Which MBTI type are the characters from South Park?

South Park: “An animated American Sitcom starring Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny. Intended for mature audiences, the show has become infamous for its crude, surreal, satirical, and dark humor.”

Some of the main characters from South Park are fairly easy to type, such as Stan and Cartman. However characters such as Kyle and Kenny were more difficult to type.

Firstly, Stan is a definite ESTJ. He is extroverted due to the fact that he loves being with his friends and he and Cartman are usually the two that are talking the majority of the time. He is also the strongest sensor on the show, as he clearly likes keeping the world normal and does not like change in society. He has clear rules that he abides to. He is also a thinker, due to the fact he doesn’t care about what other people will think when he talks. He is a judger because he lacks spontaneity and he doesn’t like changing society.

The main South Park characters include Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny.

The main characters Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny.

Kyle’s personality type was harder to determine. However, it has been concluded that his MBTI type is INFJ. This is because he doesn’t talk as much as Stan and Cartman and he is often alone by himself. He is intuitive due to the fact that he very clearly sticks with his believes about religion and various other topics. This gets him in a lot of fights with Cartman. He is also a feeling type due to the fact he strongly reacts when Cartman makes fun of him and he gets upset easily. He is also a judger due to the fact he prefers keeping things organized over unorganized. However, this is a tough call.

For most, Cartman’s MBTI type is the easiest to figure out. However, Cartman is often mistaken as an ESTP. However, this is not the case. Cartman is clearly extroverted, constantly striving in the exterior world into manipulating the citizens of his town into following what he has to say. He is very talkative, which can often annoy the other characters. Cartman has been mistaken as a sensor. This is definitely not the case. He spends practically every episode plotting a new creative idea into getting things his way. An example would be the episode “Cartmanland” in which he uses his strong introverted intuition to get what he always wanted- a theme park all to himself. He also uses his intuition on trying to get rid of the Jews. Cartman is also a thinker, because he says what he wants honestly and doesn’t care what others think. He is also a judger, because he works hard at achieving his intuitive goals (Ni) which follows his extroverted thinking (Te). He thinks ahead of time, thinking about how his actions will benefit himself.

Kenny is an ISTP. He almost never speaks, showing that he is an introvert. He also has almost no opinion on things and just likes living his life without changing rules- making him a sensor. He also states what he is thinking and he doesn’t care too much about getting things done, compared with the other characters.

There are also some important minor characters MBTI types:

  • Butters- INFP
  • Randy (Stan’s dad)- ESFP
  • Mr/Ms Garrison- ESTJ
  • Wendy- INFJ
  • Tweek- ENFP
  • Mr Mackey- ISFP
  • Chef- ENFJ
  • Kyle’s Mom- ESTJ
  • Cartman’s Mom- ESFJ
  • Towelie- INFP
  • Bebe- ESFJ
  • Craig- ESTP
  • Token- ISFP
  • Jimmy- ENFP
  • Tweek- INTP
  • Stan’s Mom- ENFJ
  • Stan’s Sister- ESTP
  • Jimbo- ESTP
  • Butter’s Dad- ESTJ
  • Principal- ISTJ
  • Mayor McDaniels- ISTP
  • Timmy- ISFJ

Which MBTI types do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!


About tatl33

Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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30 Responses to Which MBTI type are the characters from South Park?

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  2. ABS says:

    I disagree. I believe Stan is ISTJ and Kyle is ENFJ. Stan most likely has Si as his top function (because he enjoys sports and he’s not too energetic) and Kyle DEFINITELY has Fe as his top function (very sensitive and cares about others). One more thing, why is Tweek on there twice? You said he’s an “ENFP” and an “INTP”. Other than that I think you did a great job and agree 😀

    • tatl33 says:

      haha, my bad! Kyle could very well be ENFJ. His Fe is often evident! I still stick with my belief about Stan. He could be ESTJ, but I think he is far too action orientated to be an I. He is always doing stuff.

      • Charlotte says:

        hey i know i’m a few years late to the party, but i think kyle is definitely an infj over an enfj. yes, he’s generally externally focused, so it’s a tough call, but when you get down to it, there’s just no way he has inferior ti. and i think inferior se makes sense for him given his cautiousness and rationality (at least compared to the rest of the boys)

  3. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ says:

    Good job typing Tweek both as an ENFP and an INTP.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i have always thought of kyle as an enfp.

  5. Cyrak says:

    I deduced that Craig is either INTJ or INTP

  6. Sexy bitch says:

    Cartman is a classical ENTJ. Manipulative and domineering to the max.
    Kenny is a classic ISTP. While both Kyle and Stan seem like introverted thinkers in a world of chaos.

    • tatl33 says:

      Cartman does definitely have a lot of J traits. I agree Stan is an introverted thinker, although I definitely see Kyle as more of a feeling type. You often see him standing against the immoral ways of South Park. Wouldn’t you agree?

  7. Cloud says:

    Weird.. I think Stan is an ESFJ though. He is a lot more feeling than others in the show. He can empathize well with the dolphins in the show. Heck he easily get hurt when kyle and him are in conflict.

  8. Dustin Jackson says:

    Craig is in no way an ESTP. I’d say that INTJ would be likely, given his deadpan manner and cynicism. ESTPs thrive on spontaneity. In “Pandemic”, he chastizes the main characters and pokes holes in their logic. He also refuses to follow the other characters into an ancient Incan temple, choosing to walk away with the other characters in tow, trying to convince him to return to the temple.

  9. Bee says:

    INFJ, here!
    Cartman could very well be an ENTJ; All the ExTx boys I know are pretty similar, and they all come off as complete jackasses. He has an influence on people’s opinions and he is a strong leader, which is more of an N trait. He’s a silly ass, so it’s not the first thing we all notice, but he’s definitely the schemer among his friends, and schemer has NT written ALL OVER IT. Plus, ENTJ = classic Hollywood villain

    Kyle? An INFJ? Kyle seems like much more of an ISFJ to me. I see where people are coming from with the ENFJ – the E comes from his S way of dealing with things. Kyle isn’t influential like an INFJ would be, as he is a total traditionalist, which is a TOTAL xSxJ thing. INFJs are much more withdrawn, though he could very well be one. (He came off as pretty INFJ in #HappyHolograms ??)

    Kenny seems like an ISTP – he’s kind of a jackass and he’s a total introvert. ISTPs are awesome, too.

    Stan is probably an ISTJ. I’ve seen him typed as an ESTJ, and everybody is pulling the E from the same place; his Si. I’ve had several ISTJ pals, and something I’ve learned is that if they don’t give a shit, rest assure they will drop more than a hint for you – they’ll probably tell you straight out, and I admire that. Stan and Kyle are similar in their traditionalist ways, but Stan is the bigger bitch of the two, for sure.

    The show and the characters are both equally raunchy, so everyone’s types will probably remain debatable.

  10. Michael says:

    Stan’s sister is ISFP

  11. Pook says:

    So funny that Butters is the same type as I am. He’s the exact opposite of his father, then, but he is much closer to the J side as you can walk all over him. Ever try to walk all over an INFP? Don’t try it. You’ll be sorry.

    • Pook says:

      Kyle is the truth seeker of the two. He is less verbal than Stan. Stan is more of the teacher.

    • Mk says:

      Butters does not let people walk over him. For examples look to the episode where he showed everybody an embarrassing tape of Cartman xdressed as Brit spears . AND the way he handled his bullying grandma situation.

  12. Purple says:

    -Stan: Where the absolute hell did you get ESTJ? Stan is no doubt an ENTP.
    -Kyle: ENFP, idk where you would see Fe in him, I only see very strong Fi. I’m an ENFP myself and I can definately see him as one. With Stan and Kyle I can see a lot mistyping them because they don’t act like the stereotypical “zany” ENXPs, which many of us don’t, ESPECIALLY depressed ones like Stan. As for Kyle, ENFPs (ENTPs to some extent aswell) are called the most introverted extravert for a reason.
    (another thing to note is the shows creators are ENXPs, so this would definately make sense)
    -Cartman: Cartman is 100% ENTJ, people who say he’s an ESTP are looking at stereotypes, although the 2 types are often mistaken for each other. The most obvious reason why Cartman is an ENTJ rather than an ESTP is his painfully obvious use of Te, theres no Ti in him.
    -Kenny: Nothing new here, obvious ISTP. Quiet, “Cool Kid”, Lives in the moment.
    -Butters: WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE GETTING INFP??? Butters is an OBVIOUS ESFJ, probably the easiest to type besides Kenny.

    • YourFingDady says:

      You gotta be f#cking kidding me if you think Kyle is an ENFP, he is CLEARLY an INFJ child and ENFP’s as children behave like squirrels and you might as well have mistyped yourself as an ENFP or you are an unhealthy ENFP. Butters behave like an INFP boy so don’t come with the ESFJ sh#t. I agree with how you typed Cartman as an ENTJ. Read about the MBTI and about the N types stupid f#ck.

      • Purple says:

        You obviously don’t know ENFPs at all, not all of us are hyper lol. Then again it could depend a lot on enneagram types and the like.

      • ABG Zenph says:

        Uhhh ya I’m an ENFP too and this yourfingdady guy is going completely on untrue stereotypes, and half of what he said makes literally no sense. What a retard…if anything he needs to do his research.

      • Zen says:

        absolutely disgusting misinterperetation of enfps

    • Dawn says:

      Yet another ENFP here.
      I agree mostly with what you’ve typed the characters as except for butters…I don’t know where you’re getting Fe dom from. As for Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman I totally agree, but I’ve always seen Stan as more of an introvert. He could very well be ENTP though as I have him down as an INTP. Nice name by the way, purple is my favorite color 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Cartman is actually a total INFP a very evil selfish INFP

  13. markus says:

    Well in my opinion, I think Kyle definitly is an ENFJ. I´m one myself and so he was the easiest for me to drive. His main goal is to bring everyone to harmony and he does that with public speaking in the end. There is leterally nothing more ENFJ-like as standing up and telling a hole crowd of people, how they should change. He definitly values his own luck under those of others, as you can see very clear in the episode “the ginger cow” and likes himself in this role. The whole cartman vs. kyle conflict is pretty much ENTJ vs ENFJ or if you want to say so: asshole vs. maralizer 😀
    Kyles Ni is very srong aswell, but it helps him more figuering out clear perspectives. Fe is prettty obvious the driving force in his psyche.

  14. Dawn says:

    My Typings:

    Stan: INTP
    Kyle: ENFP
    Cartman: ENTJ
    Kenny: ISTP
    Butters: ISFP
    Randy: ESFP
    Cartman’s Mom: ESFJ
    Gerald: ENTP
    Garrison: ESTJ
    Tweek: ENTP
    Wendy: ENFJ
    Mackey: ISFP
    Jimmy: ENFP

  15. Jackey says:

    I don’t understand your reasoning regarding Stan- firstly Kyle has always been shown to talk the most throughout the two’s exchanges, (ex- REHASH episode) and second, Stan most definitely cares about what others think about him, if the episode Scause for Applause says anything.

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