Which MBTI type are the characters from Family Guy?

Family Guy: “A popular animation television show created by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company.”

Family Guy focuses on a few main characters Peter (who is the main character, who constantly gets himself into inappropriate situations), Lois (his wife and the mother of two sons and a daughter), and the kids Meg, Chris and Stewie Griffin. As well as this, they also have a dog named Brian who can talk.

Peter Griffin is the most controversial type discussed. Although he is clearly extroverted due to him being the main speaker on the show who always has something to say, and his perceiving function “living in the moment” and being spontaneous is also obvious, the feeling verse thinking and the intuitive verse sensing functions are less obvious. However, it has been concluded that he is intuitive as he often thinks outside the box in numerous encounters when he makes his own country, he makes his own cartoon and constantly flashes back to celebrities, thinking up hilarious “out of the box” jokes. He also doesn’t hold too strong personalvalues and doesn’t think too much about others feelings when saying things, making him a thinking type. This makes him an ENTP, the entertainer.

Lois’ type is more obvious. She is clearly an ESFJ, due to her constant need to help people. She talks a fair bit, but for the most part she is more emotional than logical in her decision-making. She is also a lot less spontaneous than Peter, actually being organizing and keeping the family together.

Meg is quiet easy to type. She is an unpopular extrovert who wishes she had friends to socialize with but she doesn’t, often mistaken for introversion. She is also a sensor as she cares a lot about fashion and the newest trends which intuitive people care a lot less about. She tries very hard to fit in. She is certainly a feeling type, as she gets upset about what others say easily and is caught crying about what the mean girls say at her school. She also hasn’t achieved much and she thinks spontaneously, making her a perceiver.

Chris, the middle child, is also quiet easy to type. He very rarely speaks making him a strong introvert. He is also a sensor, as he doesn’t think too far outside the box. He is definitely a feeler, as he very rarely offends others and he is very unorganized, showing traits of a perceiver. This shows he is an ISFP, the artist, which suits him perfectly.

Stewie is the youngest kid in the family and he is once again easy to type. He spends a lot of time thinking in his head of new ideas to destroy the world or achieve some goal that he wishes to accomplish, strong signs of Ni. He thinks logically, which is signs of Te. This shows he is clearly an INTJ.

Brian is also debatable, but I personally believe he is a definite INFP. He is introverted and listens to what others have to say before speaking, and intuitive as he is very strong on his beliefs and how society works. He is also a very deep thinker, another sign of intuition. He uses his emotions to determine what he wants to say, a sign of a high level of feeling. He is also very spontaneous as he doesn’t set many goals and spends a lot of time doing crazy things without thinking of the consequences.

There are also many other characters:

  • Joe- ESTJ
  • Cleveland- ISFP
  • Quagmire- ESTP
  • Herbert- ISFJ
  • Adam West (Mayor of Quahog)- INFP
  • Death- ISTP
  • Tom Tucker- ENTJ
  • Mort (Pharmacist)- ISFJ
  • Bruce (Gay Man)- INFJ

About tatl33

Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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10 Responses to Which MBTI type are the characters from Family Guy?

  1. Emma baxter says:

    This is hilariously wrong.

  2. bobobo bo bobobo says:

    I always felt Brian was definetely an INFJ and stewie and INTP. As I am an INFJ and one of my best friends is an INFP, I understand how you can say Brian is a perciever but Brian is more compitent at solving societal issues rather his own issues, binge-ing to geel better and cracking to fit in when the social group says so. This is a strong difference between the two as it shows up in me and my friend. And as for Stewie, he spends his time divising plans to crack the system(ti are his plans and ne is the system finder). He is very very self reliant, not using other’s logicistics(te) to acount for his own(ti). And percievers have a much stronger tendency to lean towards violency rather then judgers, as judgers lean towards peaceful settlements in things.

  3. Samuels (Eminem) “Nothin’ On You” — Philip Lawrence, Ari Levine,
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  4. First, I’d like to say I have a bachelors degree.

    Okay, just know that, because it is important.

    The author of this was an INFJ. “The Pondering Soul Seeker”
    His writing style just gives off that impression that he is introverted. Seems very intuitive in how he discovers other people’s types. He feels, because he is emotionally compromised by people’s posts. I think he judges people and likes order. His website is evidence of that.

    I think God is INFJ. Jesus was probably the same and voted for Ralph Nader as president.

    Obama is ENTJ.
    I think Dumbledore is probably an ENFP. My brother says he is an ENFJ, but he is wrong.

    Maybe we should delve into this further. His whole dynamic is probably an ENFPKZRM (this stuff is a bit advanced for you guys so I’ll leave it at 4 letters).

    Lets do some more.

    Emma Baxter is an ISTJ. The “Mean person”
    Emma is an introvert since she uses the internet. She is a sensing, because she is incapable to thinking outside the box. She does find things “hilarious” which would make me lean more toward feeling type. However TJs are the mean types so she is ISTJ.

    Source: Bachelors Degree in Meyer’s Brigging

  5. myers says:

    Hi. You can’t type a person this way. You haven’t even described, or show on any understanding of, how they use their did the functions. Not surprisingly, you got them all wrong. Peter as an ENTP is so wrong it’s not even funny. He presents much closer to an ESFJ

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