail (si) oriented (so unlikely she’s ISTJ), highly attuned to her environment and there’s an earthy quality to her. This would mean she could only be ISTP or ISFP. I could see her as either, but ISTP seems more likely — particularly next to feeling Peeta.
    Gail is harder to type. I think you have a good argument for ENTJ, but I think he could be an introvert too. I have seen a convincing argument for INFJ, but I’m out on that one. Whatever they are, love ’em to pieces!

  14. Rachael says:

    Happy to see my personality type the same as Rue’s ❤ I loved her character

  15. Russe says:

    I’m curious as to why you typed Finnick as an ESFP. I don’t have a long speech about my views on his cognitive functions or anything, because I haven’t studied those enough yet, haha. But just from personal experience, the two ESFP’s that I know don’t have the same feel as Finnick at all.
    I lived with one of the ESFP’s for a while, and they were very cluttered and irresponsible with their stuff and others’; the other one has been a friend of mine for years. They were fun to be around, but were very sporadic in their effort in relationships.
    The reason I bring this up is because of how Finnick cared for Mags and Annie so deliberately and consistently. Every time the two ESFP’s that I knew did something nice/thoughtful for someone, it was just on a whim at a random time. That doesn’t mean that they weren’t nice people, but rather that their style of caring was different. It could totally just be the two that I knew, or I just didn’t see the right side of them, but I’m not convinced of Finnick being ESFP.

    • tatl33 says:

      That’s a really good point. I can actually see him as an ESFJ too, and it was a really tough decision I typed him as an Se as he was able to adapt to decisions quickly, and would never sweat under pressure. He also had that whole ‘peace’ mentality in that he wanted everyone to feel safe and he wanted harmony. However, I could see how that could also be seen as Fe type. What would you type him as?

  16. joyspence says:

    Totally agree with Cina and Peeta. Spot on. I could see Katniss as INTP. INTPs seem to take a while to process visual information. They tend to forget to react. I think Gale is INFJ as his functions are exactly like mine. I think that Rue is a beautiful little INFP though.

    • tatl33 says:

      Thanks Joyspence! Great to hear your feedback!
      I agree with everything you just said! I definitely agree that Katniss can be slow at adapting at times. I still can see Se in her too, so it’s difficult to say!
      What is your type by the way?

    • Steph says:

      I agree Katniss is really hard to type. She’s not portrayed consistently.

      Her general vibe in both the book and the movies reminds me of ISFJs that I know – fiercely protective of others and will do anything to achieve security for them. Personally, I think Jennifer Lawrence was drawing on that archetype in her portrayal of the character. She’s alluded to it in interviews. However, the ISFJ theory kind of breaks down when you look at cognitive functions because I see much more Se than Si in Katniss. ISFJs aren’t so defiant or impulsive unless their loved ones are directly threatened. In that sense I’m most on board with ISTP with unusually developed Fi (?). Seems to fit the best, and would explain the dominant Se with Ni-instances that crop up now and again. I see more Fi than Fe in her, though. So she’s an artificial mix of types, if you ask me.

      Katniss is pretty clearly NOT an Intuitive. I don’t know where in the world people get INTJ from. Katniss is very impulsive, and not very strategic. She’s slow to see the implications of some things that are clear to others. She’s best at reacting to situations as they evolve in the moment, not strategizing for the long term. That’s like the opposite of an INTJ.

      • Jane says:

        XNTJ here: you’d be surprised how impulsive our strategizing can feel from the inside. The way that Katniss thinks was crazy familiar. It’s worth noting that the people saying that she is an INTJ are INTJ’s themselves

        • Jane says:

          Also, her inconsistency is one of the personality characteristics that places her as an NTJ to me. She is figuring out her environment as she goes, processing a lot of information subconsciously, and updating her frames based on that information.

  17. anonim says:

    Actually, as a female INTJ, I have to say that Katniss is 300% INTJ, and Peeta is totally ENFJ. I know because of my sister, and because it’s easy to type.

  18. Keep in mind an author would have a hard time portraying characters in any real depth who had different cognitive functions than theirs; it could be done if the author had a thorough knowledge of typology and knew people of different types, but I feel like the characters will always be filtered somewhat through the author’s type so to speak. Also many authors are INFJs. I agree with ISTP for Katniss.

  19. Jane says:

    I am 100% certain Katniss is an INTJ, and actually suspect the author used Myers Briggs in her character development. I am one letter from an INTJ, and barely at that, and everything about the way that Katniss thought and responded to her environment was weirdly familiar.

  20. vanessa says:

    I definitely agree that she was ISTP…

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