Which MBTI type is the enthusiast? (Enneagram 7)

Enthusiast: “A person who is highly interested, fun.”

The seventh enneagram type is the fun type, the type that always wants something to do. They are highly extroverted and will always try to find something to do. This type is always going to parties and although it can drive introverts (who want a break) insane, this type is definitely the most fun type. This type is highly energetic and always wants to have fun, and this type of person does this by becoming the centre of attention with their newest trick using their extroverted functions. It is also pretty clear that the enthusiast is a P as they are the fun type who can change their plans and get out of their routine to enjoy themselves. It is clear that all enthusiasts are EXXP’s, however the next two are the most tricky.

N’s are more likely to be the fun type than S’s. This is due to ENXP’s primary function, Ne. This type always wants to find interesting new things to do and can turn even the most boring things into something fun. The Ne’s are the most fun type, but only just compared with ESXP’s.

This was the hardest one to evaluate- T’s vs F’s. However, I have come to the conclusion that T’s are more likely to be the enthusiast. This is because F’s are more concerned with keeping peace amongst others, and they are more likely to be the peacemaking type or the helper type rather than the enthusiast. T’s are more concerned about their own well being and they believe if they are having fun, the rest of the people they are involved with are having fun, being less aware of others emotions. This means the thinkers are funner types as they do what they want that they find fun, whenever they want! It is clear that the most fun type is ENTP’s.

Which MBTI type do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!!

Fun taken to the extreme…


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Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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8 Responses to Which MBTI type is the enthusiast? (Enneagram 7)

  1. acerbusvenator says:

    In a way.
    Aren’t extroverted sensors the people most prone to be called enthusiastic?
    Our society is dominated about an ideal of that you should be an extroverted sensor – as first or second function.
    Due to that I believe that ESXPs are the people that are generally seen as the most “fun”

    Se is prone to “living in the present” and being more of “show offs”.
    And even if they might not be so good at coming up with ideas, their need for testing the limits make them seem like more fun people.

    Especially I’d say that the most fun people are ESXPs who got a close friend who is ENXP since the ENXP comes up with strange ideas of things to do and the ESXP does them.

  2. holla says:

    Be is definitely not the ‘fun’ type. Are you kidding me? Se is the definition of fun. Live in the moment, have a good time, fuvk everything else. That’s basically us ESPs in a nutshell. Type 7 is albasically a description of Se. ESTP are 7w8. ESFPs are 7w6.

    All the me doms I know are paranoid, unrealistic, nerdy and a bit delusional. Insecure about their N’ness as well. Most of them are type 6s and sometimes type 3s. Not that fun.

    • tatl33 says:

      Not all N are like that! Especially not ENTP’s 😛 They are the type of people who invent the fun that Se’s have
      The way I see it:
      Ne’s- create the fun
      Se’s- make the fun 🙂

      • Dan says:

        I’m an entp 7w6. I’m not really all that fun. I’m usually the one who who has the best ideas of fun, but my estp friend implements it. I don’t even think anybody will see this reply. this post is like 2 years old LOL. but yeah entp’s =ideas, s types = do it. But I see myself more of the type to do anything new and fun. I crave new experiences and change, but I fucking hate doing the same shit.

        • Rob says:

          ENxP 7w8 here, I’m in the same boat mate, I’m the brainstorming guy and someone has to flick between all my ideas and find something good (and actually do it)

  3. ENFP says:

    I’m an ENFP 7w8. Still it is true as my F is close to T.

  4. Lin Kis says:

    I’m ENTP and 7. 🙂
    Enneagram is a lot about self-development. The virtue of 7 is sobriety. Basically for ENTPs it may mean staying clean of constant noise in our heads and information-sober.
    Sometimes it seems that ENTP is basically ADHD. :)))

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