Which MBTI type has the least friends?

Which MBTI Type has the least friends: this is a difficult topic, with many different variables to consider. However, I’m confident with the answer I’ve provided and very soon you’ll know too. Read on to discover the answer…

The first factor to be considered is introversion vs. extroversion. Introverts are naturally more shy than extroverts. They dislike discussions and are more inclined to sit around by themselves. As a result, the introverts are less likely to have friends than extroverts.

N: the sparkers of creativity. S: the concrete, trend-setting drivers of society. Which one do you think has less friends? Unfortunately for the abstract people, it’s you guys. Society is a very harsh place, in which you can only top the charts by being “normal.” This means you have to be fashionable, dominant and an all-round factual person. In fact, the only real way to be a popular as an N is by a) being funny through your creativity or b) being approved by many sensors so your theories are recognised and approved of. An example of this is Galileo. He initially endured great criticism because of his new approach to concepts, discovering that the planets revolve around the Sun (not the Earth.) However, soon other sensors approved of his idea, until eventually it was confirmed and accepted that his theory was correct. So if you’re creative and wish to advance society, initially you’ll be less popular, but maybe soon when others discover your talents the tables will turn!

Thinking and feeling does not play a massive role, but can contribute to a small extent.However, it is easier to make friends with a rational mindset, without getting emotionally concerned over whether the person will like you, or what not.  In other words, an F is likely to have less friends because they are more worried about how they will be judged than thinkers.

Finally, the J vs. P. It’s common knowledge that perceivers are more adaptable to their surroundings than judgers. This means they’ll be able to adjust themselves to society, fitting in with new trends which allows them to be popular. In addition to this, perceivers live in the moment, spurring on through difficult conditions and sharing their enthusiasm with others. It is for this reason that J has been selected as the last letter, as they don’t have such traits.

The answer to your question is INFJ. Surprising, hey? Well, when you deeply analyse it, this is definitely the MBTI type who has the least friends. They’re reserved, don’t fit in as well to popular culture, don’t say things straight out and plan more than perceive. Based on the conventions in modern society, this would be the person who’d have the least friends.

Which MBTI type do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!!

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32 Responses to Which MBTI type has the least friends?

  1. Fs less likely to have friends? The judging function that deals with peopls, values, feelings and social rules? You’re telling me that a person who is so apt at reading people and understanding social cues would be less likely to have friends than someone who is less apt? An aux-Fe type most likely to have the least amount of friends? Also, INFJs, with their disgusting habit of doorslamming people they don’t agree with, having a hard time to cut people they don’t like out of their lives? Please. INTJs, on the other hand. They’re also the most likely to have Asperger’s syndrome.

  2. J says:

    I agree that the INFJ is the type to have the least number of friends. As an INFJ, I seek very meaningful relationships, which are few and far between compared to those with many “friends” who may have many superficial relationships or simply be acquainted briefly with someone and refer to them as a friend. There are very few who can enter the inner circle of an INFJ.

    I guess it depends on your definition of friend.

  3. mr picky says:

    Yeah. Absolutely agree with this one as an INFJ. As a feeler my very long isolation began just like this. On the other hand people can actually like me but I have my standards. Breaking the harmony is also definite no.

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  5. Madeline says:

    As an INFJ, this is accurate. Interesting post! 🙂

  6. Brandon says:

    INFJ here too, looks like an INTJ left the first comment. lol. Because I agree with your article completely. It’s because I can read people so easily that I have a hard time mingling* with them; as many people are just jerks, why would I want to be their friend?

    And as for the Asperger’s comment that the first commenter left. I direct them here:

  7. Katherine says:

    INTJ is the most independent of all personality types, they are less concerned about having friends and so often do have less. INFJs typically have more friends since they are socially oriented–however, you INFJs out there, you need to realize that you have the least common personality type which is likely why you feel you do not fit in! But you are sensitive and feel this way due to your F trait, and I assure you that you generally have more friends than your INTJ counterparts.

  8. Mpangele says:

    I have to disagree. The INs tend to have more friends than the ISs because they respond at a spiritual level to their peers, whereas the S counterparts respond to the environment. The Js tend to follow the rules of society which govern that there should be more interaction around others. I would say the ISFP rather than the INFJ.

  9. ;DD says:

    I’ve actually noticed that! I have a lot of people I consider friends, including a few INFJs. One of my best friends is an INFJ, and I’ve noticed he doesn’t really have many friends. He only has six people he actually considers friends, including myself. I talk to him a lot about that stuff, and he says that people don’t like him, even go as far as explicitly rejecting him! (Makes me really mad!) This really puts a light on things! Thanks!

  10. curveball7 says:

    We have few friends, but the friends we have are generally like REALLY friends, there with you through the thick and thin type of friends. We weed most of the rest of the world out, for various reasons.

  11. I says:

    INFJ here. you must be an extrovert considering the importance you seem to place on “having the most friends” by singling out the type who, theoretically, has the fewest. Admittedly, I don’t have very many “friends” (or people I consider to be friends), but as someone mentioned earlier, our auxiliary function is Fe, extroverted Feeling. this means we can read people, we “know” people (we can tell truth from lies, real from fake), and that we generally want and need to feel connected to people. However, we’re certainly not going to go befriending or chatting to anyone who will take it. This paradox of wanting connections but being introverted manifests itself in the NUMBER and QUALITY of friendships we have. From the outside, the world may see us as lonely and friendless. (However any developed INFJ will tell you that they are well-liked by peers because of our wonderful auxiliary Fe). While some INFJs do feel lonely, this perception is not always true. in this case, you have to look deeper into the issue. INFJs don’t care HOW MANY friends they have. I care how deep the emotional level of the friendship is. I would choose one deep friendship over a thousand surface-level friends any day.

    we don’t like “mingling” or small talk, which seems to be thanks to our dominant function, Ni, or introverted iNtuition. we want to talk about big issues, deep issues. I don’t want to talk about the weather with you, I don’t want to talk about whether our team is winning, or which celeb is dating which, or how you only came into the supermarket to buy one litre of milk and how on earth did you end up with a basket full of groceries, you have no idea! (I’m a cashier! :P). I can only take so much before I shut down. maybe to others, this makes us seem distant. Our ability to read people so well thanks to our Fe also makes us picky when choosing friends. we don’t consider acquaintance #4 our friend just because we listened to their relationship problems. We don’t wear our emotions on our sleeve like ENFJs. we’re guarded when it comes to sharing our emotions and life with people because of how much it can hurt if something goes wrong (again, our Fe is sensitive). We tend to dip our toe in. if the water is fine, we jump right in. our intensity scares people sometimes. I would be thrilled to have six “friends,” but the reality is that I could not maintain six deep friendships. All that said, we make great friends. I don’t think you’re “making fun” of INFJs, I don’t think you have bad intentions, but you’re singling out a type for a trait that doesn’t matter to us (sociability). If any type should be singled out for not having many friends, it would be INTJ. But the irony of that is that INTJs would care even less than INFJs at such an accusation. :P.

    Sorry my comment is so long. I felt the need to defend my often misunderstood type.

  12. David Morris says:

    Fair play for writing this article, something like this will always touch a nerve with some.

    We live in an ESTP society, so it’s not surprising that you might think the INFJ would be the one with the least friends. Personally though, I think it is the opposite. The INFJ forms real and genuine relationships person-to-person, where other types socialise and form relationships because of some other activity that binds them together, the INFJ, will make a friend at a social activity and only needs to speak to someone to form a bond with them.

  13. Maheen says:

    Definitely agree with this. As an INFJ myself, I have noticed I don’t have many people I can truly call my friend.(mostly because others remind of me how “anti-social’ I can be!

  14. Ben says:

    It seems that everyone agrees that INFJs don’t make a lot of friends, but they do have a few very close genuine friends.

    An INTJ is likely to have even less friendship in his or her life. First of all, they can come off quite abrasively. Second whereas a INFJ is going to want that emotional connection with people. An INTJ is likely to not give two shits about something like emotional connection.
    Therefore, mostly due to lack of interest, an INTJ is the least likely to have friends (considering quantity and quality)

  15. YoloSolo says:

    Whereas the INFJ will have very few friends on average, the INTJ will quite literally, on average, have no friends at all.

  16. sarah says:

    i think INFPs have less friends. they’re just as picky but less social + much shyer than your average INFJ

  17. abhi says:

    You mean that person having strong fellings are less likely to make friends,
    it means its easy for ROBOTs to make freinds than human

    it suggests that you dont understand youself

    person having least friends may be
    INTP or INTJ

  18. Anonymous says:

    Probably it´s true but: INTJs and INFJs are the best people anyway.

  19. boxlessblackstar says:

    I think It depends on what you call friends. Other types may have alot of aquaintances or beneficiaries to add to their collection but INFJs would rather have quality over quantity; you might compare us with pirates who search deep under the ground for buried treasure. We see what is underneith the surface in far too many people and notice the intentions and motivations behind peoples actions. Honesty and humility are qualities we admire more than perfection and we hand pick people for their quality. We are not after what will benefit us from your friendship, we like our friends for who they are inside. If you are the friend of an INFJ then take that as a compliment because it means you are a beautiful diamond inside, even if you might be a little rough around the edges.

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  21. INFJ says:

    Definitely agree! I have always had a hard time finding people who I really “click” with!

  22. Anonymous says:

    I’m not so sure about your conclusion. As an INFJ, I’ve had times in my life when I’ve been extremely social for months at a time, but then I withdraw from the social scene and turn into a hermit for months at a time. During my very social times, I have many friends. During my hermit times, I have very few. Also, during my hermit times, there may be people who were my friends during my social times that still regard me as THEIR friend, but I may no longer regard them as MY friend.

    Since I do indeed have times of many friends, I must conclude that your assumption is false, as there are types that I know that always have few friends.

  23. Liss says:

    The problem is not that we INFJ’s can’t find friends or are unable to fit in with popular culture (whatever that means). We choose to have small social circles, as the only relationship we desire are deep and meaningful ones. INFJs don’t do shallow. Your articles on this type makes me think you have missed the point of INFJ completely. Once again, we are misunderstood

  24. Joey says:

    Agreed. I’m INTJ and it’s somewhat hard, but my sister is INFJ and she has this completely

  25. Part of me wants to say INFJs have the fewest friends, but I also wonder if it’s the INTJs. Maybe both types are less likely to have many friends, but the INFJ might be more bothered by it than the INTJ. I’m an INFJ and have always struggled to develop lasting friendships. I feel too quirky, serious, and unusual for most people, so my first challenge is simply finding people whom I would like to befriend. Once I’ve found someone unusual enough for my tastes, the next big challenge is not getting let down by the person since I am an idealist with high standards. I don’t put up with much crap and will eventually remove the person from my life, even if they are the last and only friend I have left. I don’t see the point in getting hurt over and over and will do the INFJ door slam when it’s necessary. I have written about INFJ traits on my blog, and almost every INFJ who has commented on my posts said they feel lonely and can’t make friends. Though I’m not certain which type my boyfriend is, he has several INFJ traits, and we are both true loners who struggle to find our kind of people. At least we have each other.

  26. Why is it so hard being an INFJ, especially one that hasn’t found or embraced a true and meaningful purpose in life (rhetorical question)? Life has no meaning, and such thoughts are so unhealthy… I’m tearing my own self apart. But, you’re so right. I can’t express in any way how hard it is to find people who will understand.

  27. Anonymous says:


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