Which MBTI type are the characters from Friends?

Friends: “Friends is an American Sitcom that aired from 1994 to 2004, starring six friends living in Manhattan.”

Friends characters (left to right):
Chandler, Rachel, Ross, Monica, Joey, Phoebe

In the hit TV show friends, there are six main characters- Ross, Chandler, Phoebe, Rachel, Monica and Joey. What makes the show so successful is having these six characters each have a uniquely distinctive personality that shines through creating problems that are often comical which keeps the audience entertained. After doing a fair amount of research after being unsure of a few character types, I eventually came to the conclusion as to what each of the characters MBTI types are.

Firstly, Monica shall be evaluated. Monica is the perfect example of an ESTJ. As you watch the show, you will start to see many repeated scenarios in which Monica’s Te and Si make her become the leader of the group, trying to keep the order amongst the friends. This is also evident when Monica will try to be controlling of what happens in her apartment and also when we see other characters being dependent on her. All in all, Monica is a dead-set example of an ESTJ.

Secondly, Phoebe shall be evaluated. Phoebe is the most abstract example of a character on a show, and she is a very clear example of an ENFP. Extroverted intuitives with introverted feeling are often described as spontaneous and seemingly simplistic, but as you get to know them you will discover they have a very clear set of morals and a life direction that is not evident on a surface level. This defines Phoebe perfectly, who although appears without much of a life direction, has many creative ideas that come from her internal ethical beliefs.

Joey is an excellent example of an ESFP. He tends to be the relaxed type, an aspiring actor, a typical ESFP. Although he is sometimes shallow at first gauge, he is friendly towards most people, just as this peacemaking type is supposed to be. He is also a feeling type, as although he may not always think before he makes a decision (typical problem with an EXXP), he will always try to keep harmony and apologize to people that he has caused harm to.

Next, Ross shall be evaluated. Ross is a perfect example of an INTJ, as most of his conversations, although comical to listen to from an audience’s perspective, are generally serious and to the point. His introversion is evident in the first few series when he awkwardly cannot think of what to say on his desperate quest to winning over Rachel. He has a deep mind and thinks logically, making him an excellent example of an INTJ.

Second to last, Chandler is an example of an ENTP. He portrays extroverted intuition to the extreme, and it is evident he and Phoebe are the most perceiving types on the show. He will often come up with some unusual idea or theory that seemingly comes from some external environment, meaning he is using his extroverted intuition. He is also a thinker, as on a few episodes where he reveals his inner thoughts we can see that he mostly lives in the present as a perceiver, but thinks logically inside his head whilst doing so. This makes him a clear example of an ENTP.

Finally, after doing much research, Rachel has been the hardest to type. A wide range of opinions have been formed, however ESFP, ENFJ and ESFJ were the most common. I would have to say Rachel has her fair share of drama, and I believe her extroverted feeling becomes evident in these situations, making her an extroverted feeling type. I also believe she cares about current societal trends, making her a sensor type compared with her more abstract friends. Although she comes across as an ESFP on the first season, it is evident that this is just because she had not needed to take responsibility seriously until then; this wasn’t by choice, it was by upbringing, as she just moved into the city and started to develop independence. This means Rachel is an ESFJ.

In conclusion, I discovered many patterns about the characters of the show. The two who created the humor on the show were the two strongest perceivers, Phoebe and Chandler. As well as this, it was evident that those two (along with Ross) created most of the interesting problems that occurred, and they are the three intuitives. It was also evident that Ross and Monica who were the two strongest judgers created much of the drama that occurred. Rachel and Joey, who were somewhat in between, played a different role depending on who they were interacting with. All in all, many things can be said about this show, and it is clear that this is one of the best shows when it comes to interesting personality types.

Which MBTI type do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!!


About tatl33

Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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41 Responses to Which MBTI type are the characters from Friends?

  1. Mike Razaski says:

    I can’t say I’ve ever watched this show but I’m interested now after reading this article. I love sitcoms that are rich in character development, and Friends sounds strong in this area. Any change you could post a blog as to which MBTI type is most likely to blog? I think that would be kinda interesting and it is relevant to what you do, so it would probably be fun to write too. Fingers crossed Tat – you better write this one!! Haha, thanks for the entries, they’re simple but engaging at the same time 🙂

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  3. saira says:

    i think phoebe is INFP

    • tatl33 says:

      Reasoning? 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        I’d be curious too. Introverted? Phoebe?

        • Anonymous says:

          I know it’s been a year, but since nobody has answered, I might as well. (Warning: I have been studying this stuff for 25 years, so it’s going to be long. But I will enjoy writing it.) I agree that Phoebe is an INFP. The difference between an INFP and an ENFP is not simply how introverted or extraverted they are. Rather, the INFP focuses on introverted feeling (“I feel this cat is my mother.”), and the ENFP focuses on extraverted intuition. An ENFP would be less likely to initially respond, “They thought I was a whore” during a job interview about why they were fired from their last position as a masseuse. (Hopefully, neither type would really do this in real life, but her response is telling.) Because an ENFP would be starting from the awareness that the situation (extraverted intuition) required a more appropriate response. The key phrase is “starting from.” Instead, Phoebe’s response is starting from inside of herself, what can look like naivety; even though she is fully aware of what her employer’s problem with her was, her first impulse is to answer from a place of directness and honesty, unfiltered. A healthy representation of the INFP pattern would be to have that as a thought, have had enough practice to filter it fast enough (Phoebe has not had enough practice, which also suggests INFP over ENFP), and then give a more socially acceptable answer. She does exhibit both traits of valuing introverted feeling and extraverted intuition, but so do all NFP’s. The point is that she focuses on introverted feeling much more of the time. For a point of reference, one example of Phoebe using extraverted intuition is when she challenges Monica to get in competition with herself against the Thanksgiving Monica hosted the previous year, because she understands that will change her mind. Both types have this intuition, as they are referred to as “sister types,” but an ENFP simply uses it more often. When an ENFP does it, it is also more likely to look like selfish manipulation. Phoebe does it; Rachel does it more. (For some fun videos and to see this in action, go to youtube and type in ENFP INTJ Myers-Briggs Relationship.) Both NFP types are likely to be quirky, through clothing or otherwise. I disagree with the person who said Phoebe is an ISFP. She is too articulate. While INFP’s do have to make more of an effort to be understood by others than ENFP’s do, INFP’s spend more time manipulating words than ISFP’s. Phoebe mentions she has written 14 books, but they all were destroyed in her apartment fire. Phoebe works on her songs ahead of time, in the shower, etc. Even if they aren’t always great lyrics, she still spends a lot of time on them ahead of time. And she prioritizes the lyrics over the music, also a difference between INFP and ISFP. An ISFP simply (“simply” meaning easily) “speaks art.” An example of an ISFP would be to be asked, “Tell me about your painting” and to think, “I wouldn’t have painted it if I could have better expressed it in words.” Phoebe loves to talk about the many meanings and layers behind her songs.

          • Anonymous says:

            P.S. I also think the fact that the people on this website are trying to decide which type among ENFP, INFP, or ISFP is a good indicator that it is the one directly in the middle…INFP.

          • Anonymous says:

            I think it also telling that those contributing to the discussion are debating among ENFP. INFP, and ISFP, which makes a good case that Phoebe is smack in the middle..an INFP.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Pheope is absolutely not an ENFP. ISFP written all over, only seems intuitive because of the “artistic” rambling/drifting. Hipster-stereotype. No ENFP would play a guitar standing on a street corner with nobody liking it. They would run home crying 😛

  5. bee says:

    You are right for the most part. Monica is estj, Ross is Intj, joey is either esfp or estp but most likely esfp, phoebe is clearly enfp and Chandler seems very entp to me. But Rachel is not an SJ. She’s clearly an SP. She’s not bound by traditions, routines etc at all. Compare her to Monica, who is all about that- security, structure, order etc. All throughout the show until the very last episode Rachel has always been the carefree, in the moment sp that she has always been. She is ESFP. Look back at her fight with Ross about “not wanting to have things decided for her and liking not knowing where she’s going”. Her persona, her interests and just everything about her screams Sp. Otherwise good article though 🙂

  6. secret sounds says:

    Ross is a feeler and not an INTJ. i think he might be a ISFJ. pheobe is an INFP.

    • Lenore Thomsom says:

      Completely right! Ross is the portrair of an ISFJ. I don’t get how people keep typing every introvert as INTJ. Phoebe is not an INFP though.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see Chandler as an Extrovert at all. I’d say he is an INTP.

    • Lenore Thomsom says:

      Pretty much! Chandler is a very good example of a real life INTP, and not that bullshit that descriptions led us to believe.

      • callmelazy says:

        I always thought so, too. I’m an INTP and I have always related to Chandler. Even the episodes with his ‘work laugh’ can help this idea, because INTPs usually put on a ‘social mask’ to be able to function socially.

        • castro says:

          yeah me too he’s probably the main reason I watch the show because I can relate to his reactions he has with others.

          • mikefael says:

            ENTP can appear introverted because both Ne and Ti are spent a lot inside the mind. Ne is abstract, Ti is reserved. So judging Chandler’s appearing introverted is not really an accurate move here. And stereotyping that introverts cannot be social and extroverts cannot be reserved is just not Jungian cognitive functions are about. The determining factor is that Chandler’s main function is obviously Ne, not Ti. But he’s very logical nonetheless, like every ENTPs are.

        • alex says:

          I`ve always thought that the gap between INTP and ENTP was not that great and have never scored as anything other than these two on tests myself and relate to both of the types quite a lot.

  8. mariah says:

    I personally think:
    Rachel- ESFP

  9. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe Ross is an INTJ. I don’t see how he is an ‘N’ over an ‘S’ (he’s more detail oriented – I think). I can somewhat see how people may see him as a ‘T’ (logical), but personally I think he’s best suited as an ISFJ. I could also see how he may be an ISTJ, though.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. As an INTJ, whenever I see Ross typed as INTJ, I cringe a little. He is super emotional and lets his feelings run his life. Definitely not INTJ behavior.

      • tatl33 says:

        Hmm okay, so there is why you see him as an F type. Interesting, could you provide me an example of when he lets his feelings run his life?

        • LSW says:

          It’s been a year, but the “we were on a break” thing basically sums up how Ross is a total F. An INTJ wouldn’t have gone out and hooked up with the first girl he came across after a “breakup.” An INTJ wouldn’t let his anger about whether or not they were on a break dictate whether he could be in a particular relationship. I’m an INTJ and my sister is an ISFJ. I completely see Ross as an ISFJ.

      • saira says:

        I kind of think he’s an INFJ

    • tatl33 says:

      That is true he is very detail orientated. I can see where you are coming from. I have taken it the other way- I believe his preciseness comes from being a J rather than a sensor. I understand your perspective though and it makes a lot of sense reading through it 🙂 Feeling type, I’m not as convinced, I think he’s a thinking type! Could you explain why you think he is a thinking type?

  10. For starters I want to point out that MBTI type is just as bad as ATM machine or PIN number. Get the terms right. That said… this is my view on the types.

    Ross…. NO WAY on earth he’s an INTJ. I used to consider it because he’s just so scientific and all but the truth is that that’s stereotype based. Ross is ISFJ, he’s Fe all over. Furthermore, ISFJs are masters at the one or two subjects of their interest. Ross’s is paleonthology, and no one beats an ISFJ in their field. They have few interests outside of their core interests, are routine based, and never want to take any chances.

    Monica…. I kind of agree, personally I’m not sure if she could be ISTJ but in any case it’s little difference, she’s probably loud and pushy enough for a Te dom.

    Joey…. He is a stereotypical ESFP. Enough said.

    Chandler…. XNTP…. I’d say that I’m unsure of whether he is INTP or ENTP but I’d tend to go with INTP, he’s kind of emotionally retarded, seems to fit inferior Fe.

    Rachel……. no way she’s ESFJ, she has ENFP written all over her. She’s all over the place, the Ne, the Fi, I mean I can’t see her as more of an ENFP if they tried. Also, and this is a key element, her heavenish/ hellish ubber intense relationship with Ross, so unable to stay mad at each other, is absoulutely stereotypical of semi duals (ISFJ- ENFP) are semi duals.

    Phoebe…. It’s hard to tell, I used to think ENFP too but it doesn’t seem to fit, she’s too reclusive. Yet she has Fi all over her. I think that in absence of a better fit INFP is going to have to do.

  11. Lin Kis says:

    I typed them almost the same.
    Considering the jobs that they’ve taken, tho, my first thoughts were that Phoebe and Chandler could possibly be I’s instead of E’s… But then watched a couple of episodes and changed my mind. Rachel seems more ESFP than ESFJ… Not convinced yet.

    I guess I’ll go watch a season or so to get a clear view. 🙂

  12. Charity U says:

    I’m a female INTJ and as such? Ross isn’t INTJ. His emotion is wayyyy strong. Plus the sensitivity – INTJs are not sensitive in a visible way, even among close friends. He may be INFJ? With a developed thinking side? That seems most likely to me. 🙂

    • lattepeach says:

      Yes I feel the same way! But I feel like he is more ISFJ than INFJ. He is a lot more focused on traditions and conventions which would be Si instead of Ni

    • LSW says:

      INTJ female here as well. Ross is a total ISFJ- prefers to live by himself, a paleontologist (an INTJ would never survive has a paleontologist- we’d be bored out of our minds), let his feelings destroy 8 years of what could have been a perfectly good relationship with Rachel, and a strict planner. Chandler is a classic INTP- socially awkward, unhappy in a dead-end corporate job before finding his true passion in a creative field, logical (although slightly turbulent toward the beginning of the series), and a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. This article is way off.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I dunno, I think ISFJ is definitely Gunther.

  14. Know-it-all says:

    Ross – INTJ. Are you guys serious? Ross is serious and to the point. Have you watched the show? He is too emotional for INTJ. He does not use abstraction. He lacks vision. He is interested in paleontology – i.e. something that is focused on the past. INTJs are focused on the future, they are visionaries. Ross is also too sensitive and sentimental to be an INTJ. Also, he lacks self-confidence and is indecisive. He somewhat does not possess the arrogance a classic INTJ would have.
    Chandler – classic ENTP
    Phoebe – either ENFP or INFP
    Joey and Rachel – ESFPs
    Monica is ESFJ – definitely judging, definitely lacks vision to be an ENTJ and focuses more on petty details – cleanliness, too emotional to be an ESTJ, always tries to control the others and the environment but does not provide strong logical arguments for her choices

    • Know-it-all says:

      Oh, yeah. In the beginning, Ross is ISTJ-ish but later on it becomes clear he has a touchy side so ISFJ.
      Also, Rachel is not ENFP because she does not care about how things work, she is shallow and does not look for meaning in life. She is not interested in going deeper in a topic. She always cares about petty, every day stuff. She does not possess the inherent curiosity of an ENFP.

  15. Steff says:

    My guesses, upon re-watching friends:
    Ross – ISTJ (a very selfish, immature and egocentric one at first, hated him for about half the series. Low Fi is very obvious in him to me. No Fe would be this inconsiderate and egoistic. It’s when he taps into his low Fi + inf Ne – his idealistic and empathetic side – that I find him likeable and that’s also what makes Rachel love him. But I find him a principled, blunt, stiff and kinda conservative type of a man – just look at how he “cannot have three failed marriages” – mix of conservative view (Si) and (a little misled) personal principles (Fi). His Ne shows in his love of science and abstract stuff which I guess is why he’s often typed as INTx, he combines it with his high Si to make a detailed, careful and driven scientific approach to his childhood fascination (Si!) with dinosaurs.)

    Monica – ISTJ (she’s not extraverted, watch her when she gets that new job and while she is loud, bossy and controlling enough to be taken as an E, she is nowhere near ambitious enough when it comes to leading or structuring the whole group to truly be a Te-dom. Compare with Paris from Gilmore Girls who has clear leadership ambitions, you don’t see that so much in Monica.)

    Phoebe – INFP (Dominant Fi regardless of other’s views all over. Not obsessed enough with abstract Ideas to be a dom-Ne).

    Rachel – ESFP (NO Ne whatsoever! She’s all about in-the-moment, tangible real-world things and nowhere near weird or eccentric enough (plus: NO Dom or Aux Ne would be popular in high school! They’re the weirdos on the sidelines that make socially unacceptable comments or behave in awkward, weird ways. Plus a definitive SP, someone else in the comments already made an excellent point about that over SJ).

    Joey – ESFP (Clear Se-dom, clear aux Fi. The way he cares about his friends, is warmhearted, expressive and loyal is why I love his character so much.)

    Chandler – ISTP (Inferior Fe alright, not interested enough in abstract ideas or possibilites enough to be a dom or even aux Ne, his sarcastic jokes are all situational and about very tangible things.)

    Phoebes science-y boyfriend who disappears to Minsk – INTP
    Phoebes social-analytical boyfriend – INFP (the way he analyses people and offends them in the process and ultimately kinda rage-quits seems very INFP to me – and INFP who hasn’t learned to reign in on their need to share their analysis on human behavior).

    Don’t care enough about all the other characters to make any typings there.

  16. Steff says:

    Sorry for typos and inconsistency in dom/aux terminology ^_^° rushed through typing that text a bit xD

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