Which MBTI type is the most annoying?

Annoying: “Causing irritation.”

Okay, this really comes down to how you personally describe “irritation.” Some may be annoyed because one doesn’t speak enough (extroverts,) however most are bothered (or annoyed) by those who talk too much. However, after discovering a second poll (you may have seen the first poll in the which type is the most argumentative blog entry, I have discovered some strange patterns:

INFP 3 1.35%
ENFP 5 2.25%
ISTJ 17 7.66%
ESTJ 53 23.87%
INTJ 9 4.05%
ENTJ 5 2.25%
ISFP 2 0.90%
ESFP 21 9.46%
ISFJ 17 7.66%
ESFJ 62 27.93%
INFJ 2 0.90%
ENFJ 5 2.25%
ISTP 2 0.90%
ESTP 11 4.95%
INTP 7 3.15%
ENTP 1 0.45%
Donkey from Shrek

Donkey annoying Shrek…

Now when I was originally researching for this blog entry, I was almost certain that most people would lead to a type such as ESTP. However, I began to realize that the classic types that are annoying are ESFJ’s, as described above. Does anybody remember Donkey from Shrek? I know that may seem like a bad example but he was a definite ESFJ. His main cognitive function was Fe, meaning he constantly wanted to talk to his companions and never wanted to stop chatting with them. He was a typical annoying person! Extroverted due to the fact that he never stopped talking to Shrek, sensing due to the fact that he let Shrek do the leading, he kind of just went with the flow, feeling due to the fact that he was easily offended and he was never mean to the other characters, and judging due to the fact that his main function was definitely Fe.

Extroverts are definitely more annoying than introverts. Extroverts spend their time blabbing away to introverts, when really introverts just want to be by themselves for a bit. However, extroverts are constantly bothering introverts and never give them any peace and quiet.

I don’t really see much of a problem between sensors and intuitive people. Except, one important factor which contributes to how annoying somebody is, is when they constantly correct you, which sensors often do. Sensors are often too technical and do not listen to your ideas because they “do not make sense.” They often do not even consider the idea unless it is completely straightforward, which contributes to how annoying they are. Also, they often try too hard to fit in with societies trends, which can strongly irritate intuitive people.

This part was a close match. Whilst most feelers argue that thinkers are too honest and rude, most thinkers debate back that feelers are too clingy and emotional, which can really bother people. They often cry over nothing, and they are always trying to be friendly when thinkers are trying to think over something logically. This proves feelers are more annoying than thinkers, but only slightly.

Judgers are definitely more annoying than perceivers. They do not take any risks, and they often follow you around. They are very repetitive with their routines and do not do anything different, which make things less boring.

From this data and deconstruction, it is clear that ESFJ’s are the most annoying type.

Which MBTI type do you think? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!


About tatl33

Hello, my name is Tim! I am an INFJ interested in psychology currently residing in Australia. My aim is to provide you with information on MBTI and how it can be related to real life situations. Enjoy :)
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49 Responses to Which MBTI type is the most annoying?

  1. Samuel Brown says:

    Very well analysed mate, good job! 🙂

  2. Lakota says:

    One thing I will say here from personal experience is that generally people who are familiar with the MBTI, and take it seriously enough to pursue information on it, are intuitives (usually Ni). There are plenty of exceptions to the rule, but I’m speaking generally here. Look into any of the MBTI groups on Facebook and you’ll see this is correlated by the numbers. I’ve also done a few surveys on Tumblr (another social networking site) and almost 40 – 50% of its users are Ni. Try typing in INFP in youtube as well, and you’ll get flooded.

    Facebook numbers:
    INFP: 7203 members
    ENFP: 6242 members
    INTJ: 4942 members
    INTP: 4387 members
    ENFJ: 2296 members
    ISTJ: 1650 members
    ENTJ: 1642 members
    ENTP: 1581 members
    ISFJ: 1370 members
    ISFP: 1100 members
    ISTP: 818 members
    ESFJ: 789 members
    ESTJ: 696 members
    ESFP: 400 members
    INFJ: 300 – 400 members
    ESTP: 67 members

    The majority of people who know enough about the MBTI to answer your quiz would be the exact type that the ISFJ gets along with least, so I’m just wondering if that has any say in it? I guarantee that the ISFJ finds us Ni types just as annoying. I have a close friend who is ISFJ and they can annoy me greatly because it always feels like we are on different pages, to the same respect, they become annoyed at me as well. I’m not discounting your work at all, just wondering if you took into account the users of the poll and why they’d be answering the way they did. I still think your reasoning is sound.

    • ColdNobility says:

      Interesting how istjs outnumbers some intuitive types

    • A girl says:

      Yup,you are right.I noticed there are many INFPs like me on youtube and I was surprised because we are a minority group.I also noticed intuitives are more likely to be interested in or get into things like these.

  3. jillian-infj says:

    I find Perceivers extremely annoying at work. Especially, if I depend on them to do their part on shared projects by mutual deadlines. My coworker is a P and on our projects I feel like he makes us look bad by not getting things in by the deadline our boss set. In my personal life, I have a P mother and friends. I have enjoyed my relationship with them much more since I stopped trying to get them to initiate or commit to plans or dates to get together. I call them up on the day and we have a spontaneous good time. I also arrive 10-15 minutes late so I am not waiting around for them.

    • tatl33 says:

      That’s a great compromise, because the problem many J’s have is they try to change P’s to make them more organized rather than meeting them half way. What’s it like having a P mother btw?

      • INFemaleJ says:

        Sigh* My mom is an INFP and it’s a whole new world with P mothers. They are very caring and understand, but your plans with them can only go so far (and will get frustrated) unless you JOIN them in their plans. Love them otherwise 🙂

  4. frank says:

    i concur with that esfj are the most annoying type, but estj are just as bad. The two types feel its
    their duty to police others actions, but as an infp i find esfj slightly more irritating, i dont take their
    shouting and pushiness as a threat, so they become insecure slightly around me, i agree from experience that we are the supervisors, heres how it goes on a subconsicous level, esfj: hey mr infp you are rude, you have no manners, how could you use the computer and eat sametime, the dining table is for the food, and also u constantly abandon people to be alone in your room, whilst im entertaining them, me reply: So what, with all due respect to you, i have my own values(fi) which is stronger,more thought out and consistent than yours, so you can tell me nothing about manners, you see me im sincere, i dont fake like you do (fe), i know all your values, i mean look around…. what i did was grow up with your values, then i filtered through them, and i came up with my own values, so believe me im far from rude, you intrude on peoples privacy, you gossip, you backbite, you scold others for not conforming to ‘your’ values, you’re close minded, you’re opinionated, and somewhat condescending to others, i’m not! but i do like you, but just as you have outward strength i.e. shouting, i have inner strength that makes me immune to your tornado!. back to reality, esfjs seem insecure by my inner world, cos theyre so transparent, they realise i have strong ethics, but not similar to theirs, so they appear to wanna impress me, their pushing fails all the time.

    • Cathrine says:

      The one who seems close minded and stubborn now, is you. Who are you to say that someone’s values (yours) are better than someone else’s (some ESFJ you know)? People are different, and will think differently. Personally, I prefer to be around people who are open to other’s differences, which ironically is the opposite of what you describe me as:) Just because someone is extroverted, collects impressions through their senses, makes decisions based on everyone’s well being, and prefers to have things planned, doesn’t automatically make them judgemental and fake. I’m not fake. I never pretend I love someone I dislike, and I mean what I say. Here’s an idea; is it possible that nice people aren’t faking it, but are actually nice? 🙂
      – Cathrine, ESFJ

      • A girl says:

        I think she is talking about the ESFJs she met,and not all ESFJ’s that’s why.I’m an INFP that can relate to her circumstance too.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ohh this is so true.

  5. Anonymous says:

    INTxs no doubt, with their sense of100% unwarranted self-importance. Such antisocial snobs, with no justification for it. Which sounds a bit like your irrational dislike of extros. They probably find us equally annoying: weak, timid, stuckup wallflowers.

    • tatl33 says:

      Nooo, from a personal point of view I find ISFJ’s the most annoying. I made this blog based on what type I believe most people find annoying- I love extroverts, read a few more of my blogs if you don’t believe me 😉

    • Ben says:

      It’s hard to imagine that introverts are more annoying than extroverts. It seems like introverts tend to keep to themselves, and enjoy privacy. Kind of hard for them to annoy people if they are not around anyone to annoy huh?
      On the other hand extroverts are much more social (obviously), and talkative (again, obviously) so there’s a much greater chance of them annoying somebody.

      • tatl33 says:

        I agree with this comment. I see extroverts more likely to annoy people because they talk more and meet more people, hence it just means the more situations you interact in with the more people, and the more you speak, the greater the odds you will annoy someone. Basically repeating what you just said Ben 😛

    • name says:

      I’m sure you have already seems everyone else’s posts and have realized that calling an introvert who isn’t bothering you annoying makes no sense but at the risk of you accusing me of being a snob (your words not mine) I’m going to correct your blanket statement of INTX’s. I don’t know what personal experience you have with INTX’s if any but they are usually known as being their own worst critic. If they come off as snobs it would have been at least some justification for it. It doesn’t mean they don’t recognize their short comings nor does it mean that they don’t need other people. Maybe you were exaggerating? It would be wise for you to at least be accurate because one could easily confuse you for being judgmental and insecure. But of course they would be wrong wouldn’t they?

      • Anonymous says:

        I myself is an INTP, and seriously we are not trying to be snobbish, it’s just that we dislike things that are wrong. If an INTP criticise you, probably because you are just too wrong for your own good.

    • A girl says:

      You probably know nothing much about MBTI.INTPs are the most logical people I know.They do not self-praise yet knows that they are intelligent.They are not antisocial,just introverted,and are not snobs.

      • Penitent INTP says:

        Hi I’m INTP, i used to be a little condescending to people who seemed illogical to me. I also disregarded verybody who appeared to waste it’s time in my view.
        Thankfully i’m not thinking like that anymore but i see some of the INTP at my university (science) thinking they do everything better and faster than the “common folk” but they never end up doing it finding some stupid shit excuse to justify themselves.

        I always favor originality (in my view) which means i’m a bitch when chosing a movie to watch or music to listen to, unless i shut up and let other people choose (which i usually do before sneaking up to the ipod to change the music)

        I Joke around with dark borderline stuff

        I don’t care about a lot of stuff

        I can’t relate to feelings

        So Yeah, INTP can be little fucks

    • A girl says:

      You should probably read more about them.No matter how snobbish they can be,I’m sure they are not as snobbish as you. 🙂

  6. Mina says:

    As an ENTP, I think ExFJs are the most annoying, basically Fe dominant types. They always want to please everybody, they adjust their personality accordingly to the person they talk to, and they’re often stubborn. Plus ESFJs have a closedmindedness to everything that is only a bit out of line what society prescribes. I get along with Fi types much better, I like SPs as they’re easy going and fun to be with, even ESTJs are less annoying, because they’re usually very honest, and don’t fake play a personality they’re dont.
    This whole goody two shoes look at how perfect and well mannered I am thing that ESFJs tend to play very often, annoys me greatly, imho they’re the most prejudice based MBTI type.
    Other SJs, that make the biggest part of society, probably don’t think ESFJs are annoying, it seems to be more of an SP/NF/NT thing to think that way.

    • tatl33 says:

      I can agree that Fe types (including me) can often be annoying as they can spend more time making sure the conversation is pleasing everyone rather than having a more genuine or fun convo. It’s something I’m working on. Do you think as an ENTP- since your third function is Fe- that you ever have this problem in moderation?

      • A girl says:

        ENTP’s third function is actually extroverted sensing and their inferior function is Fi

      • A girl says:

        Sorry I wasn’t thinking straight.Forget what I said earlier haha.Their third function is Fe yes.What is ur mbti type then?

    • A girl says:

      For me it’s xSFJs that annoy me.

  7. qwerty says:

    I don’t know. I have a sister ESFJ and a brother ESTJ, and I can really see the pros and cons of both. I do think it’s funny that others have stated that they get irritated with INFPs ( which I am) for failing to act consistent or make plans whatsoever. I get that critique alllll the time haha while I could never have a deep meaningful conversation with my brother or sister about certain topics because they would make zero sense to them with my abstract thinking, I can speak to them about more practical things, and they often force me to come out of my shell. Because of this lack of practicality and inability to see things through, I often get singled out by my all sensing family. That’s the worst. Like an earlier comment stated, I do believe that more INFPs and INFJs would have voted in this poll simply because self-inspection and self-improvement are cornerstones of our personalities. And what better way to start than with a straightforward map of our psyche? That being said, I often tend to stay well away from ESTJs…mostly because every convo seems to turn into a fact checking argument. no offense to any of you. Just sayin’!

  8. David E says:

    male INFJ here. INFJ ususally says and do things rights, so no wonder why we scores so low! 🙂

    I find that INTJ have less respect for social pressure, while I have experieced too much social pressure to actually accept myself. That’s true freedom the T has, while I can use my F to be very smooth in situations, much much more than ES- or EN- or even INTJ. I find it scary/funny that I am trying to perfect this “goal”, thinking of new ways to be more smooth around peoples. And I am also learning to resist bad peoples, it seems that only way is to scare them away, it’s not enought to run away.

    At work I had a ESFJ leader, a male and we had conflicts, he was too flexible, lied and got distorted by his emotions which annoyed me, not stable as a leader, but then I got a revelation, it’ll better for both of us if I adjust myself to him, that we are softer and try to create boundaries and limits, so I thought out a plan, but I had to quit there before I got to know him better. It was a horrible workplace. Not his fault of course, I liked him and I learned a lot, so it improved my social skills.

    Why do most peoples got annoyed by other peoples, but still do nothing about themselves to ease up the interactions?

    I see that I usually do a impact on peoples, they remember me after ten years or so, even after a short non-personal encounter, often with a smile.

    I found out recently that peoples opens up very easily for me, maybe too easily, and they can be annoyed or scared that they told me too much.
    I experienced it on workplace, one felt that he told me too much, but I forgot to tell him/her I’ll never tell other about his deep thought, but he didn know that (seems like a ES-person, prefer talking instead of working, talked about experience and similarites).

  9. Pews says:

    I’m surprised by all the long responses, but irritation is apparently a hot topic!
    I think ESFJ’s would trumph ESTJ just because of the Fe-Si-combo. People don’t like being emotionally manipulated, and Fe-users will play on your emotions and guilt . Also, the predudice as you mentioned. ESTJ’s won’t really care about your motives as long as you shut up and comply – at least you can agree to diagree – this is impossible with the ESFJ who is the holder of the truth, and will not only nag you until you comply, but till you have changed your values accordingly (brainwash). This is of course not representative, as I generally love this type(!), but one could understand why they would be considered annoying, being the ultimate bossy mind-police!

  10. ima person says:

    I am an INFP and my least favorite person ever was my ESFJ mother, who was very abusive to me. She was always in my face, starting arguments with me and hitting me until I couldn’t quit crying. God, what a BITCH. ESFJs do not get INFPS at all

  11. Anonymous says:

    ESFJ is by far the most annoying type hands down…

  12. Anonymous says:

    ESTJ’s are very annoying to live with, i have an ESTJ mother and they cannot compromise, to say that ESFJs are more annoying than ESTJs is baffling to me. For me the top three would be in this order based off my experiences with all types
    1. ESTJs, authorative, don’t realise there are other perspectives other than their own, don’t use logic or rational thinking at all, they want things their way, and their way is normally a traditional old fashioned piece of shit that doesn’t make sense.
    2. ESFJs, basically the average Nan, caring and giving show alot of love, do express their disapproval of things but let you get on with it anyway, chat alot of shit however and say alot of outdated stuff, however i have an auntie thats an ESFJ who is alot more laid back and caring, expresses dissaproval but is willing to listen to how i came to my conclusions.
    3. ENFPs, the reason i say this is because when debating with one of these theyl ask 3 questions by the time you have the answer for the first one, they are ridiculously impatient and can do your head in after a day with them, its important to get space from ENFP’s otherwise after a while you will start to question why you were friends with them in the first place.

    I’m an ENTP by the way, i like to think im a pretty well developed one aswell, but of course its not down to me to judge whether im developed or not.

  13. Lizzie says:

    I’m an ISTP and I find ESTJs really annoying, because everything has to be done one way, and they are very vocal about it. I personally believe there are many solutions to a problem, and each must be explored to find the best solution. The ESTJs are great leaders when they learn to work with others’ ideas as well as their own, but when they don’t, they can just come across as bossy and closed-minded. One of the ESTJs I know will not listen to others’ ideas when they have already decided on the team’s course of action, even if it is more efficient or easier.

  14. MrIing says:

    I can’t stand people who lead with Fe, or Fi. They’re either insincere, or selfish, respectively. Although, I find that people who lead with Fi or have Fi auxiliary, can learn to cope with it and navigate social situations wonderfully if they are honest with themselves and use their emotional understanding to recognize how their actions affect others. Fe on the other hand, I don’t think there’s much hope for. The people I know who lead with Fe do not realize how transparent it is to people who have broken out of the emotional cycle. While I know it’s natural, it just feels like I can never have a good time with them because I want to actually know how THEY feel.

    Now here’s the twist. The reason it bothers me so much is BECAUSE I have Fi auxiliary. But I went through an extremely difficult time that forced me to look at things objectively, and really focus on rational reasoning, and the things I learned that I was able to take with me back to my return to normal were invaluable. I learned so much about true perspective. I adopted many different mindsets to understand why some certain people were being so cruel/manipulative/many other combinations of bad traits, along with why the people who were not directly involved were so distant and unsupportive (and sometimes even mean). Everyone had very different reasons for doing what they did, but I can’t even put into words what I learned from it.

    • A girl says:

      What is your mbti type may I ask?I’m an INFP and I know many sincere and kind INFPs :).However,for the most part,I think you are right.INFPs are generally not selfish but self-absorbed because of their Fi,and if used well,wil not seems like they are selfish.

  15. QuiCreva Sp says:

    I am an INTP, and I have to admit that throughout my life my worst problems have been with ESFJs. That combination of loud extroversion, unbridled emotion and the need to control everything (judgmental) is enough to make me want to climb a tree and never come down. My mother was a classic ESFJ. Yes, she could be very warm and nurturing, but she was an emotional loose cannon. On second thought, make that a train wreck. You never knew what trivial stimulus might turn her into a screaming, condemning, offended banshee in the space of a heartbeat. I loved her, but I can honestly say I did not like her. There were so many times I wanted to ask her where she was when God was handing out rational thought or self-discipline.

    Today the person who most gets on my nerves is an elder at my church. “Nancy” just KNOWS she is right about everything (in reality, she simply goes along with whatever the current group decides); gets hurt/offended when anyone disagrees with her; tries to take charge in every situation, whether or not she has the requisite expertise; talks over others in order to drown out their unwanted opinions; acts without forethought; turns every project into a loud, unproductive social gathering; demands constant admiration and attention; and acts as though abstract thinking is a foreign language. These habits constitute the mere tip of the iceberg. I could go on recounting her flaws until sundown.

    Does “Nancy” have her good points? Of course. She is a very caring individual, just the person you need when you have a serious problem. Unfortunately, when life is rosy I wish that she would go live on some other planet. Saddest of all, she has no idea how much she irritates me, and keeps trying to draw me into her circle of friends. Never gonna happen. Perhaps that is the worst ESFJ trait of all: Despite being so social, these folk can be so CLUELESS.

    • Hello Mr/Ms/Mrs INTP! ENFP here, and i highly concur with your statements. Yes, esfjs can be kind and compassionate. Yes, they emotionally and psychologically support you. However, their lack of open mindedness and extremely socially conservative values are sometimes cringe worthy. They need to acknowledge the ff: not everyone will conform to traditionally conservative mindsets. Also, our types are highly invidualistic. There are times for collective adhesion. With respect to collectivism, individual growth is also crucial. Seems like most esfjs lack the understanding thereof.

      P.S: i am not speaking of all esfjs. We ENFPS can ne annoying also!

    • A girl says:

      Same.I’m an INFP with an ESFJ mother and people around me and I really can’t take it.With my more developed Te,she irritates me even more.She is too illogical and controlling for me.

    • A girl says:

      I’m sure as an INTP,you will get more irritated than me,an INFP,but will handle it better than me as a thinking type,rather than a feeling type.INFPs with ISFJs or ESFJs is like hell for me.Whenever I’m with them,I can’t help but feel like exploding,and what worsens it are the very strong emotions I feel.

  16. A girl says:

    Yup I agree that it is ESFJ.I’m am INFP but I can’t stand the ESFJs surrounding me.

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