Which MBTI type follows the rules?

Thank you to Mike for the Question

Rules: “Prescribed guide for how to behave.”

This question is a tricky one, but after going into my personal life, a lot of my friends are ISFJ’s, and they are probably the biggest rule followers I know. This is proven true as one of the most known career choices for an ISFJ is an administrator.

Introverts are more likely to think before they act, compared with extroverts. They think about the consequences before they occur, and are more stable than extroverts, less likely to take risks. This clearly shows that introverts are more likely to follow rules than extroverts.

This part is the most obvious to evaluate. Intuitive people think outside the box; they see more then what’s actually there. They see that there are always options, always choices. Sensors feel like rules are set in stone and are almost brainwashed into following them, like they have no other option. They don’t see any other alternatives. Sensors are certainly more inclined to follow the rules in society than intuitive people.

The difference between a thinker and a feeler regarding rules is small. Keeping this is mind, feelers are more likely to follow rules than thinkers due to their constant fear of what others will think. If it wasn’t for their fear of what others would think (Fe) ISFJ’s might be the most careless people in the world. However, this is not the case, and feelers are more concerned about following rules than thinkers.

This part is quite obvious. Judgers are more stable and thinking of what lies ahead in their future. Perceivers live in the moment, making decisions at the time of the event. They don’t think of the consequences, and are therefore less stable than judgers. This clearly proves that ISFJ’s are the most likely to follow the rules.

An ISFJ Poem:

My Promise Author
Each day I’ll do my best,
And I won’t do any less.
My work will always please me,
And I won’t accept a mess.
I’ll color very carefully,
My writing will be neat.
And I simply won’t be happy
‘Til my papers are complete.
I’ll always do my homework,
And I’ll try on every test.
And I won’t forget my promise —
To do my very best!


About tatl33

Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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4 Responses to Which MBTI type follows the rules?

  1. Mike says:

    In hindsight that was a gimme but thanks very much for the response, your logic in deducing these is excellent, much appreciated.


  2. Julia says:

    The only thing is, from an ISFJ, I believe that Fe makes us far more likely to break the rules to help someone, or go along with someone else by breaking the rules. I think that ISTJs would be far more likely.

    • tatl33 says:

      Good point actually! I didn’t really consider that but yes, I think that could be true. I really reckon because of Fe it would make you more likely to break them in some ways, but the more emotional ‘this is wrong’ Fe part of decisions is what makes it difficult. So I reckon it is really 50/50

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